How AI and Chatbots are Benefiting from Mobile App Technology

Know how AI and Chatbots can scale up businesses

In today’s technological era, everyone owns a smartphone. Businesses have also started to use mobile footprints turning towards mobile app technology to keep their business available at a click. And so the market has become highly competitive to enable the mobile services catering to the demands of the customers. Most businesses are now looking towards AI and chatbots for enhancing customer experience. AI and chatbots are changing the trends in technology in diverse ways. 

According to a report by Gartner, the use of smart virtual assistants and chatbots is likely to grow very soon. The latest prediction is that by 2021, there will be 25% of the employees across the globe using bots and virtual communications for business purposes. 

AL and ML are the most booming technologies used for chatbots where they can get maximum customer data that can be used to understand behaviors and generate replies to the customers. The latest chatbots are equipped with voice conversations, natural language to decode queries, and linguistic decoding.


How Chatbots are helping businesses to scale up profits?

As many as 72% of the customers are interested in buying things using chatbots these days in the post-pandemic period. Businesses and store owners are using chatbots to cater to the demand of the audiences. Let’s see how chatbots can help businesses.


Enhances user experience 

Artificial intelligence and chatbots can help enhance the consumer experience with their features to talk and clear the queries of the customer. This can be easy to use as well as accurate in terms of giving clarifications.


Personalized messaging 

AI and ML can instantly customize personal messages to the customers that can make conversations more lively and interesting. An intelligent chatbot depends on user design and conduct that can offer modified product searches and ideas that can be benefited by the customers through predictions.


Easy and simple to use

Chatbots are easy and simple to use as AI and ML-based algorithms are quick in understanding user needs and demands. They make things simpler for the customers and help in choosing the right products. 

Chatbots are used in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, and news publishing. The chatbots are most commonly used for e-commerce and customer service for supplanting user experience over smartphones. In healthcare, they provide medical help that can help in getting diseases diagnosed. In the news sector they are utilized in distributing the news along with a customized experience to retain the reader’s active on their websites. 

AI and chatbots are transforming customer experience to great heights with the help of valuable insights and predictions. Adding chatbots to the current mobile apps can be advantageous giving an edge to beat competitors easily in the world of fast growing technology