H2 Health: Reinvigorating the Healthcare of Tomorrow with Customized Therapeutic Services

H2 Health

H2 Health

In business for over 50 years as Heartland Rehabilitation Services, H2 Health is a new company poised to establish itself as one of the most trusted and reliable outpatient rehabilitation service providers in America.

H2 Health offers outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services to customers in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and constantly growing! The company’s philosophy is to holistically treat its patients, not just their reported injury. By listening to each individual’s story, H2 Health better understands patients and treats their entire system. Results speak for themselves by the company’s great outcomes and NPS score of over 9.

By coordinating treatment plans with physicians, family and care managers, H2 Health helps everyone to meet their therapy goals and return patients back to their normal stage. The company takes healthcare seriously. Its motto is “Therapy for Today, Wellness for Life!”

H2 Health offers an extensive range of therapeutic services to customers across the country with individualized programs to cover all facets of people’s health. All locations of the company specialize in outpatient orthopedic services with a focus on movement therapy to improve overall pain and get them back to doing what they love!


Building a Sustainable Healthcare Environment

H2 Health’s greatest focus is on its people, ensuring that both employees and patients are safe. This theme has carried through the COVID-19 pandemic as a commitment to the best care and service to patients and staff. COVID-19 only strengthened the company’s core value – the commitment to the safety and health of patients and employees always comes first!


An Exceptional Leader 

Guy Sansone, CEO of H2 Health, has a background in crisis management. He utilizes his skills in the company’s growth through relationships and meetings with other outpatient therapy industry leaders. Guy is a member of a committee of 9 outpatient therapy industry CEOs that speak monthly and have been able to support each other throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This group shares ideas involving human capital, safety, retention, and capital structure issues.


Ensuring Quality Healthcare to Everyone

H2 Health has a network of insurance companies making therapy a low-cost option to relieve pains and making people healthier. The company also offers therapy services in large and small communities with a focus on convenience and excellence. Its core values are excellence, accountability, integrity, customer service and diversity.


Delivering Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

According to Guy, the focus on multiple communities allows H2 Health to leverage the needs of patients and resources. The proper use of technology, patient care programming, physician referral sources, access and the cutting-edge alignment of payer communities, all tie into the company’s successful approach to patient care and allows it to service a wider population.

H2 Health works around physical limitations, time schedules and budget constraints to create outpatient programs that deliver the best possible outcomes in the timeliest possible manner. In the communities it serves, H2 Health is known for having excellent employees who provide personalized, high-quality therapy services. The company’s patients return and refer their family and friends to it, not just because it resolves their injuries, but builds a lifelong friendship and trust that is fostered between therapists and patients.

H2 Health’s services include, but are not limited to, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Post-Operative Orthopedic Treatment, Prehabilitation, Senior Services, Pediatric Services, and Worker’s Compensation Rehabilitation. The company also offers Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), Balance & Dizziness Therapy, Running Rehabilitation, Concussion Rehabilitation, Healthy Lifestyle Program, Breaking Barriers Program, Chronic Pain Program, Hand Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Wellness & Fitness Programs and more.


Remarkable Feats That Resonate Success

For its extraordinary contributions to public health and wellness, H2 Health has been bestowed with numerous accolades. The company was named the fastest-growing company in Jacksonville in 2020. Further, H2 Health ranks #1 in Void Magazine for Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida in 2020.


Charting the Future of Healthcare

Guy says that physical therapy services are one of the most under-valued benefits in the health and wellness industry today. A great outpatient rehabilitation team can offer preventative and maintenance care in ways that few other healthcare services can replicate. It requires a hands-on approach from a dedicated physical therapist. H2 Health believes in primary care and orthopedic partnerships to bring a better and healthier recovery to one’s lifestyle.


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