Datanetiix: Top Revolutionary Digital Transformation Company to Watch in 2021

Datanetiix is a One-Stop-Solution provider for your Software Development, Business Intelligence & IT needs. Datanetiix provides end-to-end solutions ranging from Business Management Softwares, ERP solutions, Collaboration tools and Mobile solutions. With over a decade in the industry  and extensive experience serving global clients across numerous Industries, we can manifest your vision rapidly.Understanding the demands of these companies, Datanetiix delivers with quick turnaround, cost effective solutions with best practices and commitments.

In our recent interview with Balaji (Bala) Sriraghavan, Founder/CEO, Datanetiix Solutions, Inc. we find out more about the innovations and achievements by the company that led to its success.


Insights about the Company

Datanetiix Solutions started operating in 2008 by providing information technology services and enterprise solutions. The company is based in Southern California, having a presence in Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia with the Centre of Excellence in Chennai, India. Team Datanetiix gained extensive experience serving clients across numerous verticals. It aims to become a consulting and technology partner providing practical business solutions tocustomers across the globe.

There are experienced and certified consultants with 24/7 availability to offer guidance to the clients. The company has over 70 + associates that stand ready to provide onsite, onshore, offshore, and near-shore cost-effective engagements.

Datanetiix specializes in customized applications, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, and Salesforce cloud solutions. It provides end-to-end services starting from infrastructure management, business solutions (ERPs and CRM), collaboration tools, custom applications development, mobility solutions, and quality assurance. It grows with the latest technologies like data streaming, blockchain, AI, and IoT, making it the one-stop solution provider.

The key factor that makes the company unique is that beyond its flexibility in what technology offerings it provides, Datanetiix is unique in its approach to breaking down the client’s needs. The discovery time is boutique and its projects are enterprise. Meaning, the company takes the time needed to plan for the project and does so on even the most prominent projects.


Beginning of the Journey to Success

When Datanetiix started, it was envisioned as a reliable consulting and technology partner, hand-holding wonderful customers and leading the implementation of top-notch solutions for global companies across industry verticals. Therefore, the company was commissioned to build a dedicated and trustworthy workforce with high standards and ethical values to serve the clients with utmost transparency and trust. In collaboration with its clients, it aims to visualize the optimum technology solutions to clients’ business needs, providing the right guidance at the right time.


Strategizing Innovation to Meet Customer Demands

At Datanetiix, workplace innovation is a core part of the company’s DNA. No matter their responsibilities, every employee will draw a straight line between the company’s innovation strategy and the contents of his or her day-to-day activities.

The company strongly believes that an innovation sets out the guiding principles of the company’s market share through product and service innovation.

“A good strategy helps clarify what is expected of employees at every level of the company when it comes to problem-solving.”

Datanetiix provides employees with certainty about the core role of innovation and reinforces the idea that innovation is everyone’s responsibility. Developing an innovation strategy also forces senior management to think about what innovation means to them, and state in clear terms how the employees should contribute new ideas for products, systems, and services.

By partnering with Microsoft, Datanetiix takes its example to put an innovation strategy to use. By making its strategy a core part of employee responsibilities, Microsoft helps its employees at every level to make innovation a key part of what they do.

It’s an unavoidable fact that innovation carries the risk of failure. For every example of world-changing innovation, there’s a whole trash heap of failed ideas. Rather than running from this fact, the company acknowledges the possibility of failure, dedramatizes it, and encourages risky initiatives to help employees approach innovation in a more relaxed and inventive way.


Role of Bala Sriraghavan as The CEO

Balaji Sriraghavan is a Technologist Entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the Management, Solutions, Strategy, Business Development, and Delivery of IT services and products for Fortune 500’s.

He has been a trusted partner and has successfully developed and maintained long-term business relationships with global companies. He is passionate about creating customer successes by delivering IT Services in retail, wholesale, supply chain, consumer products, and financial services domains with P & L responsibilities. He takes Datanetiix into technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other ERP verticals, Mobility Services, Security Solutions, AI, Blockchain, and other innovative technologies.

Before launching Datanetiix, Bala held positions as Director of Project Development at RJT Compuquest, Inc (Apolis Inc), and was a founding employee at Emantras, Inc. (GP Strategies Corporation) started as a Programmer, Manager and Vice President of Marketing/Business Development. Bala holds an MS in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Graziadio Business School, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles.


Leveraging Disruptive Technologies to Drive Digital Transformation

Bala was pleased to inform us that one of their company advisors, Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, has recently published an opinion piece on on this very matter. These disruptive technologies working in seamless collaboration with human expertise are responsible for the innovations that have boosted the global response to combat COVID-19. AI-powered algorithms that have enabled a faster understanding of the virus and presented drug recommendations; apps for tracking and controlling the spread; studies to point out factors that lead to hospitalization; diagnostic systems; use of blockchain in the drug supply chains to ensure quality standards—but all of these are ultimately dependent upon a human judgment in applying outcomes to this novel event.

The key to driving any digital transformation is the people, the stakeholders. Anyone who is directly or indirectly touched by the change needs to have their interests addressed during the transformation. One of the best tools that Datanetiix presently uses is virtual meetings. An email is great but has little personalization to it. By keeping our stakeholders informed through virtual meetings, the company can connect on a more personal level. It catches subtle inflections in the clients’ vocal patterns or mannerisms while on camera to get a hint at what that person is thinking and, more importantly, feeling. It also utilizes the Business Execution Life Cycle as one of the guiding practices. This practice reinforces the need to discuss the transformation with the stakeholders and make sure that what they say they want and how they want it delivered is actually what they need.


The Future Ahead

Datanetiix assiduously listens to future innovations and creates a successful roadmap. It always encourages transformation and supports research and development, and does not shy away from the latest and greatest technologies.

Since security is a growing concern for many industries, Datanetiix aims to accelerate its growth into cybersecurity, AI, and other innovative technologies. Datanetiix believes anfriendly technology team is an asset and in building a talent pipeline and strongly encourages teamwork!


Success and Achievements

Datanetiix was awarded the Developer of The Year in 2020 from the distinguished InternetMarketing Association (IMA) for outstanding achievement in product development.

Partial testimony from company’s valuable clients

We have a very healthy partnership with Datanetiix solution from the initial days. Commitment from the various team members are very high and professional. I am very thankful for the contribution provided by them which has provided us good success. 

“As a nonprofit working to build technology based solutions to address teen mental health, it is crucial to have partners that care as much as we do about our end user experience.  We are building a space for teens that are often in crisis and need support, we needed an app that was accessible and user friendly while being extremely safe.  Datanetiix demonstrated time and again a level of compassion towards our goals and ultimate mission.  The Datanetiix team devoted as much time as we all needed to walk us through the process of translating our clinical and programmatic questions into technological answers.  We continue to rely on the Datanetiix team for maintenance and it is a constant reassurance to know that have them in our corner.”


Kendra Singer

Teen Talk App Program Director

Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles

“We’re delighted to call ourselves a consulting partner rather than a service provider. As an innovative technology company working globally, we have achieved success through services, products, commitments and integration. Our innovation is looking towards artificial intelligence and next-generation solutions.”

Designation: Bala Sriraghavan, Founder/CEO



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