Nothing But The Best: How Y The Wait Plans To Provide B2B & B2C Satisfaction

Y The Wait

Y The Wait

An app on your phone that acts like your waiter? Sure, that’s possible with Y The Wait. In our feature of top brands, Y The Wait bags its place by being an all-in-one digital waiter application for all your restaurant-related queries, right from digital menus to ordering food from the phone to the table. That means no more fighting for the waiter’s attention. We had a word with team Y The Wait to dive deeper into the industry and the way they work and succeed.


A Little About Y The Wait

Y The Wait is an all-in-one application, aimed to make the hospitality and retail sector smart. It acts as the link between companies and customers while making it easy for customers to make reservations, place orders, and process payments all by a single click on their smartphone. With headquarters in Rotterdam, Y The Wait has expanded its services to locations in Canada, India, and Lebanon. When the worldwide pandemic settles, Y The Wait is expected to make its presence in Morocco, The United States, and Australia.


The Company’s Mission Since Inception

Y The Wait’s mission is to provide digital convenience everywhere at any time. The company want the users to experience quick and top-notch service, by staying adaptable. Through listening to its customers and finding out about their needs, it makes sure to build and implement new and convenient modules for applications. From visiting events and providing a VIP experience, to dinner in someone’s favorite restaurant or shopping at their favorite boutique, Y The Wait makes it happen seamlessly.


CEO’s Duties For Success

“Before I founded Y The Wait, I felt that something was missing. Why wasn’t there just one app where you can manage all your needs?”, said Simranjit Singh Grewal, CEO. His proactive involvement was felt in every step of the process, and his vision keeps inspiring all his employees in the Netherlands, India, and Lebanon.


Carving A Place In The Industry

When asked about how the company is contributing to the industry it caters to and how it is benefiting the clients, there was a simple answer. Y The Wait helps merchants make their businesses smart. The company provides them with services to help them make their presence in the digital world to offer the best possible experience.

Through a simple application on their smartphone, customers can fulfill all their needs, from ordering their favorite meal to place a reservation in a hotel. There is no need anymore to have multiple applications cluttering up the phones, all that is possible through Y The Wait.


Key Partnerships Driving The Business Forward

Companies want to connect and reach their target customers. Customers want the best service, as quickly as possible. Y The Wait makes all that possible through one application. Customers can find new businesses and businesses can find their customers. As opposed to several individual platforms that provide a single service like reservations, payments, and orders, Y The Wait combines all those services into one easy-to-use application.


Challenges Faced Throughout The Journey

“Just like most companies and people, Y The Wait took a hit because of COVID-19”, said the CEO. “Big plans needed to be postponed and strategies needed to be temporarily adjusted. However, we are glad we could still provide our services to help companies in these difficult times and set up a safe environment where they could still connect with their potential clients.”


How Does The Future Look?

As digital convenience is becoming a prominent part of everyone’s life, more than ever, Y The Wait can tailor to all the industries, from hospitality to retail industry and beyond. “We only expect to see our platform grow and hope to be at the service of many more companies and people. Y The Wait is and will be the platform you can use at any time, anywhere”, says Simranjit.


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