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SPER Market Research

SPER Market Research

SPER Market Research, is one of the world’s most trusted market research, market intelligence and data analytics companies. The company is headquartered in Noida, has offices worldwide, and provides strategic & consulting services. SPER Market Research is amongst the top market research companies in India and has served over 20 industries, with core offerings in Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Business to Business research (B2B), Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverages, Cosmetic, Dermatology, Dental, Herbal, Chemical, Consumer, Information Technology and other industries.


Leading with Business Excellence

SPER Market Research was founded with the principle focusing on values of nobility, collaborative teamwork and innovation. The company assists the clientele with research services including clinician profiling, data gathering, analysis of key opinion leaders and consumers, market sizing, entry & forecasting, brand positioning, pricing research, and user testing. SPER envisages and emanates a well-established scientific and technical organization with global recognition. The company has empanelled more than 1.1 million consumers and healthcare professionals for participation in various research studies across the globe. For moderation of interviews, it has 100 moderators with high proficiency in regional languages who strictly abide by guidelines of MRSI and the international code of ethics for market research. The company conducts more than 1.5 lakh interviews annually, strictly adhering to the project deadlines set by its clients.


The Man Behind the Mission

Dr. Upendra Nagaich, is the Chief Executive Officer at SPER Market Research since its inception in 2015. Upendra earned his degree from G. R. Medical College, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. Prior to his ingress in the market research field, he spent over 12 years in healthcare research. Upendra is a veteran in the field of healthcare, with many achievements including 13 Indian patents and more than 100 research papers published in reputed international and national journals. Upendra is a perfect blend of academia in healthcare and in business consultancy and operation. He is a recipient of many prestigious awards counting to 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders, Global Listing at World Health & Wellness Congress, and Award of Excellence in Pharmacy are few to name for his valuable contribution as an academician and leader in welfare organizations. Since beginning, he has played an instrumental role in the expansion of the company in terms of clientele, exposure, and driving revenue. His primary focus at SPER Market Research is to ensure that everything that the company offers is about delivering the best service for the benefit of the clients today and in years to come.


Recognition for Leadership and Services

SPER Market Research, has been recognized as a leader for its brand value and reputation in the industry and ranked amongst India’s 10 most leading market research companies in 2021 by prominent magazine Insight Success, Ireland. The company’s leadership and quality delivery of services is often acknowledged by its clients. Its partnered clients and agencies have graciously given feedback that has helped the company to improve customer experience. The company has been noted by its clients for accuracy, quality execution, trust, and timely delivery of results. Their feedback has boosted the company’s morale to keep pushing the boundaries and polish its skills and deliver customer satisfactory services at large.


Significant Contribution to the Industry

Upendra has been leading the company since its inception for the development of its short and long-term goals and strategies. He has been continuously curating and implementing the vision and mission of the organization. He is always vigilant about the competitive market space and expansion opportunities that come across. He has been setting goals in such a way that they are measurable and achievable in real-time. SPER Market Research has been providing services in consulting, strategy and operations and setting benchmarks for other companies as well as in the industry. The quality delivery of services contributes to the acceleration of the market research industry of India and sets its potential to grow further. Multiple services offered at SPER fulfil all the requirements of its clients. SPER is one easy-to-go option for all the services for clientele across the globe.


Advancing Market Research and Big Data Analytics

The company’s clientele come from different industries like Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Healthcare, Dermatology, Herbal, Information technology, Chemical, etc. It offers services like qualitative & quantitative analysis, secondary research, statistical analysis, consulting, tracking studies, and many more. It has a panel base of more than 1.1. million people across the globe for consumers and healthcare professionals which gives access to execute the project with a quick turnaround time. The company also does collaborative work on project-to-project basis with other companies in the research field, which are managed both internally as well as with the partnered research agencies. It has highly skilled moderators for better interaction with respondents comfortably in their regional language. The company assists its clients to make value decisions for their businesses by understanding the in-depth trajectory and product life cycle analysis. SPER Market Research helps them identify the upcoming challenges and where they stand today in the marketplace. The primary focus of the company, is to earn trust from its clients and build a long-lasting relationship with them where it becomes the witness of their guided success


Growth Projection of Disruptive Technologies in Today’s Age

Disruptive technologies are boosting innovation in different industries. Artificial Intelligence for example helps in market research. In addition to standard online interviews, artificial intelligence can be used to determine facial recognition, language processing and biometric measurement to describe the moods of the respondents and thus improve the quality of the data. Cloud computing offers faster innovation and flexible resources. It helps in lowering the operating costs and run the infrastructure more efficiently. Through these disruptive technologies, a company gains the ability to scale elastically. It also helps to strengthen the security and protect the data.


Driving Force Behind the Innovation

SPER provides a perfect blend of primary as well as secondary research. Primary research derives the authentic raw data which further validates its predictions and analysis achieved through secondary research. The company uses techniques like gamification and surveys to give a sense of accomplishments to its respondents through the online panel “SPER Connect-People’s Opinion”. This helps the company improve its interaction and response rates. In some studies, the company also uses geolocation to eliminate the bias and false entries in the projects. By utilizing online collaborative tools like skype, zoom, it provides better cost-effective ways to conduct focus group discussions and interviews. Innovative methods and tools assist the business to deliver quality service in a cost-effective manner.


Overcoming Challenges

Like every other industry the pandemic has to be one of the most challenging phases for the company. In its experience, the response rates from the healthcare professionals are somewhat influenced as a result of increased engagement of physicians with an  overload of patients. In these difficult times, it would be challenging for any service-based profession to struggle. In India, specifically, which is one of the worst countries hit by COVID-19, all businesses are struggling. In this case, the company has a well-established virtual platform and panel for easy recruitment and engagement with physicians and other respondents. As a result of this, it functions easily and remotely with all the partners thus, not being hit by the pandemic severely. The company put special emphasis on keeping its surveys mobile-friendly so that respondents can have easy access to it at any time. These measures have helped in overcoming the challenges pondered by the pandemic. It is also important to understand for every consulting agency that COVID-19 has influenced consumer behaviour and psychology; thus, it is very crucial to address this and identify the upcoming changes in the market. Technological advancements are quintessential to function normally in the industry specifically in worst-hit countries like India.


The Future Ahead

SPER Market Research is expected to achieve the badge of the “Leading Market Research Company” across globe with more offices worldwide. The company is focusing to increase the investment in technologies and methodologies in order to improve its analytical potential. SPER Market Research is developing robust online panels for enhanced online experience for its respondents which will help both parties save a lot of time. In the future, the company expects the network of healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders and other respondents to grow significantly. The strategic approach of the company is to deliver high-quality and time bound results to its clients. COVID has influenced the industry and it is even more critical to address it with the clients and help their businesses to thrive. The market Research Industry needs to pay attention to changing consumer behaviour and buying and disposing of psychology which is going to impact all businesses. It is important to ensure that the clients make the right decision aligned to these changes. The market is going to witness a long-term change in the trends. More businesses need to move towards online initiatives and doorstep delivery of their products and services. A correct branding technique during and after this pandemic can be a gamechanger otherwise all businesses will struggle to exist.  

Management: Dr. Upendra Nagaich, Chief Executive Officer

Website: https://www.sperresearch.com/


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