Top 7 Amazing Robotics Podcasts to Sharpen Your Knowledge

Robotics podcast covers emerging trends in robotics and interviews robotic experts

Robotics podcasts

Robotics podcasts

There has been overwhelming interest in robotics and human-robot collaboration over the past few years. Robotics technology has invaded every part of human life. Whether it is cleaning the house or commencing an operation, robots are invading human lives like never before. Although we often come across the ‘robot apocalypse’ talks, there is very little proof that it could happen anytime soon. However, robotics technology is getting better day by day. In fact, some high-tech companies have already deployed humanoid robots to work collaboratively with human employees. On the other hand, robotic process automation (RPA) has evolved to be a proven technology and early mover in shared service companies. Therefore, learning about robotics has become mandatory in the digital world. Reading robotics books or taking up a robotics course can sometimes be too much of an effort. But those who want to save time and still want to learn about technology can opt for robotics podcasts. Robotics podcasts provide in-depth knowledge of the emerging trends in the technology. Podcasters also converse about robotic company mergers, acquisitions, product launches, new development, etc in their program. IndustryWired has listed the top 7 amazing robotics podcasts that you should hear to enhance your understanding of technology.


Ten Amazing Robotics Podcasts to Listen 

The Robot Report

The Robot Report podcast was an effort by the publisher to kill the boredom of lockdowns. Posted every Wednesday, the podcast features conversations with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies, and other key members of the robotics community. They have even covered critical topics like Hyundai acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the fallout between Bossa Nova Robotics and Walmart, etc.


ROS Developers Podcast

If you are planning to acquire in-depth knowledge of robot programming, then ROS Developer Podcast is the best place for it. Every week, the podcaster interviews a familiar person from the robotics programming industry and asks them for easy tops and trips they use. Those pointed skills could be used in anybody’s life to improve their robotics career. 


Over the Air

If you are into connected devices, IoT, and learning about the journey of various tech leaders, Over the Air is your place. You can listen to their podcast every other Tuesday having sharp, unfiltered conversations with executives about their IoT journeys — the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned, and what they wish they’d known when they started.


Soft Robotics Podcast

Soft robotics is an emerging trend that is anticipated to grow dramatically in the upcoming years. As many robot geeks are interested in hearing more about soft robots, Soft Robotics Podcast comes out as a dedicated online community to address their needs. They interview guests from both academia and industry where they discuss their latest research and highlights the challenges faced while developing certain mechanism.


The Robot State Reports

Mainly focusing on the Silicon Valley that houses over 50 Robotics Research Institutions, this podcast brings readers the report they need to know about in the robotics industry. During the pandemic and lockdown period, they have covered many extraordinary robotics developments. 


Wake Up Learn

A fun channel never fails to attract the millennial crowd. The same goes for the Wake Up Learn podcast. It is a fun, technie robotics channel that inspires students to unleash their hidden talents. Besides, the podcast also has inspirational stories and productivity hacks from amazing people.


Learning Machine 101

This podcast channel represents the importance of smart machines in the modern world. Learning Machine 101 covers principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning that make machines benevolent. They often engage in trending topics like how artificial intelligence recognizes the human voice, how it sorts pictures, how it makes purchase suggestions, etc.



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