N I DRIVE – Helping Organizations Go Beyond The Boundary With Digital Business Models

Digital transformation is the essence of modern business to take big leaps. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT, cognitive automation, and robotics power organizations to embrace the capabilities and improve productivity, process efficiency, and build innovative solutions. 

During the initial phase of COVID-19 in late 2019 and early 2020, several organizations across industries were hit by the chaos to restructure their strategies and working processes. Some organizations were afloat and some unfortunately sank. The ones that could handle the chaos and stabilize their businesses could only do so because of disruptive technologies, for which they had planned much in advance. It also helped those businesses gain a competitive edge and emerge victoriously in the eyes of stakeholders, loyal customers, and other competitors from the same industry. 

With these disruptive technologies advancing at a rapid pace, organizations often stumble while altering their business functions to incorporate modern technologies seamlessly. Major factors that play a key role in the successful adoption and implementation of new technologies are proper planning, proper budgeting, proper vendor selection, and having the right personnel to manage it. Another aspect that businesses fail to realize is the fact that everyone in the organization, across teams, should have basic knowledge about the new technology for efficient utilization. If teamwork makes the dream work, having all teams understand the potential and the value of disruptive technology is imperative, especially in the digital business world. 

In an effort to help organizations realize these setbacks and help them get started with their digital transformation journeys, N I DRIVE is a Japanese company that helps in the adoption of new technologies and processes. In an exclusive interview with the Founder of the company, Ram Kumar gave us an insight into his business journey, from challenges, achievements, and experience to his zeal for innovation. Here is the excerpt from the interview. 


Starting the Digitization Journey for Good Health

N I DRIVE offers digital technology consulting and services focused on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Cognitive Automation, Cloud Enablement, Mobility, and other emerging technologies. As the company works across different industry segments, N I DRIVE builds solutions that help its customers start the digitalization journey by transforming businesses through the adoption of new technologies and processes. The company invests in scientific innovations and engagement simultaneously so that they come together equally to give the best experience to its customers. Upholding the proverb “health is wealth”, N I DRIVE’s healthcare products help people enjoy longer and healthier lives. The core of the company is to believe in a future where healthcare proactively helps peoples’ wellbeing rather than just reacting to symptoms.


Innovating with the Changing Times 

N I DRIVE’s business vision is to help society with scientific innovations and engagement simultaneously for the best customer experience. For a forward-thinking company like N I DRIVE, this means managing a hefty set of responsibilities while dealing with the rapidly changing technology landscape and today`s pandemic situations. During such hard times, adapting to the current societal healthcare requirements quickly requires developing new targets and goals and ensures an alignment between the needs of the society and deliverables. It is a universal fact that health is essential for human prosperity. According to CEO Ram Kumar, as the whole world is facing the COVID Pandemic with a brave face, it is time to act and bring a centralized system for human wellbeing with a data-driven approach.


Efficient Leadership comes with Learning 

As a CEO, Ram Kumar’s role of a leader holds big responsibilities. Ram explains that bringing the startup to a growth mode required mastering the business landscape, building world-class products, and hiring hundreds of dedicated employees. He further states how a leader must learn to manage all the finances and operations. To make N I DRIVE succeed, Ram figured out how to convince the company’s first set of customers to trust its services and the product. For that, he had no choice but to learn with humility and transparency, to create an environment for multiple streams of people with their unique expertise to work together and have a positive impact on the customers, business, and society. 


The Phase of Innovation 

N I DRIVE brings about innovation through continuous and collaborative learning. The company has an MOU signed with some of the top institutions in Japan and India through which it frames effective solutions for complex real-world problems. To automate all the business processes, N I DRIVE has partnered with a European company that provides a new approach to BPM by harnessing the power of Low-Code, RPA, and Artificial Intelligence. Through various other partnerships, including a Japanese company to help communicate and collaborate better, a globally renowned company for core AI data pipeline management, 3D engineering and construction solutions, and efficient implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for healthcare and educational software platforms, N I DRIVE is ensuring that innovation and productivity are boosted from all the angles.


Technologies Driving Digital Transformation Solutions 

When talking about innovation, Ram explained how digital technologies are having a phenomenal influence on business, transforming the customer experience, enhancing productivity in operations and improving the way employees collaborate. Yet, many organizations fail to capture the full potential of digital technologies because their leaders lack a transformative vision. N I DRIVE believes that executives with an incremental vision get what they aim. Those who realize the transformative power of digital can achieve much more.

In the fast and competitive world that N I Drives functions in, it should be one of the top priorities of every leader in the industry to unleash the potential of technological innovation. Businesses today are facing a key turning point in AI adoption. Hence, N I DRIVE focuses on unique and practical AI use cases that deliver simple solutions to complex problems at previously impossible levels. The team helps companies across continents to adopt AI by creating a perfect balance between people and technology. Not just AI, the company also focuses on Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain with Data ops, DevOps, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Visualization in its core. 

N I DRIVE focuses on automotive, healthcare and manufacturing industries. With a fresh perspective and a dedicated research and development team on its side, a high talent pool source, the company and its team`s technical know-how in the field of digital technologies facilitates N I DRIVE to make customer`s business, product, and services adaptable to the next generations. 

N I DRIVE concerns itself with assisting the automotive sector to append their high-performance applications to develop connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) mobility solutions. It heuristically invests a lot of time in AI, ML and cloud computing for research and development of solutions and applications for autonomous vehicles. The company’s focus areas are in research, consulting, designing, developing, integrating, validating and testing of automotive embedded, PC-based systems.

In healthcare, recent innovations and industry focus led to digital therapeutics, tackling some of the biggest problems faced by patients in the healthcare system today. N I DRIVE made this possible by empowering patients with a digital platform to engage in a more comprehensive healthcare experience, such as accessing their own records on their mobile device, or conducting a consultation via webcam with a doctor anywhere in the world. By using data and to provide the right insight and capabilities, healthcare clients can ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time. N I DRIVE’s platform also facilitates end-to-end health management for patients at a lower cost and helps for people to enjoy longer and healthier lives. 


Taking Success Forward 

To drive growth, N I DRIVE’s strategy is to utilize available talents for the future market growth, helping its customers expand boundaries, design, develop and deliver new digital business models, products and services, add value to business propositions and pave way for better future. The company’s expertise and focus on healthcare is a boon in this pandemic. With its expertise in AI, ML, Hybrid Cloud, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, IOT and other technical expertise, N I DRIVE is building a centralized wellbeing system for human beings.