The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools in 2021

A list of the best artificial intelligence tools and software to use in 2021

artificial intelligence tools

artificial intelligence tools

Before the pandemic began, artificial intelligence was already driving transformation through innovation. Business organizations globally have adopted artificial intelligence to maximize their growth and provide enhanced customer experiences. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives. However, it has caused an escalation in using artificial intelligence tools as a direct response to fight against the prevailing circumstances.


Here is a list of the top AI tools to use in 2021:

Microsoft Azure AI Platform:

Azure AI Platform is one of the most popular AI platforms and is a great AI development tool. It provides chief AI services like machine learning, vision capabilities like object recognition, data mining, and other facilities. It enables its users to build applications that can analyze images, understand speech in natural language, and make predictions based on data. Microsoft also offers Cortana, an AI productivity assistant in Microsoft 365 apps.


Google Cloud AI Platform

Google Cloud AI is another cloud computing platform that offers many AI and machine learning services. With the Google Cloud AI platform, the users can effortlessly develop machine learning projects and employ them in their business projects. It also provides facilities like conversational AI that can translate speech-to-text and vice versa, voice bots, IVR robots, and other services.


Infosys Nia:

Infosys Nia is one of the best knowledge-based artificial platforms; launched in 2017 by Infosys. Nia’s advanced machine learning offers an array of machine learning algorithms that provide accurate results; efficiently. This AI tool allows business organizations globally to efficiently manage customer queries by using a secure cash order process and analyzing the risks present in real-time.


IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a popular artificial intelligence tool with advanced AI capabilities. IBM has produced specific AI solutions using Watson dedicated to industries like healthcare, media, financial services, and others. This platform has natural language processing (NLP) capabilities called the Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It also provides pre-built applications and tools that help users to build, run and manage AI solutions for the organization. Watson can be used for IT operations, customer service, risk management, and other financial operations.



Tensorflow is a free, open-source software library that helps build machine learning models. It will enable the users to employ their AI-powered applications in the cloud, in servers, browsers, and other devices. Besides this, it also uses a multi-layered centre layout that allows the users to train, create, and send fake systems with large data sets.



BigML provides machine learning algorithms, both for supervised and unsupervised learning. The BigML platform is programmable and repeatable. Users can use several programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Swift. It not only enables the users to automate their predictive modelling tasks but also provides high-end security and privacy features.



MATLAB is a programming tool. It allows the users to create codes, algorithms, and applications for running the data automatically. It includes a live editor to create scripts. It provides tools to organize, clean, and analyzed large data sets, a gallery to feature graphs in several ways, and other services.


Wipro Holmes

Holmes is an automation platform for IT users and businesses. This software encourages digital transformation with AI solutions that include algorithmic intelligence, self-learning and reasoning, and natural language processing (NLP). This platform also caters to cybersecurity, operations, digital networks, and Oracle users.



DialogFlow uses Google infrastructure. It provides all the AI facilities that Google has and runs on the Google Cloud Platform. It allows the users to build voice and text-based conversational interfaces in their applications. Its chief capabilities are ML, NLP, and speech recognition.



Einstein is an artificial intelligence software that serves as a smart customer relationship management (CRM) agent. The company Salesforce launched Einstein. It allows its users to discover insights, predicts outcomes, and automate workflows.


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