Top 10 Memorable Blooper Moments of AI Tools

AI Tools

AI Tools

Here are 10 high-profile AI technology fails, sometimes comically and other times a little more eerily.

The golden age for artificial intelligence may have just dawned, but the course is not without its challenges.  The AI technology is being tested in the wild before it’s been properly vetted in the lab. And, in other cases, even carefully crafted AI systems tend to act in ways that their developers never anticipated. Current AI technology is still far from being able to re-design itself in any significant sense. Even now, though, things with AI may go wrong. Here are 10 high-profile AI technology fails:

Google Photos’ AI Panorama: It is common knowledge now that Google Photos uses AI to throw up enhanced versions of photos taken by users on their smartphones. Missing basic compositional basics, Google’s AI Panorama magnified Harker’s friend’s torso to throw up.

AI despised women: Amazon wanted to automate its hiring process to expedite the selection of candidates for the thousands of job openings they have. The training data used to create the model was most likely imbalanced, resulting in candidate selection bias. This is also another example of AI Failures.

Facial Recognition Failure: Traffic police in major Chinese cities deploy smart cameras that use facial recognition techniques to detect jaywalkers, whose names and faces then show up on a public display screen. After this went viral on Chinese social media, a CloudWalk researcher stated that the algorithm’s lack of live detection could have been the problem.

AI World Cup 2018 Predictions: To do this, the researchers simulated the event 100,000 times and used three different data modeling techniques. The team used data taken from previous World Cups and analyzed them on various parameters. Unfortunately, they failed to predict the winner.

Interview with the Robot: A company called Hanson Robotics has created an AI robot called Sophia. In an interview CEO of the company himself asked the AI what was clearly on the mind of many people in that studio: “Sophia, do you want to destroy humans?” Without hesitation, Sophia—smiling a tad too broadly for our taste—responded, “OK, I will destroy humans.”

Amazon’s Rekognition: Members of US Congress rained down on Amazon after its facial recognition software falsely matched 28 congresspeople with mugshots of criminals. Unfortunately, despite these demonstrated failures, law enforcement agencies are already trying to use such tools to identify subjects.

AI-driven cart Malfunctioned on the tarmac: On the tarmac, an AI-driven food cart malfunctioned, circling out of control and ever-closer to a vulnerable Aeroplan parked at a gate. The cart was neither mechanized nor controlled by artificial intelligence in any manner. This is also considered one of the popular artificial intelligence failures.

Boston Dynamics’s Robot Blooper: SoftBank-owned Boston Dynamics debuted its humanoid robot Atlas at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. As funny as it may seem now, the company was somehow spared immediate online ridicule and became viral only after Reddit users caught on with it.

AI despised humans: The goal was to build a slang-filled chatbot that would raise machine-human conversation quality to a new level. The chatbot was constructed on top of the company’s AI technology stack, an excellent illustration of how data may damage an AI model built in a “clean” lab environment without immunity to detrimental outside impact. This example belongs to another popular AI failure.

Uber self-driving car kills a pedestrian: In the first known autonomous vehicle-related pedestrian death on a public road, an Uber self-driving SUV struck and killed a female pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.