WovV Technologies: Enabling Top-Notch Digital Transformations through Avant-Garde SaaS Products and Technology Services

WovV Technologies

WovV Technologies

Digital transformation, is one of the many crucial initiatives undertaken by businesses and companies to amplify their growth in the market and to enhance customer satisfaction. It is a storm of a wide range of technologies like SaaS, Mobile, Robotics, IoT, AI, machine learning, and others. Artificial intelligence is changing, the world and has become a catalyst for growth in the economy and businesses. Keeping in mind the needs and wants of the industries, WovV Technologies has emerged as one of the leading companies providing digital transformation solutions through SaaS Sroducts and Technology Services. 


Brief About the Company

WovV Technologies  focuses on improving business productivity through SaaS products, technology consulting and customized solutions . The business productivity-based SaaS solutions have reshaped the world of multiple industries, with innovation at the core of its philosophy. Its proprietary aPaaS framework enables building products much faster, reducing GTM by 35%-40%.

The company has suite of multiple SaaS products, each of which is on par and competes with market-leading companies in its segment. These products are focused on improving productivity and automation and that eventually adds to the

profitability of customers and are a huge ROI generator. WovV Technologies has also built expertise, in multiple technologies and believes in creating Centers of Excellence for the skills to continuously groom and mentor its people. These CoEs form the technology services arm of the company & offer custom development and consultation in design, development, architecture, UX, backend, testing, and more.


Goals that Set WovV Technologies Apart from the Rest

Being the world’s most customer-obsessed company, the mission has always been to build excellent SaaS products and deliver a seamless customer experience. Innovation is in the DNA, which is reflected in the way the company takes up challenges for the customers to provide a winning streak. The company was started  at the end of 2016, for providing cutting-edge SaaS solutions to enhance the business productivity of the companies. Soon after, armed with the proprietary aPaaS platform, it started delivering SaaS products to businesses around the globe. Today, users across 3000 locations in 50 countries are proudly using these products and the world’s leading brands are doing business with this organization.


Visionary Leadership Building the Reputation and Success 

Arvind Kothari is the Founder and   CEO of  WovV Technologies. With over 21 years of top global management & entrepreneurial experience, with the responsibility of managing & turning around independent large units at corporate stalwarts like TCS, HCL, & Reliance, Arvind is leading the company with finesse. To his credit, there are many deals with TCV with over hundreds of billions of USD. He formulated the mantra “Execution is the Key” and has molded the company with his risk-taking abilities & better decisions which have helped in reaching its goal & quantifying success. He has inculcated customer-centricity values across the organization and also firmly believes that employees are the real assets for WovVTech’s success. Arvind enlightens the industry with his winning attributes & penchant for success. He has memberships of various industry organizations & speaks at different forums like TiE, Start-up events, & the Retail Associations


Innovative Technologies that Define the Company

WovVTechnologies has a suite of SaaS products aimed towards increasing business productivity, operational excellence and automation. 

Product Name Description
WovVRA (Revenue Assurance) Automated daily sales reports and analytics for mall operators, airports, concessionaires, large chains
WovVBI (Business Intelligence) Do it yourself-dashboards and analytics on the go.  This is a  powerful product which is capable of integrating data from various systems to provide data insights at your fingertips and inculcate data-driven decision making
WovVIA (Inspections & Audit) To digitize  audits or checklists and take corrective action through tickets with SLA tracking. Highly analytical reports with deep insights.
WovVXM (Experience Management Tool) To collect feedback from customers/ stakeholders and measure parameters like NPS, CSAT, CES, and more.
WorkFlow (Workflow management) Low code platform to automate workflows providing central collaboration and tracking to all stakeholders
WovVBiz- Point of Sale For stores of all sizes to manage their billing with integrated banking, and accounting solution
Oken (App, Experience Management + Loyalty Platform)  Ready to deploy complete mobile application and platform for various industries including Malls, Airports and large chains, 

It also covers  Experience Management & Loyalty Platform 


The core technology offerings and solutions, amongst others, include:

  • Architecture & Consulting – Build stronger technical foundations using the principles the company adopted for its patent-pending aPaaS framework. Lesser code and rapid development approach.
  • Mobility CoE – Be mobile ready with mobile app development services.
  • Design CoE – Providing beautiful interfaces which users love
  • Frontend CoE -– Converting data faster to resilient interfaces
  • Backend CoE – Robust, scalable solutions with strong backend capabilities.
  • Database Management CoE – Manage the heart of the business & DATA.
  • Project Management CoE – Plan, Manage, and track projects efficiently.


Leveraging the Power of Disruptive Technologies to Drive Change

Innovations in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation are creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and the economy, even as they reshape employment and the future of work.

WovVTechnologies has capitalized on this and  has kept pace to innovate. The company’s product suite is completely cloud-driven through AI/ML. The products are massively focused on automation and generating real ROI for businesses.

All the customers have gained a competitive edge with the help of data and analytics, which can enable faster and larger-scale evidence-based decision making, insight generation, and process optimization.


What Makes the Company so Unique? 

As the world moves towards low code platforms, WovV Technologies has been providing solutions that can make any business go digital in the shortest time possible. The proprietary aPaaS framework that is the foundation core of all its products is made with an intent to reduce the coding effort by 30-40% and hence the company can roll out products much faster. In addition this, all the products are highly configurable , feature rich, customizable, modular in architecture and secure.

It focuses mainly on driving automation through simple plug-and-play configurable interfaces. The experience and loyalty platform OKEN, for instance, makes it easy for any company to roll out a complete experience, engagement, and loyalty platform in less than two weeks!


Remarkable Achievements and Recognitions

WovV Tech, has always believed that following the core ambition of delivering business-changing solutions is the most satisfying aspect of being a SaaS company & that is the biggest reward. Walking in tandem with this thought process, CIO Review in the year 2020 recognized their contribution to the world & has offered a place amongst the 20 most promising SaaS disruptors of the world, CEO Insights have also rated the company as one of the top 10 SaaS companies in 2020.

However, the biggest achievement remains in the feedback from the customers who are stalwarts in revolutionizing their industries.

“Our relationship with WovVTech, is expanding and we look forward to scaling more. WovVTech suite of products and professional approach to solving our pain areas and they have been a big hit for us. WovVRA and WovVBI have already automated our billing and analytics.” – one of the customers noted.

“We looked at multiple Audit and Experience management tools. WovVIA and WovVXM have stood apart from the crowd in terms of flexibility, configuration, GTM, and integrations. It allows tracking non-compliance & experience and comes with embedded BI tools and those are very useful to us.” noted another customer.


Heading Towards a Glorious Future

The Digital era has ushered in rapid business transformations & WovVTech, is ready to make this possible across industries. Excellent experience and service delivery will drive the WoW experience for the customers.


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