Blue Signal Search: Bringing an Innovative and Futuristic Approach to the Talent Acquisition Process

Blue Signal Search

Blue Signal Search

Blue Signal Search is a national executive recruiting firm headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. As a small boutique firm, the company has the capability to cultivate meaningful relationships and source high-quality candidates for businesses across several industry verticals, including telecom, wireless, IoT, emerging technology, cloud and managed services, lighting, logistics, food and agriculture, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and accounting, medical, healthcare, and more. It also offers retained, contingent, engaged, and contract searches and staffing options.


From One-Man Shop to a Multi-Employee Workforce

Matt Walsh is the CEO and Founder of Blue Signal Search.He has been working in the recruiting industry for several years, leading up to the inception of Blue Signal. Initially, Matt noticed some common pain points in the industry like how candidates thought recruiters were too pushy, how clients thought recruiters were too transactional, and how everyone saw recruiters as people just looking to make a quick buck. The gap in the market quickly became apparent to Matt as he tried to find better ways to support people beyond the poor industry standards. He wanted to create a firm that helped candidates find jobs they were passionate about and help companies hire people that would not only fill a need but also improve the business for years to come.

Sitting in a basement in a small town in Illinois, Matt found his calling. Blue Signal’s humble beginning was what continued to inspire success and today, the company continues to thrive on the principles of philanthropy, integrity, transparency, and work ethic. 2019 was Blue Signal’s fourth successive record year for revenue, and 2020, although unprecedented, still managed to over-achieve the revenues forecasted. 2021 is shaping up to be their best year yet. In less than ten years, the company has grown from a one-man shop to a 50+ employee workforce located nationwide.


A Visionary with Promising Integrity

With over a decade of recruiting experience under his belt, Matt is one of the most highly sought-after, well-respected leaders in the industry. Since Blue Signal’s inception in 2012, he set the bar for executive placement of industry leaders in telecom and technology. Matt employs one of the most innovative, women-led marketing teams in the tech industry, which is historically known for a lower female to male ratios. He is known for setting high ethical standards and providing strong, enduring recruiting partnerships to companies across the globe. Matt instills his values of hard work, ethical decision-making, and grit in each Blue Signal employee to preserve the highly respected reputation that his name and company have brought to the industry.


Preferring Quality Over Quantity

Matt mentioned that Blue Signal’s objective is to become a partner in the process of conducting searches to make successful, strategic placements that result in long and rewarding careers. The team prides itself on providing much more than any typical, transactional staffing firm. Not only do they understand the industry spaces they work in, but they actively work to retain the position as thought-leaders within those spaces through constant learning, development, and lots of networking.At Blue Signal, the team values quality and fit over quantity and convenience. Blue Signal takes pride in the extensive network of professionals that allows for optimal matches within the industry’s top companies.


Comprehensive Solutions for the Placement Cell

The stereotype when it comes to recruiting firms is that they work quickly to fill an open role within a company, then swiftly take off with the finder’s fee—never to be seen again. Blue Signal ensures that placements are lasting and put their money where their mouth is. Matt stated that depending on the agreement, the team will back candidates with replacement credit if they leave within their first year of employment. Through Blue Signal’s 12-point interview process, the company makes sure that candidates are not only good on paper but fit the culture and soft-skill needs of the role that are much harder to measure.


Extensive Service Offerings in Unprecedented Times

Although not an entirely unique experience in 2020, Blue Signal suffered. Being in the recruiting industry, it was not just the best candidates who were losing their jobs—no one in the usual target industries, although essential, were looking to hire either. The team quickly pivoted to offer a COVID-19 critical infrastructure response team, specializing in hiring within medical devices, healthcare, hospitals, telehealth, lab diagnostics, biotechnology, business operations, critical communications, food and agriculture, and logistics and supply chain. The company offered staffing and recruiting discounts on services to help those businesses affected by the coronavirus. Despite hard times, Blue Signal also worked to donate to organizations supporting communities such as Feeding America, CDP, UNICEF USA, and the AZ COVID-19 community response fund. Today, the company has leveraged this experience to further create and build. Many of those who worked on the COVID-19 critical infrastructure response team are now leaders, growing their own teams and instilling that same sense of purpose many months later.


Mastering the Art of Recruitment

Blue Signal’s success has gained attention within the industry for client services and candidate processes. The companyis proud to have won awards such as Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2021, Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies, #2 Executive Search Firm in Arizona for three consecutive years, #4 Technical Placement Firm 2021, Forbes America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firm 2020, the Best of Arizona Business 2019, Best Wireless & Telecom Workforce Recruitment Agency – USA 2019, Top Recruiter – Best of Tempe 2019, and #2 for Best Places to Work in Arizona.

Among the leadership, Matt has joined the Pinnacle Society, the Premier Consortium of Industry-Leading Recruiters in North America and was recognized as one of the 30 Most Inspiring Business Leaders in 2019.


A Goal-Focused Future

According to Matt, today’s hiring landscape is more competitive than it has ever been with the available open jobs being much higher than the current unemployment rate. He adds that it is very difficult to find high-caliber talent who can be successful in a role and who stay long term. It’s no longer a situation where the candidates have to sell themselves to clients, rather, the client needs to sell themselves to the qualified candidate. In order to adapt, Matt explained that Blue Signal works with clients who are truly looking to develop employees and support their career success. The team hand-selects clients to ensure their values align with the employees’. This has helped in maintaining a high level of success when it comes to not only finding talent and convincing them to join client companies, but also with retention.



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