Top Robotics Awards All Robotic Enthusiasts Must Know About

These robotics awards are honored to encourage the latest innovations

Robotics Awards

Robotics Awards

Robots have been extensively used and are gaining quite a popularity these days. Many innovative companies are coming up with great and innovative ideas and systems to meet the demands of the people. In order to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the companies, projects, and innovations, robotics awards are given away. Lets see the top robotics awards that all robotic enthusiasts must definitely know about.


Engelberger Robotics Award 

Engelberger is known all over the world as the founding force behind industrial robotics, the Engelberger Robotics Award is considered as the world’s most prestigious robotics honor. These awards are presented to the individuals for excellence in technology development, education, application, and leadership in the industry of robotics


Robotics Innovation Awards 

Robotics Business Review’s Innovation Awards honor technologies, businesses and market innovations, and automation organizations worldwide. The awards are presented in four categories of innovation such as Business and Management, Technology, Products and Services and Application, and Market. 


Silicon Valley Robotics Awards 

Silicon Valley Robotics Good Robot awards are the largest cluster of innovations in robotics that are also highlighted in diverse robotics companies.  These awards are given away to celebrate robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence that can help solve global challenges. The awards are given away in the categories such as vision, innovation, and commercialization.


Robotics Award 

Robotics Award honors products, projects, and technological innovations that have contributed to robot-aided solutions in industrial automation, mobile robots and in autonomous systems. These awards are given on the conditions that the entries need to showcase development when compared to the previous presentations. The automation solutions should be particularly advanced, both technologically, and economically and make significant developments to satisfying industrial or social needs.


IERA Award

The IERA Award honors and highlights the achievements of the innovators creating ideas and entrepreneurs who propel ideas into the world-class products. These awards are jointly sponsored by IEEE and IFR underlining their determination to promote stronger collaboration between science and industry in robotics. The winners are then chosen by an evaluation board. The annual award consists of a plaque and a US $2,000 honorarium.


FIRST Robotics Competition Awards 

FIRST Robotics Competition celebrates the excitement of the competition both on and off the field. The awards are given to four categories such as Machine, Innovation Awards, Team Attribute Awards, Creativity and Robot Performance Awards. Apart from these the Founder’s Award and Volunteer of the Year Award are different.


Eurobotics Awards 

Eurobotics Awards aim is to showcase the impact of robotics research and to raise the technology profile transfer between science and industry. Only the outstanding innovations in robot technology, and automation that are the outcomes of the cooperative efforts between the research and industry stand eligible for the prize.


EdTech Cool Tool Award in the Robotics 

EdTech Awards are the largest and competitive recognition program in all of the education technology. These awards recognize people in and around education for outstanding contributions in contributing to education through technology to enrich the lives of the learners. 


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