ScaleBuster: Ensuring Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions by Busting the Potential Risks



Nobody wants to deal with hazardous chemicals, be it for industrial or commercial purposes. However, most of the water treatment scenarios end up dealing with scale and corrosion challenges by adding more chemicals to the water. IonEnterprises promises something different and sustainable. The company’s water conditioning technologies leverage chemical-free approaches to treat scale and corrosion in water.

According to IonEnterprises, there are two ways of growing. Either by acquiring and incorporating other companies/technologies or grow the market share slowly with trustable technology and good customer service as the company has provided since its inception. Over the years, the company has done more than 300,000 installations. By purveying credible and excellent solutions, IonEnterprises have reached many well-known global companies that have embraced the solutions for their remarkable results.

Launched in 1990, ION Enterprises Ltd.has been manufacturing a range of environmental water treatment devices under the trademark ScaleBuster®. A technology that can provide faster return of investments compared to other conventional technologies, IonEnterprises have been actively serving the domestic, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors by supplying customized models of ScaleBuster.


The Anatomy of ScaleBuster

ScaleBuster is a Physical Water Conditioning technology, based on Electro-Static principles.Most of the industries struggle with water corrosion during various processes, due to the reaction of metals with other substances like oxygen and hydrogen, under various chemical conditions. ScaleBuster promises to alleviate this problem through unique methodology. The installation of ScaleBuster causes the precipitation of water crystals in the milieu of the existing hydrodynamic conditions. Hence, the water particles do not adhere to the surfaces of equipment. Further, the self-cleaning electrostatic ScaleBuster conditioner which operates without electrical power uses the characteristics of the dielectric and metallic materials of construction and the hydraulic conditions present during the operation to temporarily disturb the carbonate/bicarbonate equilibrium reactions that is the root cause of precipitation. This is how the ScaleBuster technology protects the equipment from potential limestone damage and corrosion without chemicals, energy, maintenance, and other operational expenditures.

All of these unique lab-approved factors have led to the success of the brand with such a vast loyal audience and strong investors. Strict bodies like WRAS (UK), GS-TÜV (Germany), IAPMO R/T (USA) as well as other local drinking water certification systems in France, Poland, and other countries, certify all ScaleBuster conditioners.

The market is going through consistent transformation and adhering with its needs is not an easy task. IonEnterprises travelled through several generations to develop the ScaleBuster technology and has continuously reformed it according to the changing demands. The company’s customers believe that ScaleBuster is an essential and unavoidable component that needs to be incorporated in all pipes carrying water into any and all systems.


A Captain with Expertise Innovating the Space

Jonathan Gur, President and Chief Executive Officer, leads IonEnterprises and manages the companies in both Canada and the UK. The company welcomed Jonathan as a part of the group executive team in 2011 and he took up the current position in 2015. With a diverse record of accomplishment and over 30 years of expertise in the water treatment sector, Jonathan makes a perfect captain with hands-on experience in holding management and executive positions in global companies including Degremont Technologies, Blue-Green Environmental Technologies, Newterra, and others. A graduate in M.Sc. Engineering from Brunel University, London, Jonathan has powered the company with a creative mind and strived towards ensuring efficiency and productivity without compromising safety and health standards.


Uniqueness as the Remedy to Overcome Challenges

Ignoring water corrosion, which generally exists, might not be a great solution.Instead, bringing up sustainable innovations like ScaleBuster will enable industries to beat the challenges and ensure safe water conditioning. The product is receiving high investment from both global and local companies as business culture is consistently changing and adapting new trends. The free of charge engineering support that Ion Enterprisesoffers has attracted many customers. This is interesting indeed thatIon Enterprises provides free engineering advice along with the technology,this way the company ensures better, optimized use of ScaleBuster solution, and ease the process of fighting the water treatment challenges in various sectors. As an industry leader with a high rate of returning customers, it is not a surprise that many new customers choose ScaleBuster over traditional water treatment options.


Globally Recognized with an Ardent Customer Following

Ion Enterprises and ScaleBuster have won many awards including the Energy-Saving Water Treatment Award by Corporate Vision UK, 2019, Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland 2019, and more. Recognized as one of the 50 Leading Technological Companies by Silicone Review in 2020, this company possesses an incredible rate of returning customers and a group of loyal consistent customers.

The company does not shy away from stating that there have been some sceptical customers in the initial stages. Although, the company proudly states that these customers later became the best references after their experience with the solution.

Competitors who are part of multi-billion dollar corporations often dominate the market. Nevertheless, IonEnterprises has proved that having well-proven technologies, flexible engineering solutions, responsible customer service, and sustainable technologies is more important than boasting a big pocket. This is the sole way to receive customers with smiling faces and satisfied hearts.


Racing Ahead With Strong Commitment

Ion Enterprises with its brands Scale Buster and Enviro Tower has been serving as an industry leader for many years now. The company has invested a lot in both R&D and business development to drive innovations and maintain its mark in the market. With a strong presence in Europe, the Americas (North, Central, and South), Middle East, and the Far East, the company is on a continuous journey to capture new markets and reach a global audience. All territories have its own demand for technologies and through developing new models to answer all customers’ needs in specific geographies and joining hands with distributors who can serve their local customers,IonEnterprises plans to establish its presence worldwide.Learning the local challenges to support the customers’ needs will help maintain the company’s competitive advantage in the market for the benefit of the customers and distributors alike. IonEnterprises is a go-to solution to ensure safe and chemical-free water treatment with cost-effective brands. The company is sure to conquer many more hearts in different parts of the world with its humble and unique approach.


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