Madhup Mohan Mudiraj: The Man Behind the Innovation of Fastest Delivery



Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, an Indian-Australian business executive, is the CEO and the Co-founder of BRANG. He is a Director at INK IT solutions, a leading technology consultancy, and provider of CX, ERP, and HCM solutions across various industries. He has a wide range of work experience in different industries. With a remarkable knowledge in CRM, Madhup passionately runs BRANG to eradicate the divide in the Australian consumer market.

The one constant problem that online customers face is about getting their orders delivered. In that aspect, Brang is targeting to all these problems by providing customers complete control of their deliveries in a cost-effective way. Apart from providing real-time updates on their orders, the system also saves time& fuel by using innovative route optimization techniques. The company’s vision is to help its customers get whatever they need at any time in an easy, affordable, and responsible manner.

Fascinatingly, BRANG instigates its name from boomerang which signifies speed, precision, and reliability by allowing faster, accurate, and safer deliveries. The company aims to connect the community and commerce in a unique way. BRANG delivers everything starting from laundry, medicines to groceries to flowers, cakes, and documents. For businesses, the platform does not have any minimum order requirements and provides discounts to health workers and senior citizens.


The Fastest Way to Get Things Delivered.

Brang, same day delivery service, is the first by-product of the technology company Discoverr.AI which was started in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. Their core foundation is delivering solutions through a technological lens by using advanced technologies, as technology is far more important than globalization. The delivery platform BRANG integrates artificial intelligence and smart route optimization in delivering products for the local customers on the same day. Through BRANG, customers can get their products delivered within 4 hours, and at the same time, the best optimal route is used to minimize the fuel consumption by 25% & reduce drive time by 15%.


The Man Behind the Company

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, completed his engineering in Information Technology and has worked in multi-national companies as a technology Solution Architect. He started Discoverr.AI with his two mates when he fully realized that one does not have to wait to start something exciting, whatever it is. He always dreamt of creating something which will improve the lives of the people. His role in this company as Co-founder and CEO has been involved in providing value to the customers & provide a conducive environment to his workmates where they can grow their skillset and be part of something collectively in contributing towards the society.


Experiences That Boosted Such Innovations

Madhup, has been in this role for just over a year. He says, every day there is something new to learn & understand the dynamics of running a business. In growing days, when he was 21, he was given the responsibility to run his family restaurant, what he learned from that one year of experience is “no matter how challenging the circumstances, if one has the right attitude with a belief to deliver the outcome, all necessary things will fall in place”. There is no substitute for hard-work says Madhup.


Challenges that Triggered His Journey

Setbacks are an internal part of the changing course and treating them as opportunities is the way to go ahead, says Madhup. With the pandemic hitting right before the start, Madhup and his mates had to carefully manage their resources and at that time the biggest challenge was to release their technology and get things on the ground to run with limited capital. He says, hiring the right team is so damn critical in making your plans execute & BRANG is blessed to have a very energetic & passionate team who understand the importance of being agile & caters to ever-changing market demands.


Suggestion for Every CEO

 According to Madhup, as a leader, one’s role is to have a strategic plan on shaping the organization & in startups, the importance of prioritizing becomes so essential. He also suggested one vital attribute is to have a realistic milestone, that every CEO should possess. Things can go pear shaped along the way easily without focusing on the core objectives & how quickly you can regroup and try to get the objectives back on track is very vital, he said.


Customer Experience as the Key Pillar of Brang

Madhup said, one of the key pillars of BRANG is customer experience which is taken very seriously. They have a constant feedback mechanism to reach out to their customers and get a pulse on how they are performing. In the end, customer satisfaction is what will make our services stand out, says Madhup. Along with the real-time feedback, they invest a lot of time in brainstorming new ideas which will be beneficial & provide value to their customers.


Madhup’s Take on Disruptive Technologies

Technology is ever-evolving, right from stone-age days. We as humans are the by-product of the technological evolution says Madhup. Also, he firmly believes that most of the advanced technologies like AI,blockchain,robotics,automation are yet to discover the true and  relevant use cases. In saying so, his view in this area is limited to what problem are we solving today & not provide a solution to non-existing problems.This is followed religiously in Brang’s product innovation roadmap. Being the captain of the ship, his role is to ensure that the team is following the right direction while proactively predicting the blockages with a focused vision.


Effective, Affordable, and Reliable Delivery of Products

Madhup says, that, the market is at a very fine turning point with a lot of uncertainties ahead of us due to the pandemic. The businesses are constantly evolving and adjusting to the changes frequently. In such extreme circumstances our preparations to cater to these challenges will be tested & we feel the amount of knowledge and experience we have gained in a short time is truly remarkable. Every day, there are millions of online transactions which are delivered within 3-10 working days (local cities). Australia in the last few years has seen a steep growth in online shopping. Today eight out of ten Australians shop online. By the end of 2022, it is predicted that every one of those 10 Australians will buy online and the number of people buying online will reach 22.0 million. He said, we are here to support our customers in delivering their products in a reliable, effective, and affordable manner.


Guidance for Emerging Business Leaders

There is no one set formula for success in any business. What may work for one may not be applicable for others, said Madhup. One needs to find the right balance and needs to be flexible in adapting to the current situation. Having the right team with like-minded people is one of the key attributes for any successful company. He said, “For us, work is fun and as long as you are enjoying what you do, there will always be room for improvement & opportunities”.


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