Top 7 most unusual Artificial Intelligence use cases you must know

Cool and interesting Artificial Intelligence use cases

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Since artificial intelligence continues to progress, businesses are turning towards AI to benefit from it. Various businesses are finding their way out on how they can update their solutions to leverage artificial intelligence taking advantage of the technology. 

There have been some groundbreaking use cases in the industries of health, science, and software development, there have also been some insane products to come out of the woodworks. Let’s look at the top 7 unusual artificial intelligence use cases.



A hamburger restaurant called CaliBurger has hired an artificial intelligence-driven robot called Flippy that does not require you to wear a hairnet in the kitchen. Flippy was designed by Miso Robotics that aims to tackle hazardous, and time-sensitive aspects of grilling. The robot can also be trained to help with all the tasks including frying chicken, cutting vegetables, and plating.



ELLI.Q is an artificial intelligence machine that was designed to keep people occupied, especially the aged ones. It is a kind of social companion that is created to keep older adults active, engaged, and connected. ELLI.Q has features such as video chats, online games, and social media too.



Domgy is an artificial intelligence pet companion robot that is designed to recognize family members, read emotions, entertain family by obeying their orders. It is capable of identifying emotions such as love, happiness, sadness, and pain. It features indoor navigation, sports control, remote control functionalities, facial recognition, and voiceprint.


Emotion AI

Artificial intelligence is used to attract consumers in the present day market. Affectiva’s emotion AI is created to bring emotional intelligence to the digital setting as well. It is capable of predicting if media and advertisement consumers can find content likable and memorable for purchasing the products and services.


Beauty AI

Beauty AI is the new judge of the beauty contest that will perceive you on how they see you and does not judge on how they feel about you. Beauty.AI is an artificial intelligence solution that can perceive human beauty by how healthy someone is neither by age nor by nationality. 


AI Rapping 

Since rapping is gaining popularity day by day, researchers have designed DopeLearning an artificial intelligence computational approach to generate rap lyrics.  It can create its rap lyrics through DeepBeat, for users trying to create their own lyrics. 


AI Duet 

Google is giving piano players the ability to create and design their own duets without requiring any pianist. This is all possible with artificial intelligence that can help you work and experiment with virtual plays.