Top Robotics Books for Kids to Boost their Tech Knowledge

Robotics books help people of every age group to grab the basics of technology

Robotics books

Robotics books

‘Twig is bent, so is the tree inclined!’ This is very true when it comes to educating young people on technology. Today, more and more education institutions are putting efforts to enhance their STEM courses. Almost seven decades after artificial intelligence made its debut, the world is coming to a realization that disruptive trends and tech careers are very important. Therefore, schools are providing tech education to create the foundation for many more opportunities to come. Similarly, robotics is also gaining traction among young people. Robotics is already an interesting subject that is widely admired for its capabilities. In the digital world, robotics for kids is evolving like never before with pet robots, humanoids, and cobots on the radar. Although these are for practical usage, educating children on robotics plays a vital role in building a career. Besides education, parents can enhance their children’s tech knowledge by introducing robotics books to them. Today, we have top robotics books that help people of every age group to grab the basics. Similarly, these robotics books will act as a beginners’ package on practical implementation and coding. IndustryWired has listed top robotics books for kids and beginners.


Top Robotics Books for Kids

Boy and Bot by Dan Yaccarino

The Boy and Bot book tells the story of a strong bond between a robot and a human boy. Scruffy haired boy and red, a bullet-shaped robot met in a forest for the first time and became friends. Unfortunately, Red accidentally got turned off when a rock hit the switch. After that the boy takes care of the robot by taking him home, feeding him with apple sauce, reading him a story, and tucking him in for the night. When the robot becomes inadvertently active after some time, he reciprocates his affection by doing what he could for the boy. The illustration and colour usage in the book attract and interests kids a lot. 


R is for Robot by Adam F. Watkins

Even the cover of the book is very interesting with a team of idiosyncratic robots using cranes and pulleys to house the letters that make up the title. Inside the book, readers can explore a variety of robots from animals to people with special importance on small details like mechanical ducks, etc. The book also gives an overall outlook of how each robot is constructed differently and has specific tasks assigned to them. 


Robots Robots Everywhere

The title of the book alone represents what it has inside. Yes, the content is completely about the type of robots we encounter in our daily like. Some robots might not actually catch our eyes but will be making a difference in the ecosystem. The book teaches preschoolers about how robots have invaded space, seas, even under couches, etc. It is an interesting book to buy your kid if he/she is willing to explore all kids of robots in the world. 


STEM Starters for Kids Robotics Activity Book by Jenny Jacoby

Unlike the other books we have mentioned so far, STEM Starter for Kids Robotics Activity gives a different perspective for students on robotics education. It is a series of educational workbooks, which will entertain children and help them get a clear perspective on STEM subjects. It will pique the interest of children in tech areas and aid them to get a better career. 


The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

The Wild Robot gives a complete new picture and perspective on robots by telling the story of Roz. Emerging as the only robot survivor of a cargo of 500, Roz has the capability to use senses of sight, hearing, and smell. After washing at ashore on an island, the sophisticated robot learns how to stay dry and interact with her wild environment. Eventually, when the situation pushes Roz to take care of a baby goose, she seeks help from other creatures and does her job right.


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