Top 5 Cities Across the Globe to Find Jobs for Robotics Enthusiasts


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Robotics is one such sector that is accelerating to heights. These days robots can clean our floors, make products that can be used in our daily lives, and are capable of doing a lot more. Robotics has become a huge part in various industries ranging from healthcare to logistics. There has never been a better time to get into this field. Here are the top cities across the globe to find jobs for robotics enthusiasts. 


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the best places that create novel robotics applications as it has a great workforce who are skilled. The country has seen a surge in robotics since the pandemic’s hit. The market is also expected to grow by 2025. The top employer of robotics talent is TELEXISTENCE Inc which was founded in 2017. It manufactures, designs, and operates robotics. 


Bristol, England 

Bristol is one such place where there are engineers working on booming technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. The city is a home to quite a few top robotic companies. The researchers here are on duty on groundbreaking organic robots that can eat waste to provide power and then decompose out in the field. The top employer here is the Bristol Robotics Laboratory which was established in 2004. It is also the largest academic center for multidisciplinary robotics research in the U.K.


Detroit, Michigan 

Detroit is one of the best cities for robotics in the US and emerged as the world’s leading automotive hub. Since robotics is a big part of car manufacturing, the city is expanding into a robotics hub. Auburn Hills is a global supplier of robotic which was launched in 2019. 


Paris, France 

Paris is also using its full potential to emerge as the top robotics city. In fact the French capital even used a fire-fighting robot to protect Notre Dame in 2019. There are also many robotic startup companies in the capital including Aldebaran Robotics and Blue Frog Robotics. In this area, Wandercraft is one of Paris’ top robotic companies. 


Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston has become a hub for robotics over the past few decades thanks to the nearby technical universities such as MIT. The surge of robotic startups in the city is also a direct result of the number of investors in the area. In fact, Boston ranks third in the world in terms of venture capital investment. Here Boston Dynamics is one of the top robotic companies.