Top 100 Most-Read Interviews by Top Leaders in Industry Wired

Top Leaders in Industry Wired

Top Leaders in Industry WiredGet to know the top influential tech leaders through their insightful interviews in 2022

It’s a tall order coming up with a list of the most influential tech leaders of the decade in the enterprise and beyond when you think about the vast number of innovations and events that changed the nature of how we work and live in that timeframe.

Adding to the challenge is the fact that the lines of demarcation between B2B and B2C, have been blurred beyond a meaningful distinction in many ways. Widespread acceptance of bring-your-own-device in the past few years has meant that much of the technology we use in our personal lives has merged with our work lives to the point where it’s sometimes hard to separate the two.

Ten years ago, tech leaders focused on procurement and running data centers and networks. 80% of the spending was directed at supporting legacy; managing software licenses was a major task. But the advent of the cloud freed up the tech leader’s agenda for the new. And the new is talent.

Typically, the tech leader delegates support functions aimed at shaping people (L&D), supplying people (recruit and subcontract), and mapping people’s skills and competencies (HR). But because of the speed and scope of technological change and the scarcity of skills in the market, tech leaders are stepping up to “in-source” these responsibilities.

Companies of all stripes are positioning themselves to tap the potential business value of the metaverse, an immersive virtual world that some envision as the next digital frontier for work, play, and shopping. The art of being a great leader is to lead by example. When it comes to leading global businesses, Indians have always made their mark at the international level. This holds true for the dynamic technology industry as well.


Top 100 Most Read Interviews 

1. ViewRay, Inc: Revolutionizing Radiation Therapy with Innovative Solutions to Conquer Cancer

ViewRay was founded in 2004 by Dr. James Dempsey and since then, it has been a leading innovator in MRI-guided radiation therapy. At ViewRay, patients come first and are at the center of everything. The company’s vision is to “Conquer cancer by re-envisioning radiation therapy.”  Most of the cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy require daily treatments that last over several weeks. For example, a standard radiation treatment course for prostate cancer patients can last 9 weeks and go up to 45 treatments. With conventional treatment, radiation is delivered in lower doses over dozens of treatments, called fractions, to minimize the impact of the radiation on healthy tissues…. Read More


2. WSK Medical: Changing Landscapes in the Healthcare Industry by Leveraging Innovative AI Solutions

WSK Medical is an innovative software company that is focused exclusively on developing leading-edge artificial intelligence solutions for early cancer detection. The company aims to create the most advanced AI technologies to assist clinicians and doctors. WSK Medical’s mission is to bridge the gap between the medical field and AI by developing easy-to-use, workflow-integrated, clinically valuable AI solutions for early cancer detection. The company is passionate and believes that the time has come to move AI out of the research domain and hence aims to bring it into the clinical environment…. Read More 


3. Maria Eugenia Schwermer: Leading a Multidisciplinary Approach to Improve Health Outcomes

In the last few decades, women have accelerated their role and impact in all aspects of our society. Many glass ceilings have been broken and many patriarchal barriers removed. The world now has greater opportunities than ever before, for all of our benefits, thanks to these trailblazing women and leaders. In an exclusive interview with IndustryWired, Maria Eugenia Schwermer, Managing Director at Policy Wisdom, LLC, and co-founder of The ROUND Consulting Group, shares her journey to becoming one of the most influential women entrepreneurs to watch in 2021…. Read More 


4. Renée La Londe: Leading the AI Industry with Passion and Vision

iTalent Digital is a woman- and minority-owned digital transformation consultancy and also a SaaS software engineering company that helps Fortune 1000 companies achieve exceptional business outcomes through a robust suite of digital transformation services and dynamic SaaS product solutions. Before iTalent Digital, Renée La Londe worked at leading tech companies including Apple, Cisco, and NetApp. During her career, she managed many multimillion-dollar contracts with a variety of consulting firms and she noticed a gap in the market: either the consultancies were too big, charging enormous fees and lacking agility, or they lacked depth and expertise in their consulting or software development capabilities…. Read more


5. May Yap: Navigating the Complexities of Timber Industry with Multitudes of Green Innovation

With all-time progress, investment in many areas and innovations to plant a seed have made the businesses more sustainable which resulted in the longevity growth that eventually led to the transformation of the 4.0 factory. The timber industry with this uniqueness will be able to propel and transform into a knowledge base company. Whatever products that have been developed by LHT Holdings Ltd are the ones that abide by the green concept with high priority. The motto to save the earth and curb climate change is the basic belief of the company…. Read More 


6. Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora: Embarking Innovation in the Beauty Tech Sphere by Delivering Result-Driven Products and Services

Inspired by the effects of autophagy, the body’s natural way of recycling damaged proteins into a fresh energy, the triathlete-developed brand HERB + FLORA offers clean beauty that mimics the anti-aging effects exercise has on skin, hair, and nails. This skin fitness brand offers clinically proven products that promote healthy, glowing skin from the inside out and outside in with their cell-protecting ingestible, copper thread pillowcase and topicals that are infused with the brand’s very own Exercise Mimic Youth™ Complex, which is a ground-breaking combination of actives with naturally derived ingredients…. Read More 


7. Phlexglobal: Creating Innovative Technology Solutions to Support Clinical Trials and Regulatory Submissions

Phlexglobal is a leading technology and services organization for clinical and regulatory matters with a focus on helping clients to master their digital agenda via proven AI solutions. The company’s mission is to help clients ensure that great research improves the lives of people by providing world-class technology solutions. Phlexglobal serves the life sciences industry through proven AI solutions…. Read More 


8. AVEO Oncology: Passionately Working to Provide a Better Life for Cancer Warriors with Biopharma Solutions

AVEO Oncology is a commercial-stage, oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company that is committed to delivering medicines that provide a better life for patients with cancer. AVEO currently markets FOTIVDA® (tivozanib) in the U.S. to treat adult patients with relapsed or refractory renal cell carcinoma (RCC) following two or more prior systemic therapies. AVEO continues to develop FOTIVDA with immuno-oncology combinations in RCC and other indications and also has several other investigational programs in clinical development. AVEO is determined to create an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion to expand representation within the company…. Read More


9. Blue Signal Search: Bringing an Innovative and Futuristic Approach to the Talent Acquisition Process

Blue Signal Search is a national executive recruiting firm headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. As a small boutique firm, the company has the capability to cultivate meaningful relationships and source high-quality candidates for businesses across several industry verticals, including telecom, wireless, IoT, emerging technology, cloud, and managed services, lighting, logistics, food and agriculture, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and accounting, medical, healthcare, and more. It also offers retained, contingent, engaged, and contract searches and staffing options…. Read More


10. Civitas Senior Living: Creating a Vibrant and Happy Community to Enhance Seniors’Lives

Civitas Senior Living, based in Fort Worth, Texas, specializes in senior housing construction, acquisitions, operational management, and consultancy, including assisted living, retirement centers, and independent senior living facilities. Civitas Senior Living believes that a passionate purpose for everything and everyone is the basic difference between a good life and a great one. Civitas Senior Living selects each program, activity, and amenity with great care and attention to detail. For this reason, the company assists and encourages everyone from residents to employees and partners to explore, discover, and accomplish whatever they enjoy and find happiness in, regardless of age or their stage in life…. Read More


11. Ntelicor: Providing Unique Solutions by Combining Innovation with AI

Ntelicor is an industry leader in IT staffing and solutions, with over 21 years of expertise and unprecedented performance at some of the country’s most renowned companies. Ntelicor, which was founded in 1998, supplies Fortune 50 corporations and businesses of all sizes with hard-to-find IT expertise, flexible employment, and IT solutions. The firm is committed to meeting the individual demands of its customers. Ntelicor deploys its experts and solutions quickly and effectively…. Read More


12. SanaClis: Transforming the Healthcare Industry with End-to-End Clinical Services

SanaClis is a full-service global CRO with a fully integrated clinical supply chain, thereby offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end services for clinical trials. SanaClis was founded in the year 2000 by seasoned industry experts who had executive-level positions in leading pharma companies and large global CROs. SanaClis has vast experience of successfully running studies for various sized sponsors. Every project is a fundamental priority for the SanaClis, irrespective of the size or scope. SanaClis believes that every company and professional should receive an extremely high level of quality and clinical excellence applied to its projects…. Read More


13. PCLaw | Time Matters: Accelerating Legal Software

PCLaw | Time Matters™ LLC was established as a Joint Venture on June 1, 2019, between LexisNexis and LEAP. PCLaw | Time Matters provides practice management, billing, and trust accounting software for law firms, used and trusted for more than 30 years by legal professionals worldwide. PCLaw | Time Matters provides legal professionals with the best on-premises legal software solutions available and offers a path to cloud-based practice management with LEAP legal software. They aim to provide lawyers with all the necessary technology, tools, and support needed to thrive in the current business climate…. Read More 


14. Andrew Demchenko: Transforming Ideas into Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

Gargoyle is an artificial intelligence development company that helps businesses around the globe to stay ahead of the innovation revolution and appear at the top positions near the industry leaders. It achieves this by implementing technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, natural language processing…. Read More 


15. Anne Cheng: Leading the Way for a Technologically Advanced Business World

Supercharge Lab believes in reducing the futile effort, waste of time, and money of its clients by targeting corporate functions that are inefficient. The company prides itself on creating humanistic approaches to automation, helping people to be themselves, and to do good with human connectivity. The two corporate functions that Supercharge Lab focuses on are sales…. Read More 


16. Ciara Lewin: Driving Sustainability in Business Operations

Elite Data Hub is a business consulting firm dedicated to helping India-based organizations work with US companies. Elite Data Hub was born out of Elite Precision Consulting, a company that focuses on helping physicians and healthcare executives with their business operations and offshore vendor management. Elite Data Hub began by offering India-based companies business consulting services that spanned from business development to capitalizing on US opportunities. Additional services include training and workflow improvement and client interventions to ensure higher profits with the least amount of effort…. Read More


17. Harris Sun: Mitigating Challenges of a Changing World of Architecture with AI

RaSpect is an AI-powered predictive inspection company for Architecture. By integrating IoT sensing technology and robotics, the company aims to automate the process of data collection and standardize it to achieve remote detection and real-time monitoring. It further attempts to establish high-quality inspection of big data, cooperate with deep learning, image recognition, data model analysis, and other cutting-edge technologies to conduct early warning analysis for building safety. RaSpect can effectively assess the potential risks of architectural designs and calculate the degree of damage after a comprehensive analysis of the above data. The company promises that its solution not only provides more accurate detection and analysis than traditional methods but also saves more than 50% of time and cost…. Read More 


18. Joseph Burton: An Industry Veteran Transforming Online Native Marketing

Native marketing is basically paid promotional content that is online. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive – it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb. Joseph Burton is well known for his great array of knowledge in native marketing and his company ROI Marketplace is the top-rated Native Marketing Agency in The World. ROI Marketplace is the premier native advertising agency in the marketplace. It has clients in 6 continents and buys worldwide. Having managed millions in platforms like Taboola, Gemini, Google, Outbrain, RevContent, Content Ad, and others, the company knows exactly how to build out campaigns that are not only profitable but convertible…. Read More


19. Paul Humphrey: A Serial Growth Accelerator Creating and Building High-Performance Teams

Call Journey is a global leading advanced speech analytics company, utilizing interactive AI to enrich the way organizations understand their customers. They have an advanced ecosystem called Voice AI, that can capture and analyze every conversation the organization has with its customers and employees have with each other. It helps organizations to produce nuanced insights in a simple, searchable, and actionable format by enhancing their customer experience, employee engagement, business performance, risk management, and compliance…. Read More


20. Steve Irons: Transforming the Legal Industry with a Pivot to Digital Mail

Steve Irons is the Founder and CEO of DocSolid, a legal technology company that creates enterprise scanning, workflow, and paper reduction solutions, i.e. DocSolid’s Paper2Digital® solutions. These patented Paper2Digital solutions are enterprise-level implementations deployed with unmatched consulting expertise to reduce the costs, risks, and inefficiencies of paper records for leading law firms and corporate legal departments. In an interview with IndustryWired, Steve explains how DocSolid swiftly created new software for the market during the onset of the pandemic to help law firm clients digitize daily mail and records room operations, mission-critical functions in a law firm or legal department…. Read More


21. Ted Kohnen: Building Resilience, From Brands to Businesses to the Boardroom

It should be no surprise that a once-in-a-century global pandemic has tested the world’s strength and resolve like no other challenge in decades. Business models have transformed. Supply chains have stretched. Social and political discourse has radically intensified. Most obviously, the physical health of virtually every person and, as critically, our mental and emotional well-being have been pushed to our limits. Among the many learnings through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, resilience has proven to be the difference-maker for successful organizations and their leaders…. Read More


22. Jason Lee: The Architect of a Successful and Intelligent Infrastructure Ecosystem

Ecological infrastructure refers to the natural or semi-natural structural elements of ecosystems and landscapes that are important in delivering ecosystem services. It is similar to green infrastructure’, a term sometimes applied in a more urban context. SmartCone Technologies Inc. (SCTI) is an intelligent infrastructure ecosystem that enables use cases like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI on the edge, distributed processing on the edge, indoor/outdoor positioning, next-generation asset, freight tracking systems, and more. The company’s modular form factor is easily deployable and The SmartConeTM has been used in securing dangerous worksites, controlling bicycle lane traffic, smart city infrastructure, managing vehicle fleets, asset tracking, logistics, crowd control, and site security surveillance…. Read More


23. Kash Shaikh: Taking Charge to Enhance Technology (and Lives) in the New Normal

Kash Shaikh is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtana. He joined the company in 2020 to launch their next-generation SaaS unified observability platform and prepare the go-to-market team to help customers along their journey to the cloud. Beyond the day-to-day, a large part of his role is to ‘make the complex simple’ for Virtana’s customers, partners, and employees. It is Kash’s job to ensure that every person has what they need to succeed and to lead them with a servant mindset. He is guiding Virtana as the leading cloud optimization platform for digital transformation with the mission to improve the quality of life for everyday people along the way…. Read More


24. Madhup Mohan Mudiraj: The Man Behind the Innovation of Fastest Delivery

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, an Indian-Australian business executive, is the CEO and the Co-founder of BRANG. He is a Director at INK IT solutions, a leading technology consultancy, and provider of CX, ERP, and HCM solutions across various industries. He has a wide range of work experience in different industries. With a remarkable knowledge of CRM, Madhup passionately runs BRANG to eradicate the divide in the Australian consumer market. The one constant problem that online customers face is about getting their orders delivered. In that aspect, Brang is targeting all these problems by providing customers complete control of their deliveries in a cost-effective way. Apart from providing real-time updates on their orders, the system also saves time & fuel by using innovative route optimization techniques…. Read More


25. Trevor M. Saliba: Delivering Measurable, Sustainable Results through Strategic Consulting Solutions

Management consulting firms focus on helping enterprises with the most critical issues and opportunities to transform businesses, catalyze innovation and accelerate profitable growth. One such firm which enables organizations to improve time-to-market, boost quality and become a truly adaptive organization is NMS Consulting led by Trevor M. Saliba. Founded in 2018, NMS Consulting is a global management consulting and strategic advisory firm that specializes in delivering services to a global client base of private and public companies, government agencies, philanthropic organizations, and the individuals who lead them…. Read More


26. NielsenIQ: Powering the Global Consumer Landscape with Accurate Intelligence

The rapidly changing dynamics following the onset of COVID-19 is rewriting the playbook for retailers and manufacturers around the globe. Businesses need to analyze better, decide faster, and make proactive, strategic plans rather than rudderless, reactive responses, and there is no better source for precise, accurate, consistent data than NielsenIQ, whose vibrant history and rich legacy of delivering trust and transparency has stood the test of time. An Advent International portfolio company and the industry’s leading provider of the most complete, unbiased view of global consumer behavior, NielsenIQ has operations in nearly 100 markets, covering more than 75% of the world’s population…. Read More


27. Craft Driven: Delivering Versatile Market Research Solutions to Enterprises

Craft Driven provides market research and consulting services to innovation and niche companies. As many innovative companies struggle to launch their products in the market with in-depth market research specifically for the client’s products, combined with business analytics and innovation consulting, Craft Driven helps these companies to succeed in the market. The company also lends support in understanding the market better and using it for the internal business decisions for seeking investments. Most of the studies that Craft Driven does focus on helping the companies understand the market scope including customer analysis, competitor analysis, market projections, and industrial analysis…. Read More


28. Monalco Research: Delivering Research Firms with Superior Quality Insights Powered by Data

Monalco Research is known as a full-service research firm focused on the research needs and wants of different research firms. It has expanded its services to include online talent assessments for human resource departments- general competencies, ethics, personality, culture, sales assessments, and many more. The team uses behavioral science, behavioral economics, statistical analytics, and predictive analytics for the careful application of research principles and methodologies. William McGill is a researcher and statistician of Monalco Research, having responsibilities that include translating strategic goals into solid research projects, coordinating and managing multiple research projects as well as applying psychological models and principles where it is necessary…. Read More


29. CSA Research: Empowering Businesses and Technological Leaders with Data-Based Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis help in ascertaining and understanding information about competitors such as their market network, customer focus, their identity, and scale of operations. This assists in survival and certain issues, leaving behind the competition. Data-based market research and analysis permit discovery approaches that help in maximizing profits. CSA Research Its focus is on assisting the client’s benchmark, optimizing and innovating industry best practices in translation, localization, interpreting, globalization, and internationalization…. Read More


30. Research 8020: Innovative Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Solutions for Businesses

For any business, market research helps to decide on the product or service. At times, a marketer or an entrepreneur may feel or believe that the new product or service is useful for the customers. But the research may show that the customers do not require that product and that they are meeting their needs with a certain competitor’s product so far. Similarly, good research strives to provide options for the successful introduction of new products and services. This causes or makes the market entry of a new product or a service less risky. Marketing research helps in ascertaining and understanding competitor information such as their market network, customer focus, their identity, and the scale of operations…. Read More


31. Logica Research: Delivering Actionable Insights to Drive Business Growth

Logica Research excels in creating customized marketing research solutions for complex business questions. Logica provides financial services companies, fintech companies, and growing organizations the insights they need for product development, service enhancements, and communications that improve people’s financial lives, deepen brand engagement, and drive business growth. Logica Research was founded in 2006 by Lilah Raynor, a former market research director with Charles Schwab. She created the company to provide the insights and intelligence organizations need to improve people’s financial lives. With enormous shifts in the financial services industry over the past fifteen years and the growth of the fintech sector, Logica® has worked with a range of companies, from Fortune 500s to early-stage start-ups…. Read More


32. SPER Market Research: Delivering Actionable Business Research Services to Enterprises

SPER Market Research is one of the world’s most trusted market research, market intelligence, and data analytics companies. The company is headquartered in Noida, has offices worldwide, and provides strategic & consulting services. SPER Market Research is amongst the top market research companies in India and has served over 20 industries, with core offerings in Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Business to Business research (B2B), Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverages, Cosmetic, Dermatology, Dental, Herbal, Chemical, Consumer, Information Technology and other industries. SPER Market Research was founded with the principle focusing on values of nobility, collaborative teamwork, and innovation…. Read More


33. True North Market Insights: Deploying Proprietary Operating Principles to Understand Customers and Drive Value

True North Market Insights is a market research firm focused on learning, growing, and testing new technologies to provide real insights. The team is full of experienced client-side researchers working on projects for clients. The real insights consist of management-ready findings by leveraging this client-side experience, seasoned researchers, and the latest in behavioral economics insights.  The company helps its clients to create meaningful experiences, to identify the most compelling product features and benefits, and to identify the strongest and the most motivating messages by first understanding the brand’s position and drivers of choice…. Read More


34. Jude Gomes: A Successful Business Leader Transforming the InsurTech Industry

Union Assurance (UAL) is Sri Lanka’s oldest private Life Insurer, offering a range of insurance solutions since 1987. Over the past two years, UAL has earned the status of a trailblazer in digital disruption, fast adapting to an evolving consumer landscape with a new operating model powered by advanced digital capabilities. It was adorned with a powerful new brand identity, a 3000-member strong team spread across 76 branches, and a solid capital base, strengthening its customer-centric approach to meet the demands of rapidly progressing relationships, growing ambitions, and emerging lifestyles. With a career in financial services over three decades across key Asian markets and global financial institutions, Jude Gomes took over UAL amidst the growing demands of a new age and digital consumers…. Read More


35. Barry Clarke: The Pioneer of Accounting Software Solution

Leading the way since 1985, the name SAMCO has been synonymous with quality, efficiency, and innovation in the field of business applications and custom applications. Driven by their uncompromising commitment to satisfying customers’ requirements, the company has established a reputation in small and medium-sized businesses. Their mission is to be a leader in the development and distribution of products in which we choose to specialize. SAMCO aims to meet or exceed customers’ expectations by offering excellent service and products while sharing the success with their employees. Since its earliest beginnings, the company’s guiding values have been service, quality, and its people…. Read More


36. Bridget Mokwena-Halala: The Empress of South African Insurance Industry

Bridget Mokwena-Halala is a well-known name in South Africa for her leading role in Assupol. Assupol Life is a South African insurance company that began in 1913 as a burial society. From that modest and caring beginning, it has grown into a fully-fledged life-insurer, serving those who serve and often leading with innovative products and services. Assupol provides funeral, life, savings, and retirement products to South Africans and remains a trusted insurer to its clients. Bridget joined Assupol in 1999. Before then she was employed by the South African Police Service as Senior Manager of human resource management…. Read More


37. Charlotte Howard: Encouraging Female Entrepreneurs To Achieve Their Dreams Through Her Hard Work

In the male-dominated business industry, women have now started to make their mark, slowly but surely. To help women rise up, in their businesses and achieve their goals, Wealthy Women Inner Circle is a woman-led entrepreneurial venture that aims to help small-scale businesses. To generate immediate sales, create competition-crushing marketing, develop compelling offers, and create winning strategies, Wealthy Women Inner Circle connects its clients to the right end-user. Charlotte Howard is the lady behind this influential venture. Wealthy Women Inner Circle, helps serious female entrepreneurs and business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase their overall revenue and profits, quickly and inexpensively…. Read More


38. Jamshed Cooper: Integrating Digitization Into The Cement Industry With Perseverance

Jamshed Cooper is the Managing Director of HeidelbergCement India Limited (since 2014) and Zuari Cement Limited. He has gained practical experience in corporate management, cost leadership, strategy building, brand management, channel management, HR management, procurement, company integration, and many more throughout his professional career. He pioneered the 25kg cement packing and successfully launched bulk cement for the first time in India. Jamshed has increased productivity as well as the profitability of the company as the Managing Director…. Read More


39. KPI Digital: Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Company to Watch in 2021

Digital Transformation is a vision that guides a company’s strategy towards meeting its goals, objectives, and activities. If you ask 5-people in a company what Digital Transformation (DT) means to them, you will often get six different opinions. KPI Digital believes that DT is a vision that guides a company’s strategy towards meeting its goals, objectives, and activities. It is also a culture that drives values, practices, and behaviors, both internally as well as with its customers, suppliers, and business partners. Companies opting to ignore Digital Transformation (DT) will not survive. Those that embrace it will continue growing and succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber are setting the bar in customer experience (CX)… Read More


40. Maninder Singh: Transforming the Concept of Leadership with Humility and Motivation

Every successful organization is built on teamwork. Be it the Fortune 500s or unicorn startups, it’s the employees, team leads, and administration that drive a company towards achieving its business goals. For the end-users and stakeholders, good leadership leads to more trust and brand loyalty. This clearly means that leadership is an important asset to the company. In this fast-paced business world, gaining a competitive edge is the first step to becoming a market leader. Organizations that aspire to be the best, have realized the power of transformational leadership, which helps in keeping the employees motivated and ideas fresh…. Read More


41. Interview with Pete Tseronis, Founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges LLC

Dots and Bridges LLC serves as a unique nexus for “Connecting Dots and Building Bridges.” Applying a unique complement of creative methods, training, and workshops, rooted in the discovery and fostering of trusted relationships, we help our clients crystallize value proposition, differentiate brand/service offerings, enable opportunity capture, and fortify sustainable partnerships. And our YouTube channel seeks to humanize the thought-leading individuals that embody passion and purpose to serve a “greater good.”…. Read More


42. Humach LLC: Simplifying Business and Service Operations Through Innovation

For business organizations to function effectively, it requires the support of entities that indulge themselves in delivering customer-centered approaches. Such entities, expectedly, provide innovative technological solutions to make businesses gain a unique edge over their contemporaries. The pockets for innovation and technological advancements have deepened more than ever with the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovation and efficiency are the only primaries and sole qualities that can help the business stay afloat. Humach, in this regard, has proved and demonstrated its efficiency several times and has set benchmarks in the course of serving its clients…. Read More


43. PAYBACK: A Multipartner-Loyalty Program Encouraging Digitization in Retail

While the pandemic has inflicted adversities on almost every industry and sector imaginable, the retail industry is amongst the hard hits. This situation has convinced most of us to digitize as it is the only technological phenomenon that can save the ship from drowning. Owing to this, most retailers have resorted to digitization while the rest still find themselves in a soup with traditional business models and methods of conduct. The Global Digital Transformation Market in Retail was valued at US$ 143.55 billion in the year 2020. Anticipatively, this growth can boost digital infrastructure….Read More


44. WovV Technologies: Enabling Top-Notch Digital Transformations through Avant-Garde SaaS Products and Technology Services

Digital transformation is one of the many crucial initiatives undertaken by businesses and companies to amplify their growth in the market and to enhance customer satisfaction. It is a storm of a wide range of technologies like SaaS, Mobile, Robotics, IoT, AI, machine learning, and others. Artificial intelligence is changing the world and has become a catalyst for growth in the economy and businesses. Keeping in mind the needs and wants of the industries, WovV Technologies has emerged as one of the leading companies providing digital transformation solutions through SaaS Products and Technology Services….Read More


45. Y the Wait: A Unique All-in-one Application for Fast Service Across Industries

These days people hardly have any time to waste in waiting. Everyone is looking for fast services and instant results. Going to a restaurant and sitting there for long and waiting for the waiter has become old as Y the Wait is here with its fastest digital service of waiting. Y the Wait is a unique all-in-one service for multiple sectors. Right now, it is primarily used in the hospitality sector. Y the Wait serves as a link between companies and customers, combined in a single application platform. With only a smartphone, a whole lot of services can be unlocked. Y the Wait’s headquarters is based in Rotterdam and has expanded its services to locations in Canada, India, Lebanon, and UAE. The company’s mission is to provide digital convenience everywhere at any time….Read More


46. N I DRIVE – Helping Organizations Go Beyond The Boundary With Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is the essence of modern business to take big leaps. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT, cognitive automation, and robotics power organizations to embrace the capabilities and improve productivity, process efficiency, and build innovative solutions. During the initial phase of COVID-19 in late 2019 and early 2020, several organizations across industries were hit by the chaos to restructure their strategies and working processes. Some organizations were afloat and some unfortunately sank….Read More


47. Armada Labs: A Company with Digital Transformation at Its Core

Today, Fintech companies are the crucial drivers of digital transformation that run on innovative software and data-driven development models. Over time, these innovations urge companies to add a new dimension to business models and organizational infrastructures. Digital transformations that use high-end technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud become essential for these companies to thrive in a highly competitive market. Armada Labs takes the most innovative approaches to usher business organizations into territories previously unknown. Armada is a recognized Fintech Software Development company that relies on data-driven development models and customer-centered approaches to suit business needs…. Read More


48. Datanetiix: Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Company to Watch in 2021

Datanetiix is a One-Stop-Solution provider for your Software Development, Business Intelligence & IT needs. Datanetiix provides end-to-end solutions ranging from Business Management software, ERP solutions, Collaboration tools, and Mobile solutions. With over a decade in the industry and extensive experience serving global clients across numerous industries, we can manifest your vision rapidly. Understanding the demands of these companies, Datanetiix delivers quick turnaround, cost-effective solutions with best practices and commitments. In our recent interview with Balaji (Bala) Sriraghavan, Founder/CEO, Datanetiix Solutions, Inc. we find out more about the innovations and achievements of the company that led to its success….Read More


49. Elba Technologies Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Company to Watch in 2021

Elba Technologies GmbH is an intelligent automation solutions provider that drives the digital transformation of the top 20 largest enterprises across the US and Europe. Just recently, they have been awarded top 10 RPA providers in Europe and are growing to be one of the best automation teams in the world.  Analytics Insight spoke to David Hasmüller, the CEO of Elba Technologies, to understand what powers their growth in the market and the relevancy of their services in Industry 4.0. Elba Technologies has positioned itself among the leaders for automation and AI by supporting the digital transformation of large enterprises and partnering with the very best in the industry….Read More


50. Annalisa Camarillo: Inspiring organizations to accelerate success with intelligent automation

Avo Automation is the gold standard for quality-first and human-centered automation solutions, which are simple to use, intelligent, and continually resilient. Avo Automation empowers people to liberate their potential with the best technology for process discovery, test automation, and robotic process automation (RPA). Recent placements in the G2 top performer quadrant and a near 5-star customer rating from fortune 500 companies across industries are a reflection of their leadership in enterprise automation. Founded in 2015, Avo Automation started by developing AI-driven computer vision technology, a fancy phrase for super-smart automation….Read More


51. Amy Hedrick: Creating a Business Impact with Eco-Friendly Smart Tech Hygiene Solutions

Cleanbox Technology Inc., founded in 2018, is a premium, eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene company, specializing in UVC surface decontamination. The company’s patented products use proprietary engineering of UVC light in an LED, providing safe, hospital-grade hygiene without the use of chemicals, heat, or liquids. Cleanbox products are designed for frequently used or shared devices, including head-mounted displays (HMDs), surgical and protective masks, eyewear, personal electronics and accessories, and other business and household items. The company’s products have been independently lab validated to kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in one minute….Read More


52. Dina Janevski Farcic: Efficiently Building Brand Image through Expertise and Innovation

Centili is a global PaaS company with a wide range of digital payments solutions in its portfolio. Focused on driving clients’ growth, Centili provides an innovative mobile payment platform and a frictionless customer experience. Centili platform is in-house developed and is trusted by content providers, telco operators, mobile apps, game developers, and social networks worldwide. It processes 1.5 million transactions daily, operates 24/7, and enables seamless monetization using a wide array of payment methods. Today, Centili is connected to more than 280 telco operators, reaching over 4 billion mobile users in 80 countries. With a local presence in 10 markets, Centili also provides local expertise and support….Read More


53. Esra Beyzadeoglu: Spearheading The E-Commerce Marketplace In Turkey & Beyond

Pioneering the online marketplace in Turkey, we’re putting the spotlight on Hepsiburada. As a subsidiary of Doğan Online Group, with a diverse portfolio of technology companies, Hepsiburada is the largest e-commerce platform in the EEMEA region and the fastest growing one in Europe. The platform boasts more than 50 million products available across more than 40 categories like fashion, beauty products, electronics, and auto supplies. In an exclusive interview with a company that welcomes an average of 200+ million total monthly views from Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, we asked Esra Beyzadeoglu, Chief People and Culture Officer, some interesting questions about the company….Read More


54. Harpreet Mangat: Delivering User-Centric Identity Management Platform to Accelerate Passwordless Authentication

Axiad is a leading provider of cloud-based passwordless authentication and secure interactions for users and machines. It delivers a user-centric identity management platform to accelerate enterprises’ journey towards passwordless. As passwords become increasingly vulnerable to security attacks, enterprises are searching for a passwordless solution that is secure but also doesn’t impact user productivity. Currently, there is no single identity credential that can fully secure all their users and data, so multiple credentials are adopted to protect access to all of their applications. Often, this requires creating a patchwork of authentication tools that are time-consuming for IT to manage, and complex for users to keep a track of With Axiad, businesses can adopt biometrics, PKI, Mobile MFA, YubiKeys, TPM, Smart Cards, and other credentials without complexity….Read More


55. Heidi Lorenzen: Reimagining the Role of Women in Tech, Business and Beyond

Accela provides market-leading cloud solutions that empower the most innovative state and local governments around the world to build thriving communities, develop strong economies, and protect citizens. More than 275 million citizens globally benefit from Accela’s software for permitting, licensing, code enforcement, and service request management. The company’s fast-to-implement Civic Applications, built on its robust and extensible Civic Platform, help government agencies address specific needs today while ensuring they are prepared for any emerging or complex challenge in the future. Accela was recently selected by Government Technology as a 2021 GovTech 100 company for the sixth consecutive year and was named an Inc. Best in Business Award winner….Read More


56. Laetitia Cailleteau: Accelerating the Future of Artificial Intelligence with Disruptive Innovation

Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries, we offer Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Technology, and Operations services—all powered by the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. Our 537,000 people deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity every day, serving clients in more than 120 countries. We embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our clients, people, shareholders, partners, and communities….Read More


57. Lucy Yeomans: A Female Entrepreneur With A Unique Luxury Idea

Thanks to the accessibility of social media, everyone is eyeing the luxury fashion market with glee and aspirations. Appealing to demographics of varied interests, luxury styling is also on the radar with more and more individuals wanting to choose this career path. As the first step, DREST is the world’s first interactive luxury styling game, started by the award-winning Lucy Yeomans. In an exclusive interview with the visionary woman, we asked her more about her work, her brainchild, and the ever-growing industry. The following is the gist of the interview….Read More


58. Dr. Sharmila H Amin – Rerouting A Woman’s Journey In The Logistics Industry

For businesses to thrive, freight and logistics are an important part of the supply chain. It effectively controls the forward and reverses the flow of goods from the point of origin to the recipient. Many companies rely on transport and logistics to keep their business strong, adding a competitive edge to other businesses. One such organization in this industry is Mumbai-based Globe Forwarding, a dynamic performance-driven company. It provides proactive, innovative approaches, and skilled services in the fields of shipping, logistics, customs clearance, and more to major clients. In an exclusive interview with the Chairperson & Member Board, Dr. Sharmila H. Amin, we asked her insightful questions about the company and her experience as a woman in the male-dominated tech industry. Below is the excerpt of the interview….Read More


59. Bertoni Solutions: Transforming Outdated Business Processes With Modern Digital Solutions

Cloud computing, IoT, Big Data, AI, E-commerce, etc. are modern technologies that businesses cannot survive without in the modern era. Disruptive technologies like such facilitate digital organizational changes in business processes and this is known as digital transformation. Quite a buzzword in the business sector, digital transformation improves customer experience, helps in making data-backed business decisions, and makes collaboration easier. To assist companies in making the shift from yesteryear’s technologies to modern solutions for the present and future, Bertoni Solutions is a company that aims at transforming businesses with the right tech knowledge and approaches….Read More


60. ED-SEN: A Leading Consultancy Giant Transforming Business Interface

ED-SEN plays an instrumental role in accelerating Information Technology and Management services in Indonesia, which makes it one of the top-most consultancy firms. With outstanding performances on service delivery related to business intelligence, the company has evolved to work towards the provision of application-based tools and standard business processes that help to monitor the performance of an organization with a belief to make a significant impact on the SMB market, aiding economic growth. ED-SEN consulting is an IT consulting company that partners with business organizations to expand their horizons on IT management and systems by providing solutions to them….Read More


61. Fierce Conversations – Helping Businesses Ace With The Right Communication Skills

Humans are social animals, and conversations are a key to building relationships, professionally as well. Whether it’s employees or clients, in a business environment, it’s important to know the right way to talk to get deals done. While this sounds archaic, it can be a daunting task when the stakes are high. Fierce Conversations is a global leadership development and training company that builds conversational skills amongst clients and employees and navigates them through business challenges. In an exclusive conversation with Edward Beltran, the CEO of Fierce Conversations, we asked him interesting questions to know more about the industry and their work….Read More


62. mYngle: Changing the Traditional World of Education by Delivering a Truly Customer-Oriented Solution

mYngle offers customized language training programs through video conferencing in 45 different languages anytime, anywhere. Its lessons are one-on-one, with highly qualified native coaches, and related to the learner’s job position. The company’s virtual classrooms enable learners to take classes 24/7. mYngle is the solution for busy professionals who need language training to be successful in their international business and for companies that want great learning results, and a transparent and controllable learning process to make their investment a success….Read More


63. Prytek: Delivering Innovative Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service Solutions

Prytek is a multinational technology group that invests in and builds deep technology and SaaS solutions. It works with and invests in businesses to develop technological ecosystems that cover an ever-growing range of sectors including Financial Services, Cyber & Tech Education, and HR. Prytek delivers its world-class solutions through BOPaaS (Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service), a new market sector that enables different firms to lift out their entire operations, move them onto a new mutualized platform owned by Prytek, share resources and benefit from phenomenal cost and operational efficiencies. It also enables these firms to foster new innovation by benefiting from mutualized R&D costs which enable new product capabilities….Read More


64. Royal Cyber: Pioneering Digital Transformation to Create Business Value and Success

Royal Cyber Inc. is a globally recognized award-winning technology partner that is helping companies imagine, execute, and accelerate their digital transformation journey for the past 20 years. Royal Cyber provides superior solutions that create exceptional business value, guarantee success, and transform businesses with robust and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy today’s needs and unlock tomorrow’s opportunities. Royal Cyber has excelled under numerous categories for its global IT implementations across industry verticals, and for offering end-to-end solutions with a comprehensive range of services such as performing Cloud, Commerce, Analytics, Middleware Integrations, Mobile, and AI solutions….Read More


65. Therapy Brands: Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry with Unique Tech Solutions

On the horizon, digital interventions will become a commonplace tool in healthcare treatment, and online clinics will become as familiar as brick-and-mortar clinics. Therapy Brands is equipping psychotherapy, counseling and social work, substance use recovery, applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy practitioners of all sizes with the tools to serve some of the most vulnerable populations. The company aims to be a full-service technology partner for its customers and offers a wide range of capabilities to meet their clinical, administrative, and billing needs….Read More


66. TransformHub: Delivering Digital Transformation & Product Engineering Services to Enterprises

TransformHub is a Global Digital Solutions company providing a full suite of digital transformation & product engineering services to enterprises, product companies, ISVs & new-age startups. The company’s vision is to become a preferred partner to enterprises for growth and innovation in the digital age. TransformHub combines Strategy, Experience, and Technology at every stage of the engagement model to build human-centered digital platforms & channels. It solves complex business problems for its clients by combining strong domain and engineering expertise. With a large and ever-growing team of digitally ready consultants in Consulting, UX Design, Mobility, Open APIs, Cloud, DevOps & Analytics, the company helps its clients to grow and stay ahead of their competition….Read More


67. Rapid Acceleration Partners Inc. – Transforming Businesses With Customized Intelligent Automation

Intelligent process automation benefits different industries in ways that it scales up business processes. We are living and working in the fourth industrial revolution where going digital means automating mundane tasks and technologies that will free the workforce to deviate efforts towards more significant tasks. And to help businesses automate processes effortlessly, Rapid Acceleration Partners Inc., a company based out of Texas, pioneers artificial intelligence-driven solutions to boost operational efficiency. Serving industries like logistics, healthcare, real estate, and hospitality management, the company provides IPA solutions that facilitate a more streamlined approach….Read More


68. Winston Weber & Associates: A Consulting Firm That’s Shaping the Future of Retail

Driving industry change with leading-edge thinking, Winston Weber & Associates Inc is one of the top companies on our radar. The company is viewed as a high-value resource in strategic planning, organization restructuring, business processes reengineering, category management, supply chain optimization, trade promotion, amongst many other value-adding business functions. Winston Weber & Associates is a consulting firm that caters to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, consumer products manufacturers, sales and marketing companies, and information providers. Their client experience covers over 15 countries….Read More


69. Dennis Gentles: Delivering Personalized IT Managed Services & Cloud Solutions with Innovative Technologies

CloudFirst is a boutique Information Technology Consulting firm, established in 2010. Tagged as “Top 50 Most Valuable Microsoft Solution Providers Companies”, CloudFirst provides specialized and personalized IT Managed Services and Cloud Solutions. With over a decade of experience and a team of highly motivated Microsoft cloud experts and programmers, they help their clients in increasing their productivity and performance by efficiently managing their business-critical IT infrastructure and securing their sensitive data. The company developed expertise in executing cutting-edge cloud solutions in Electronic Manufacturing and Engineering Firms located in the USA….Read More


70. Fritz Zerweck: Driving Success of ehotel’s Growth Through Constant Innovation

Over twenty years ago, ehotel started with a simple yet comprehensive idea of ​​providing an online portal to economically compare offers and simplify business travelers’ company-specific search for cheap hotel rooms, making the company a pioneer in the industry. This service-oriented concept is an integral part of ehotel to this day, the driver behind innovations and modern tools that meet the requirements of all customers, from family businesses and medium-sized companies to large DAX-listed companies and international corporations. With this guiding principle, ehotel has steadily grown into one of the most successful hotels booking platforms….Read More


71. H2 Health: Reinvigorating the Healthcare of Tomorrow with Customized Therapeutic Services

In business for over 50 years as Heartland Rehabilitation Services, H2 Health is a new company poised to establish itself as one of the most trusted and reliable outpatient rehabilitation service providers in America. H2 Health offers outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to customers in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and is constantly growing! The company’s philosophy is to holistically treat its patients, not just their reported injury. By listening to each individual’s story, H2 Health better understands patients and treats their entire system. Results speak for themselves by the company’s great outcomes and NPS score of over 9….Read More


72. Jump To Health: Enriching People’s ‘Inner Fit’ by Improving their Health Journey

Jump To Health™ helps transform lives and aids people to live Inner Fit.’ Starting from Jump To Health’s products that are designed to alleviate common health challenges to the company’s education and support, it proves to be more than a product company. Jump To Health is a community focused on helping people on their individual health journeys. The company offers nutritional products and education, and support for people to get healthier. Jump To Health goods are natural, formulated by a world-renowned Ph.D. Nutritionist, and taste good and save customers money. With kits for Gut Health, Immune Health, Blood Sugar, Energy & Fitness, Keto Lifestyle, Weight Loss and Weight Management, Anti-Inflammation, and more, the company gifts people with better products, at better prices, along with better perks too….Read More


73. Peniel Solutions: Capitalizing on Advanced Cloud and Cybersecurity Solutions to Optimize Business Operations

Peniel Solutions, LLC (PSL) is a software engineering and records management company focused on technology solutions to accelerate federal government agencies’ requirements to meet their mission-critical goals. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, Peniel Solutions is a leading GovCon (government contractor) provider of Digital Transformation Services and DevSecOps (Development Security, and Operations), supported by the full range of cloud services exclusively for the United States government. With an emphasis on DevSecOps, the company delivers a complete suite of cloud solutions that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS)commercial and GovCloud platforms through every level of engagement….Read More


74. ScaleBuster: Ensuring Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions by Busting the Potential Risks

Nobody wants to deal with hazardous chemicals, be it for industrial or commercial purposes. However, most of the water treatment scenarios end up dealing with scale and corrosion challenges by adding more chemicals to the water. IonEnterprises promises something different and sustainable. The company’s water conditioning technologies leverage chemical-free approaches to treat scale and corrosion in water. According to IonEnterprises, there are two ways of growing. Either by acquiring and incorporating other companies/technologies or growing the market share slowly with trustable technology and good customer service as the company has provided since its inception….Read More


75. Nothing But The Best: How Y The Wait Plans To Provide B2B & B2C Satisfaction

An app on your phone that acts like your waiter? Sure, that’s possible with Y The Wait. In our feature of top brands, Y The Wait bags its place by being an all-in-one digital waiter application for all your restaurant-related queries, right from digital menus to ordering food from the phone to the table. That means no more fighting for the waiter’s attention. We had a word with team Y The Wait to dive deeper into the industry and the way they work and succeed. Y The Wait is an all-in-one application, aimed to make the hospitality and retail sector smart. It acts as the link between companies and customers while making it easy for customers to make reservations, place orders, and process payments all by a single click on their smartphone….Read More


76. Rodney Peyton: Making a Difference with an Innovative Thought Process

What is it like to be the world’s number one surgical coach, lauded with prestigious awards in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, and South Africa?

We spoke to Mr. Rodney Peyton, an OBE, MD, and a Consultant Trauma Surgeon. His inspiring career has been driven by the desire to improve surgical practice through unique systems and techniques that are recognized and followed worldwide by trainee surgeons and experienced consultants who are open to expanding their horizons. His zeal to ensure better outcomes for patients is what got him popular for being the world’s best in his area of expertise. Apart from winning applause from all over, he is the only person to have been given fellowships in five Medical Royal Colleges of the UK & Ireland…. Read More


77. Andy Bird: Breaking the Barriers to be a Successful Entrepreneur & Delivering Value-Added Solutions

Inoapps is an award-winning systems integrator that utilizes Oracle’s technology and applications to deliver value-added solutions to its clients, both on-premises and in the cloud. The company also ensures that they achieve operational excellence and maximize the benefits of their Oracle technology investment.

Operating across the world, Inoapps covers the whole range of Oracle solutions and services including consultancy, implementations, change management, support, and training. As per the dynamic nature of its clients’ needs, Inoapps aims to build strong, long-term relationships by providing excellent service…. Read More


78. Innovation & Resilience Is What Made Bühler a Global Market Leader

The world as we see it today has seen a significant shift towards the digital age. Also, organizations are giving more emphasis on digital transformation to cope with changes all around. Digital transformation can be confusing; however, if the leaders are certain about the progressions and how it will benefit everybody then adaptation turns out to be simple. An influential business leader who is capitalizing on innovation in this digital era is Mr. David Wang, President of the Bühler Group, Asia. He started as an engineer and rose to become the chief motivation leader for his employees, Mr. Wang’s leadership style is simple – be resilient. We had a talk about his work, experiences, and achievements. Here’s what the ace leader of the Bühler group has to say…. Read More


79. Deepak Saxena: Pioneering Strategic Human Resource Planning With Unique Leadership Qualities

JMC Projects Limited, a Kalpataru group enterprise, is an EPC Construction company, engaged in commercial and industrial construction. The company has roots in both India and overseas and has accomplished assignments in Sri Lanka and Mongolia. The company has received several awards and achievements including ROSPA Gold Award for Safety 2017, ACCE B.E.Billiomoria Award 200 for excellence in construction, citation for exemplary service from Intel Design Center. JMC Projects Limited has created an ecosystem to promote business agility and innovation through a strong Human Resource team led by Deepak Saxena…. Read More


80. Harish Kohli: An Exemplary Thought Leader Striving to Enable New Industry Paradigm

Incepted in 1976, Acer is dedicated to research, design, and development of innovative products and services that enhance people’s lives. Acer worldwide has approximately 95,000 retail locations spread across 160+ countries. Acer India was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acer Inc. in 1999. Its mission in India is to translate the Group’s goal of making technology easier to use and more affordable to everyone across the country. With a focused customer-centric approach, Acer in India offers an unmatched range of products and a vast network of service points to continuously lower the barriers that limit access to technology…. Read More


81. Kenneth Kee: Revolutionizing Health Centers with Unique Digital Solutions

Origin Integrated Studios specializes in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The company offers implementation services including business requirement study, data preparation, and migration, installation and setup configuration, training, user acceptance test, and trial run, and technical support maintenance services after the system GoLive. Kenneth Kee, CEO of the company, leads the team to provide the best digital solutions to the healthcare sector…. Read More


82. May Yap: Developing Technology-Based Eco-friendly Products to Make Better Tomorrow

LHT Holdings Ltd provides engineered compress wood called ‘Technical Wood’ made of original tropical hardwood fibers that undergo a high-pressure and high-temperature steaming process. It is a ‘new wood’ that substitutes natural wood made from wood waste material.

LHT’s Innovative Process Product Conversion (IPPC) Pallet series is fast gaining a foothold in the arena of green products that are designed and produced to reduce carbon footprints. The pest-free pallets provide innovative packing solutions that help customers to reduce waste, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. The company’s Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Leasing Pallet is a strategy to improve consumers’ choice, satisfaction, and service, and at the same, reduces total costs, inventories, and physical assets. ECR demands distributors and suppliers to focus jointly on the efficiency of the total grocery chain, rather than the efficiency of individual components. A four-way 1M by 1.2M standard size is confirmed to the international standard ISO 6780 and ISO8611 as ‘General Purpose Flat Pallets for Through Transit of Goods Principle Dimensions & Tolerances.’…. Read More


83. Orlando Zayas: Delivering Lease-purchase and Sale Financing Solutions with Innovative Technologies

Katapult is a financial technology company that provides retailers with point-of-sale financing solutions to capture the non-prime consumer segment. Its eCommerce-focused platform offers lease-purchase options for consumers that do not have access to traditional financing but need access to everyday durable goods like furniture, electronics, tires, etc. The company’s end-to-end technology platform enables seamless integration with eCommerce sites giving its retail partners across the US the opportunity to expand their customer base, increase sales and grow revenue. Katapult has a consumer-centric focus to ensure a quick application and approval process, transparent terms, and tailored payment plans…. Read More


84. Vivek Kamath: Delivering Distant Healing Treatment Without the Use of Medicines

Heal The World is a revolutionary health care start-up based in Bangalore, India. It heals diseases in the absence of any medicines, surgery, or anesthesia without any side effects. The company uses natural energy healing methods like Reiki, Mexican, and Melchizedek healing. The patients can do their healing sitting at their home, office, or resort during their holidays. Heal The World has developed in-house healing products to heal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, painkillers, and energy boosters. A healing product is nothing but a set of healing procedures. Its healers can get trained and use these products, witnessing a significant reduction in completing the healing life cycle…. Read More


85. Cathleen Kelly Rebar: Leading the Change in the Legal Industry Through Expertise and Excellence

Rebar Kelly was formed upon the principle that long-term relationships flow naturally from recognizing that clients are true partners. The company understands that problems come in all shapes and sizes. Its lawyers have tried hundreds of cases to successful verdicts and have served as the lead counsel in some of the insurance industry’s most high-profile cases. However, it is critical to note that Rebar Kelly’s enthusiasm in litigating challenging cases is tempered with the common-sense knowledge that expedient and cost-effective resolutions are often the best way to serve clients.  By taking time to understand businesses and engaging in innovative solutions, Rebar Kelly often helps its clients resolve matters before they lead to extensive costs or substantial exposure…. Read More


86. Helen Pospelova: Building Cross-Cultural Connections through Digital Intelligence across the World

ABBYY is a digital intelligence company that empowers organizations to access the valuable, yet often hard to attain insights into their operations that enable real business transformation. The company believes that data provides the fuel for digital transformation. When enterprises are finally able to access the wealth of existing data through the performance of their processes and the content moving through them, they gain the critical insight necessary to raise their Digital IQ. The company’s customers and partners can be found in almost every vertical and region in the world. More than 5,000 companies, including many of the Fortune 500 in finance, insurance, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and other industries use ABBYY technologies…. Read More


87. Jeanniey Walden: Empowering Employees by Innovating On-Demand Pay Benefit Solutions

DailyPay is a financial solutions company that reduces employee turnover by letting them control when and how often they are paid. Founded in 2015 with a unique mission to support American workers, the company offers employees unprecedented control over their pay through an on-demand pay benefit. Today, DailyPay partners with more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies that provide an on-demand pay benefit…. Read More


88. Lisa S. Jones: Delivering the Best Visual and Engaging Email Communication Experience

Email is one of the most widely used communication tools in the world today. While email is still the go-to–tool for many individuals, businesses often find the drawbacks outweigh the benefits when messages are not effectively delivered to recipients. Common problems faced by businesses are the size and format of email communications which includes sending video and audio messages…. Read More


89. Mary Ahrens: Delivering Innovative Hair Accessories to Help Children in Need

Hair4Good is a philanthropic hair care company that offers elegant, fashionable, upscale hairbrushes and accessories. The company’s goal is to help make the world a better place by helping children in need. Launched on March 17, 2020, the company donates 50% of its profits to children’s charities. Hair4Good’s supported charities include St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Autism Speaks, Lifting up Westchester, and Circle of Care…. Read More


90. Neena Vlamis: Revolutionising Mortgage Service with Innovative and Futuristic Lending Solutions

A and N Mortgage Services is an established, respected mortgage company based in Chicago, IL. As a mortgage banker, A and N offers a wealth of different loan programs and has access to over thirty banks, credit unions, mortgage insurance companies, products, programs, and niche products to fit an array of homeowners’ needs. Everything from the application to funding is handled under the company’s roof, so the loan process is streamlined for exceptional customer care. For clients, A and N provide a tightly bound and solid staff that eases the potentially stressful and often overwhelming storm of the mortgage process. For its industry partners, A and N is a company with answers, support, and transparency. For its sales staff, A and N is a place where they can learn, grow, take risks, and build their business with the best pricing and products in the Midwest. The company is licensed in eight states and is continuing its growth…. Read More


91. Nicole M. Heimann: Driving Innovation Through Sustainable Leadership Alliances

Nicole Heimann is an award-winning Executive Coach & Advisor and Executive Team Coach. She is the author of “How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You – Integrating the Seven Dimensions of Leadership Intelligence”, a successful book on leadership. She is also a keynote speaker on Elevating Consciousness through Authentic Leadership and is the founder and co-CEO of Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG, a Boutique Executive Advisory firm based in Zurich. The firm specializes in authentic leadership, and focuses on transforming organizations by building strong and genuine leadership alliances among executives…. Read More


92. Nazia Shahrin: Proactively Driving Transformational Change in Financial Industry

RBC Personal & Commercial Banking is part of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – a leading provider of financial services. Operating since 1869, RBC is one of the largest banks in the world and the fifth-largest in North America, as measured by market capitalization. RBC Personal and Commercial Banking bring together Canadian, Caribbean, and US Banking. In Canada, RBC has the strongest retail banking franchise and has one of the key market positions in business financial services. RBC complements this leadership with an impressive retail offering in the US, providing access to specialized cross-border banking services for Canadian clients who travel frequently or work in the US. In the Caribbean, RBC is the leading provider of a full range of personal and commercial banking, including wealth management…. Read More


93. Lori Sundberg: Fueling Data-Driven Technology Innovation for Today and Beyond

Western Digital creates environments for data to thrive. As a leader in data infrastructure, the company is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data. Data lives everywhere – from advanced data centers to mobile sensors and personal devices – and Western Digital delivers industry-leading solutions to enhance the possibilities of data. Whether it is in the customer’s pocket, home, car, or the cloud, Western Digital works with them in every step along the way. The company’s data-centric solutions comprise the Western Digital®, G-Technology™, SanDisk® and WD® brands…. Read More


94. Megan Capriccio: Amplifying the Acceleration of Products and Services for Women’s Health

Throughout their lives, women’s bodies go through significant shifts, leading to variations in health issues for different age groups. This includes a number of gender-specific problems, such as pregnancy, menopause, and female organ diseases. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the fundamental problems and take steps to avoid them. A company that has revolutionized health solutions through the concept of quality innovation for women’s health is FemTech Collective…. Read More


95. Dr. Marisa López-Teijón: Improving Health and Wellbeing with Advanced Fertility Services and Personalized Care

Institut Marquès is a center of international reputation in Gynecology and Assisted Reproduction, with a history of more than 95 years. The fourth generation of gynecologists of the Marquès family is now part of the clinic’s team. It has become an international reference in its sector. Led and managed by Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Institut Marquès treats patients from over 50 countries. The center has the added value of being a reference in the study of male sterility. Institut Marquès also has its sperm bank and a broad donation program of oocytes and embryos…. Read More


96. Joyce Brocaglia: Building Resilient Organizations by Placing the Right Cybersecurity Talent

Alta Associates is a premier executive search firm specializing in Cybersecurity, Technology, and IT Risk Management. Many corporations across all industry verticals leverage Alta’s in-depth knowledge, specialized recruiting team, and vast trusted relationships to hire Chief Information Security, Risk and Technology Officers and build the teams supporting them…. Read More


97. Akhil Srivastava: Disrupting the Lingerie Industry and Empowering Women

PARFAIT is size-inclusive lingerie and swimwear brand dedicated to helping women find the perfect fit. Headquartered in Los Angles, United States, the company was incorporated in 2010, with a mission to serve the growing plus-size lingerie market across the world. A global lingerie leader, PARFAIT currently has customers from across 20+ countries through 700 physical and online stores worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, the Middle East, and India…. Read More


98. Andrew Dudum: Fortifying Healthcare Delivery Through Affordable Telehealth Services

Hims & Hers is a multi-specialty telehealth platform that connects people to licensed healthcare professionals, enabling them to access high-quality medical care for numerous conditions related to primary care, mental and sexual health, dermatology, and more. Launched in November 2017, the company offers thoughtfully created and curated health and wellness products. With products and services available across all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., Hims & Hers provides the country’s people access to quality, convenient and affordable care through a computer or smartphone…. Read More


99. Anup Agarwal: Making Disruption in the Global Beauty Market Through Innovative Leadership

Bright Diva is a leading K-beauty distributor incorporated in 2015. Within two years of its operation since its establishment, the company has covered 10% of the market share within the K-Beauty (Korean Cosmetics) category in Hong Kong, making it the Top K-beauty distributor in the region Bright Diva is a well-established and fastest-growing distributor in the field of cosmetics, beauty care, personal care, perfumes, FMCG and F&B products. The company is a result-oriented distributor of international beauty brands and prides itself in establishing long-term business developments and eventually making unique international brands accessible to consumers across all key markets in Greater Asia…. Read More


100. Bala V Sathyanarayanan: Serving Organizations with Innovation-Driven Packaging Solutions

Greif, Inc. is a 143-year-old multi-billion Fortune 1000 company and a global leader in industrial packaging products and services with a vision to become the world’s best-performing customer service company in industrial packaging. The company produces steel, plastic, and fiber drums, intermediate bulk containers, reconditioned containers, flexible products, containerboard, uncoated recycled paperboard, coated recycled paperboard, tubes and cores, and a diverse mix of specialty packaging products. Greif manufactures packaging accessories and provides filling, packaging, and other services for a wide range of industries. The company also manages timber properties in the southeastern United States. Greif is strategically positioned with 290 operating locations in 44 countries to serve regional and global customers…. Read More


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