Vivek Kamath: Delivering Distant Healing Treatment Without the Use of Medicines

Heal The World is a revolutionary health care start-up based in Bangalore, India. It heals diseases in the absence of any medicines, surgery, and anesthesia without any side effects. The company uses natural energy healing methods like Reiki, Mexican, and Melchizedek healing. The patients can do their healing sitting at their home, office or resort during their holidays. Heal The World has developed in-house healing products to heal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, painkillers and energy boosters. A healing product is nothing but a set of healing procedures. Its healers can get trained and use these products, witnessing a significant reduction in completing the healing life cycle.


An Influential Leader

Vivek Kamath, CEO of Heal The World, completed his engineering in Computer science. He worked for 23 years in the IT industry and managed large Information Technology projects in MNC banks across the globe. Vivek learnt healing methods like Reiki (Japanese natural energy healing method) to manage his relationship with multiple bosses. He was unaware that energy healing could help to address health challenges. Vivek’s first trial was on him when he healed his leg muscle cramp, which went off within a few minutes of his self-healing. The second healing was on his elder kid when he was having severe tooth pain. Vivek was in Singapore and his elder kid was in Bangalore, India. His son took pain killers for two days but was not successful in eradicating his pain. When Vivek tried using Reiki distant healing from Singapore, the tooth pain vanished within 15 minutes of healing. This incident made him get passionate about disease healing. Subsequently, Vivek was successful in healing diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, etc.

Also, Vivek has multiple roles in his organization:

  1. Day-to-Day organization management as CEO.
  2. Managing a team of customer care, complaints, feedbacks.
  3. Research on diseases, pharmacy, and healing treatment.
  4. Managing a team of people who are working on Automation of healing procedures, developing products.
  5. Patient relationship management, interaction with investors, its business partners, etc.
  6. Publishing research articles on disease management, healing, interacting with medical research online publication companies.
  7. Critical illness healings such as stage 4 cancer, multiple sclerosis, bedridden cases, critical liver cirrhosis cases, and organ transplant healings.
  8. Managing team of accountants & organization finance professionals.
  9. Managing a small team of software professionals who are working on website development, app development and back end system of the health care system.


Continuous Learning from Real-Life Experiences and Peers

Vivek proudly shares that, Heal The World has received five awards in 2020 and many more since its inception in 2017. It has featured among Top 10 and other notable ranking lists of innovative health care companies in the world by many leading business magazines in India, Asia, UK and USA.

CNBC Asia TV/Asia, one of the business magazines has nominated the company as “Top 20 fastest growing company in Asia,” and Mr. Vivek Kamath has been selected as “TOP 20 Entrepreneur of the year 2020 in Asia”.

USA’s CIO Business Magazine has rewarded Heal The World as “TOP 30 Most admired companies to watch in 2020”.

And in 2021, Mirror view, USA based renowned business magazine shortlisted Mr. Vivek Kamath as “Top 10 Dexterous leaders of 2021”.


Road to Success

From onboarding of patients to take alternative therapy treatment, the company spent a lot of time educating the patient. They did not believe in alternative therapies. To seek for a skilled resource, healing was another big challenge. Some patients were not giving accurate results with regards to their recovery or readings. These were some of the challenges the company faced during the initial days of its start-up.


Factors Forming Leaders of Tomorrow

Vivek suggests:

  • Believe in yourself when you are leading a team of talented people.
  • Work in collaboration.
  • A leader of any team should have great patience.
  • He/she should be a smart worker as well as hard working.
  • He/she should know end-to-end life cycle of the business.
  • He/she should have hands on experience.
  • He/she should be innovative and needs to educate the team. Continuous education is the key in any team work.


Path Leading to Growth and Success

According to Vivek, most people or leaders fail because of a negative mind set. Consistency, accuracy, persistence approach are required for a good leader to drive the team and obtain quality outcome/deliverables. He suggests that thinking positive all the time can lead to success.


Qualities That Set Entrepreneurs and Leaders Apart From the Rest

Vivek believes innovative ideas of leaders help most of the time in any organization. Further, automation is the key to organizational success. This is multi-dimensional in terms of deriving benefits for the organization as well as to its customers. Focusing on delivery, quality of the deliverables, timing and accuracy are few parameters which many leaders explore during their life cycle of end-to-end process.


Radiating Key Advice to Emerging Leaders

On advising to emerging leaders, Vivek asks them to define strategies or things one wants to achieve, make a plan to execute the same. However, he also advices to assess all possible risks and mitigate in advance. Make a 3-years plan & road map to execute short-term strategies and 5-7 years to long-term strategies.

Further, he emphasizes on exploring various possibilities with the help of the team. A collaborative team effort is a must for any success/end results. Nonetheless, he believes and urges leaders to follow “Never give up” approach.