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Research 8020

Research 8020

For any business, market research helps to decide on the product or service. At times, a marketer or an entrepreneur may feel or believe that the new product or service is useful for the customers. But the research may show that the customers do not require that product and that they are meeting their needs with a certain competitor’s product so far. Similarly, good research strives to provide options for the successful introduction of new products and services. This causes or makes the market entry of a new product or a service less risky.

Marketing research helps in ascertaining and understanding competitor information such as their market network, customer focus, their identity and the scale of operations. This assists in survival and certain issues, leaving behind the competition. Market research permits discovery approaches that help in maximizing profits.

As a digital-age market research company in Africa, Research 8020 offers the most innovative market research and social research services in the continent. The company has been providing end-to-end market research solutions for over 300 organizations varying from private companies to non-governmental organizations. As a dynamic market research company in Africa, Research 8020 excavates useful insights that fuel innovation and brand growth. The company, with its highly experienced group of professionals guarantees creative and innovative solutions for market research needs. It has a collaborative and innovative spirit which is very reasonable and easy to work with. The company provides competitive prices and makes sure to deliver projects from the start to finish. Research 8020 delivers information and analysis that makes the complex market and environment easier to understand and inspire clients to make well-informed decisions.


Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Solutions

Research 8020 is a digital-age market research company in Africa. The company offers innovative quantitative and qualitative market research solutions to businesses and organizations across the world. The geographical focus of the company, is countries within the continent of Africa. Research 8020 boasts of mastery of assessment processes and mechanisms required for crucial programmatic decisions within challenging contexts and low resource settings of the continent.


Affordable Market Research Services

SMEs form the bulk of businesses in Africa. Those enterprises struggle to grow and would really benefit from using market research services. However, market research services have traditionally been expensive and unreachable to these small-medium enterprises. Research 8020 was then formed to bridge the gap between SME access to market research services by offering award-winning market research services at an affordable pricing.


Heading the Research Service

As the Head of Research at Research 8020, Anthony Ndirangu is the engine behind the company’s aggressive strategy of penetrating African markets. Anthony has 15 years of experience working in the research industry.  He traversed 29 countries across the continent including some of the most challenging markets in the world. Anthony leads an experienced team that forms the intellectual capital that’s the company’s driving force where each project is taken through a meticulous process from the inception through to deliverables while optimizing the power of the output.


Notable Awards and Achievements

Research 8020 has been awarded:

  • The Best Pan-African Market Research Company – African Business Excellence Awards 2019
  • Top B2B company in Africa 2020 – Clutch Awards


Strengthening Organizations

Research 8020’s has been active in providing market research solutions that have strengthened organizations across the continent.Research 8020’s experience in market research surveys has enabled organizations to track progress, make adjustments, discover unplanned effects of projects and judge the overall merit, worth and effectiveness a proposal in achieving the company’s mission.

The company has experienced small businesses that have grown to large corporations through the timely use of market insights provided by its capable team. On an average, there is a growth in sales performance for every organization that has used its services.


Systematic Analysis of Business Problems

Data is the new oil. With data one can make better-informed decisions, improve their target, identify opportunities and mitigate business risk. According to Philip Kotler, data helps in the systematic analysis of business problems, model building and fact-finding for the purpose of improved decision-making and control in the marketing of goods and services.


Leveraging Modern Technology

Research 8020 has employed tactical approaches in the collection and verification of data through exploiting modern technology. The company leverages technology to enhance its data collection processes and analysis. It uses cutting-edge technology that guarantees high-quality data outputs, faster and cost-effectively.


Covid-19, a Major Challenge

The biggest challenge that the company experienced recently was the pandemic. Covid 19 resulted in businesses shutting down, people losing their jobs and generally a seizure in expenditure.

Other challenges the company normally encounters in some countries are low resource settings and difficulty in navigation due to a lack of infrastructure to reach target respondents.


Hope for Better Future

The future looks better than things look right now. The effects of the pandemic are diminishing every day and people are slowly going back to their normal lives. With this, the economic system is bound to bounce back within 2 years.

Management: Anthony Ndirangu, Head of Research, Research 8020



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