Barry Clarke: The Pioneer of Accounting Software Solution


Leading the way since 1985, the name SAMCO has been synonymous with quality, efficiency, and innovation in the field of business applications and custom applications. Driven by their uncompromising commitment to satisfying customers’ requirements, the company has established a reputation in small and medium-sized businesses. Their mission is to be a leader in the development and distribution of products in which we choose to specialize. SAMCO aims to meet or exceed customer’s expectations by offering excellent service and products while sharing the success with their employees. Since its earliest beginnings, the company’s guiding values have been service, quality, and its people. Their vast array of products and equipment is equaled only by their unmatched quality and reliability. In fact, since its earliest beginnings, the Company has governed all aspects of its operations based on the premise that its customers are the reason for its existence. The Co-founder of SAMCO, Barry Clarke has stated,

“Bring us a need and we will fulfill it, as long as it is economically feasible, is our approach,”


The Brain behind the Making of SAMCO Software Inc.

During the ’70s, the use of computers was extensive but many small businesses did not have the adequate knowledge to produce the type of financial and accounting information that the local, provincial, and federal governments demanded. Barry, along with his partner Katherine,

realized this as a potential market and purchased non-exclusive distribution rights to six  basic modules: GL, AR, AP, IC, OE, and SA, and while supporting that market requirement, spent the next few years enhancing the code, making it ready for the Canadian marketplace, and the packages have become Samco’s proprietary property. Seeing the market’s growing need for SMBs applications, and the huge acceptance of personal computers, they decided to start a company to meet those requirements, incorporating Samco Software Inc.

Barry Clarke began his career in public accounting, with a partner, by setting up seven  offices in British Columbia and Alberta. He saw the “Big Picture”, purchasing the reseller rights to six  basic accounting modules running on CPM computers with 8” floppy drives. These packages, after years of enhancement and modifications and core changes, became the company’s property when the original company sold out. The enhanced software was used in the accounting offices and Barry realized that with the introduction of DOS on the IBM PC, the accounting clients would be wanting to have their computers. The software was moved to DOS and the market was evident. The accounting offices were eventually sold off and Barry headed up the new company, SAMCO Software Inc.


Innovation Runs in the Veins of SAMCO

As computing power and options grew, SAMCO became very innovative to make certain their applications could meet the increasing requirements and while their flagship applications.

SAMCO has always developed applications in newer languages to run on portable devices with varied operating systems, such as Windows Ce and IOS for the Apple Mac, and now, Android,as they were becoming very popular. Currently, the company is converting their flagship applications to a newer language, web-enabling  Power Accounting, including all customization that has been developed over the years, and when completed, clients will have the option of moving to it, and all data will be ported very simply and intact, without or with very little human intervention.


Instances of using Disruptive Technologies

Over the years, new requirements for SAMCO clients included the ability to handle requirements for fishing companies and their processing plants, tire warehousing and distribution, tire reclamation, auto fulfillment of stock for retail stores from warehouses, over-night. Duty-Free distribution companies and retail operations, food manufacturing, meat processing, chemical manufacturing, processing, sales, and distribution as well as many, many more, all require special functions within their fields, and SAMCO approached and still approaches every need with innovative thinking and design. SAMCO’s Power Accounting provides total solutions, including from fact-finding to determining the requirements of SMB’s to the correct hardware, software applications, installation, training, maintenance, and ongoing maintenances. It provides on-site and hosted solutions for clients. At SAMCO, the priority is to listen to customers, keep them in the loop, asking for their input while SAMCO’s staff is encouraged to put forth their ideas and what they have heard from customers, friends, the news, and the world in general. SAMCO Software offers a range of services including hosted systems (email, applications, backup), network management, network, and end-users security as well as training for all its software packages. The company’s product line includes Core, Extended, Customized, eSAMCO, and SAMCOCRM modules which are comprehensive solutions to complete all kinds of business needs.


What the Future Beholds

SAMCO is in the final stages of being ready to announce some new products and improvements in existing products. The company is ready for the future and willing to meet whatever it brings, with whatever it takes. SAMCO’s current senior programmer, started his work career in technology in 1983, with the company, following his university graduation. They have several staff members who have, during their success, moved on, some to try other types of work, some in the same areas, some to work for customers, to enjoy using the software and its capabilities, rather than work on it. Many of those have returned to resume their career with SAMCO, and they were all welcomed back to what they often call “home”. SAMCO has invested in its private cloud, for their clients’ feeling of security and confidence, as they know where their data is being stored. Maintaining application hosting on co-locations in several locations across Canada with access to the United States as well. Clients can log in from anywhere in the world, using the Internet, and have full access to their data running on the companies servers via VPN, thus saving them considerable money upfront for their servers.


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