What Is Data Science and Why Do We Need It?

Data Science

Data Science

Understanding data science, its role and significance in today’s world  

What Is Data Science?

Data that is usually available in two forms, structured and unstructured, and this data is unintelligible to most people. Data science uses statistical algorithms and scientific methods to extract valuable information from the data. Data science is interdisciplinary because data science requires an individual to combine knowledge from various fields like statistics, mathematics, advanced computing, etc.


What Do These Data Scientists Do?

The real task of a data scientist is to design high performing prediction engines. Prediction engines in turn help the corporate either expand business or increase revenue. Typically, they’re managing massive datasets of customer information. So not only do data scientists perform data analysis, they need to know how to access the data in these huge datasets. They also present their findings to management, so communication skills are necessary.


No Certificate, No Entry

In today’s competitive environment not everyone has the time to interview endless queues of people trying to find that one suitable candidate. Often a good certificate comes in handy, telling them that you have passed the test and you recognize your way around data. If you’re trying to make your mark in the field of data science or simply trying to get your dream job, then you would be wise investments in a certificate. A certificate will demonstrate your knowledge and skill in the field. Various training institutes provide you the means to acquire a certificate, but only a really good training institute will train you to deserve the title “Data Scientist”.


It Has Some Benefits; A Few Points Are Listed Out Below:

  • Data Science helps organizations know how and when to best sell their products and that is why the products are always delivered to the right place and time.
  • Faster and better decisions are taken by the organization to improve efficiency and make higher profits.
  • It helps the marketing and sales team of organizations to understand by refining and identifying the target audience.


Why Do We Need Data Science?

It is emerging as a boon in the industry. Companies are more focused on data mining to make their business more productive. They’re working more on the data-driven approach, instead of other strategies to bring the firm to the top in the market. According to surveys, the demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. We collect, store, and process data every second. For example, in a hospital, the data of patients are recorded every minute. Most are using net banking for online transactions, in that too we are giving our data on the sites (PIN, account number, etc.) and therefore the data is processed to offer the output. So, the safety of our data is also important. We will take the example of ‘Netflix’ too. What Netflix does is it insights the interest of the user then arranges the films and television series pattern according to them which has made it popular. There’s a good future in it for those who have an interest in the technical world. There would be many roles with high packages available in the future. So, during this way, it’s helping the industry and that is why the demand for data scientists is increasing.


Why Do One Consider Data Science As A Career?

It won’t be wrong to say that the future relies on Data Scientists. Currently, skilled professionals are scarce, and as an estimate, there’s getting to be a deficit of quite two hundred thousand professionals worldwide by 2021. India alone is going to need over a hundred thousand Data professionals in the coming years. While IT industries like e-commerce, social media, communication, Robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. require Data Scientists as mass levels, other fat-off industries like medical sciences, biotechnology, entertainment companies, aviation, and logistics, etc. also need them to enhance their business using data. Companies are paying high salaries for skilled professionals and since the speed of career growth is tremendous, there is no better time to learn Data Science Now!

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