Royal Cyber: Pioneering Digital Transformation to Create Business Value and Success

Royal Cyber Inc

Royal Cyber Inc

Royal Cyber Inc. is a globally recognized award-winning technology partner that is helping companies imagine, execute, and accelerate their digital transformation journey for the past 20 years. Royal Cyber provides superior solutions that create exceptional business value, guarantee success, and transform businesses with robust and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy today’s needs and unlock tomorrow’s opportunities.

Royal Cyber has excelled under numerous categories for its global IT implementations across industry verticals, and for offering end-to-end solutions with a comprehensive range of services such as performing Cloud, Commerce, Analytics, Middleware Integrations, Mobile, and AI solutions. The company has been serving major enterprise accounts as an IT System Integrator and trusted technology partner to overcome their complex Enterprise Modernization challenges and achieve their Digital Transformation journey.


From Minimum to Million: A Successful Journey

The sole mission of Royal Cyber is to provide IT Business Consulting/Services/Solutions that deliver tangible results to its global customers. The company is committed to providing promising quality deliverables. Quality is the fundamental component of Royal Cyber’s daily operations. The company is focused on unveiling IT solutions to businesses and individuals. Royal Cyber is currently engaged in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality solutions to clients across the world.

Royal Cyber commenced operations in 2002 as a specialized technology provider headquartered out of Naperville. The company quickly emerged as a front-runner, a Software Services Provider, and an industry leader in a short span of existence and established global offices in Canada, Australia,  New Zealand, Saudia Arabia, India, and Pakistan.The company puts all the right pieces together and walks through its one-of-a-kind Consulting and Training Services and developing and delivering world-class learning solutions. Royal Cyber is well equipped to handle global implementations, customizations, and 24/7 support in functionality and technical virtuosity.


A Mentor & A Leader

Mustafa Peshawarwala is the Founder and CEO of Royal Cyber Inc. He established the company in 2002. Mustafa had a successful career in eCommerce, enterprise modernization solutions, and accelerating the digital transformation journey. He has imprinted a milestone among the clients, created exceptional business value and guaranteed success, and transformed businesses with robust and adaptable digital solutions, which is a testament to his leadership. Under Mustafa’s guidance, Royal Cyber has grown from a technology start-up to a million-dollar enterprise with more than 1000+ RC’s minds in nine offices worldwide.


Taking the Bull by Horns through Technology

Technological advances have already significantly impacted how businesses interact with customers over the past decade. Today, digital transformation shows no indications of slowing down. At Royal Cyber, the team focuses on creating better, more convenient experiences for its audience. The company has found plenty of ways to integrate new technology in ways that benefit its customers and help its client even more efficiently. Here are a few enablers:

  • Engage customers – anytime, anywhere – with smarter experiences.
  • Harness core business applications as the backbone of a smarter business.
  • Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights, and expertise.

Royal Cyber’s ability to offer a diverse spectrum of technology solutions &services and its partnership with the world’s leading technology innovators gives the company a unique position to help its customers achieve their business and digital transformation goals.

With successful customer references in FinTech Solutions, Digital Transformation, Integration, and Digital Business Automation, Royal Cyber’s technology for SMEs specialize in support (onsite/offshore), complex integrations & implementations, training, consulting & managed services. Some of the company’s exclusive services are as follows,

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Enterprise (App) Modernization
  3. Cloud Services
  4. e-Commerce Solutions
  5. Integration & Custom Development Solutions
  6. AI & ML (RPA, Chatbots)
  7. Mobile Applications
  8. Portals & Collaboration
  9. Monitor Pro
  10. Test Automation Framework (TEAF)


Never Missing a Chance to Embrace Disruptive Technologies

Royal Cyber values sustaining technology as the source that innovates successively from time to time. Technology disruptors like Royal Cyber outpace the changing landscape of disruptive technologies. The company has never overlooked innovations and once the disruptive innovation emerges, Royal Cyber rapidly raises the technology’s performance on attributes of the company’s mainstream customers’ value.


Employees and their Ideas as the Catalyst of Innovation

At Royal Cyber, the core team and employees are the accelerators of innovation. They always try out new ideas and offer new services and products. The company keeps adapting to the marketplace and learns how to best serve it. Royal Cyber’s products speak about the team’s innovation.

By collaborating with organizations of all sizes, Royal Cyber drives benefits both for their customers and its professionals (more external innovation partners = more innovation success).


Global Awards and Accolades

Royal Cyber is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations worldwide as the company strives for excellence. Some of them are listed below,

  • Royal Cyber is honored to enter ‘the Best Cloud Consulting Companies of 2021.’
  • In 2020, Royal Cyber was listed as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation 2020, Custom-Software-Development-Companies,American Business Award, Best of Naperville Award in the IT Service Consulting, Product Innovation Award, and Brand Experience B2B Award.
  • In 2019, the company and its team felt proud to be listed as Chicago Best and Brightest Companies to Work, Best Conversational Platforms Solution Provider, and Software Company of the Year 2019 & Best Transaction Monitoring Solution: Monitor Pro – USA.
  • Royal Cyber was honored as one of the 50 Leading Companies of the Year 2018.
  • US Technology Elite Awards 2018 recognized Royal Cyber for its innovation, leadership, and commitment to creating a business value and game-changing Monitoring solution.
  • Royal Cyber made it to ‘the 50 Most Promising IT Services Providers 2015’ and the company was recognized as ‘the top 25 DevOps companies’ in the year 2016.
  • In 2014, Royal Cyber won the Innovation in EM Development Award.
  • Royal Cyber also bagged IBM Best Smarter Commerce Sell and IBM Mobile Innovation Awards and became Finalist of IBM Beacon Award.


New Initiatives – Long Term Success

Royal Cyber and its employees believe that every year provides opportunities for fresh initiatives and new growth. As a team and to achieve the company’s goal, they embrace those opportunities and prepare for success.

Mustafa Peshawarwala, Founder and CEO of Royal Cyber Inc


Mustafa Peshawarwala, Founder and CEO of Royal Cyber Inc



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