The Demand for Data Scientists is Higher Outside the Tech Circle

Looking beyond the tech sector, the demand for data scientists is far higher in other industries

Data scientists

Data scientists

For many aspiring and working data scientists, the tech industry is the biggest place where they can explore and prove their skills. But very often, data scientists forget that they have the whole world out there waiting for them. Yes, the demand for data scientists is far more in sectors outside the tech circle. Owing to the increasing digital adoption and the surge in big data usage, many industries including healthcare, retail, banking, education, media, etc are hiring an enormous number of data scientists like never before.

Despite the global pandemic that jeopardized the world for a while, 2021 remains the year of much technological development. Because of the never-dying need for tech solutions and people’s attraction towards digital transformation, the demand for data scientists has also gone up drastically. Even when the world was falling apart due to the pandemic, the hype for data scientists kept growing. Besides, business organizations are realizing the need for big data in their decision-making process. Companies have evolved to adopt technology at a higher scale where everyone functions on the cloud, bots answer to consumer queries, and employees consider data analytics for insights. Because of the increasing usage of data, diverse sectors are recruiting more data scientists to make their business routine tech-based. By finding patterns and observing correlations in data, data scientists in different industries are providing beneficial insights for companies’ success. In a nutshell, data scientists analyze structured and unstructured datasets to fish out actionable plans that businesses can make use of. For data science aspirants or professionals who feel confined to the tech industry, IndustryWired has listed a few other sectors that are recruiting a remarkable number of data scientists.



Starting from delivering medicines to performing surgeries, the influence of artificial intelligence in healthcare is no joke. Big data also plays a massive role in drug discovery, drug-making, analyzing patients’ health conditions, diagnosing diseases, etc. An estimated 30% of the world’s warehoused data comes from the medical field. For example, even simple equipment like smart wearables is used to collect health-related data in the medical industry. The compiled data provides comprehensive information on patients’ well-being and leverages actionable insights in real-time. Therefore, the need for data scientists in the healthcare sector is very high. Data science professionals work alongside medical workers to streamline healthcare activities.



Finance hubs are a place where data has an untraceable history. From the time when trading and money came into existence, people used data to sort out financial issues. But as technology evolved and housed many financial solutions, the BFSI sector recruited data scientists to analyze big data and get actionable insights. Importantly, the sector has been integrating data science in all sorts of the decision-making process based on the insights they got. Besides, data scientists work exclusively on fraud detection, risk modelling, algorithmic trading, and value prediction in banks and other financial institutions.



The future in transportation is already here. Automobile companies are lining up to try their hand on the trailblazing autonomous or self-driving vehicle systems. Autonomous vehicles function completely on artificial intelligence and use IoT sensors to collect data. Everything starting from recognizing what is around the vehicle to taking its own decision, autonomous vehicles function completely on data. Besides, autonomous vehicle making is a daring field where every data scientist wants to work for.