Armada Labs: A Company with Digital Transformation at Its Core

Today, Fintech companies are the crucial drivers of digital transformation that run on innovative software and data-driven development models. Over time, these innovations urge companies to add a new dimension to business models and organizational infrastructures. Digital transformations that use high-end technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud become essential for these companies to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Armada Labs takes the most innovative approaches to usher business organizations into territories previously unknown. Armada is a recognized Fintech Software Development company that relies on data-driven development models and customer-centered approaches to suit business needs. The company aims to drive a structured and consistent technological revolution into the Fintech domain. 


A Company Born out of Passion 

Armada Labs is an expert Fintech Software Development company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company provides data-driven development models and a customer-first approach to deliver tailored solutions to meet business needs. 

Armada has expertise in AI-based cloud computing software for credit scoring and cutting-edge custom Fintech Software acclaimed by BFS Capital, Rivo Holdings, West Creek Financial, and other Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, we successfully built and added unique dimensions to several businesses in the IT area, including Prime Debt Soft, Health.Finance, and Paydit. The company provides a combined service of Fintech development and consulting expertise.


The Progress So Far  

The inception of Armada Labs was in 2001 when the company launched its first product — Prime Debt Soft — while serving a local client in Naples, Florida. The first launch motivated us to learn about the market and the opportunities in-depth and create a commercial product that assists other companies. The company finally came into existence in 2002.  


The Geniuses Behind the Success: Nick Varnitski and Eugene Pratasenia 

Nick Varnitski and Eugene Pratasenia are the joint founders of Armada labs. Passionate about financial services, they curate innovative strategies to reach the set goals and fill the loopholes with advanced products like AI-based cloud computing software, namely Prime Debt Soft. 

Following this, another product named Paydit witnessed the same success as Prime Debt Soft. 


Best Practices that Drive Digital Transformation

Armada Labs combines multi-year .Net expertise in the Fintech domain, diving deep into each project’s specifics to achieve measurable results. The company advises clients on the technology that suits their business requirements. Despite prioritizing .Net, we are open to technology stack diversification. Additionally, the company has a successful Java department and utilizes Angular and React for front-end developments. 


Leveraging Disruptive Technologies Efficiently 

Armada Labs practices heavy database development work, which helped us gain a vast experience with Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon’s DynamoDB, and other databases. The company started working with cloud technologies almost as soon as AWS emerged. 

Armada Labs was one of the early adopters of disruptive technologies. Almost every project is done on the cloud, which secured us a place on the Amazon AWS Select Technology Partner[1] list. We also serve Microsoft Azure. 


Experienced Player in the Fintech Sector

The company possesses a keen sense of full-featured Fintech solution development from technical and business perspectives, besides delivering alternative lending software solutions.   

Armada also specializes in implementing tools for commercial and mortgage banks, online lending, and finance companies. Operating with a dedicated staff, the company ensures maximum security and safety solutions while rationalizing operational costs and demonstrating financial compliance. 


The Treasure Chest of Awards and Accolades 

Armada Labs won numerous prestigious awards and accolades for the innovative contributions they made in the finance industry. The company was amongst the Top Fintech Software Development Companies [2]. We also made over 350 portfolios running on EPIC, a loan System SAAS lending platform for short-term and installment lending. 

The company has a record of building and providing support to over 40 custom lending platforms for lenders in p2p, consumer, commercial lending, and MCA spaces in North America. We also worked with West Creek Financial (Top 5 Lenders in the USA in lease to own space) for over three years to build front-end and back-end systems for lending platforms. 


Promoting Vertical and Horizontal Growth

Armada Labs believes in vertical growth that can reduce cost delivery cycles and ensure high-quality control over processes. The company stays highly productive even in times of the post-pandemic crisis. 

Armada is also growing horizontally to continue operations in a fast-growing industry and gain an edge over competitors. Health. Finance[3] is the latest brainchild of our Fintech expertise.