Top 5 Use Cases of Big Data Transforming Online Casino Industry

Online Casino

Online Casino

Big data in particular offers marketers with unmatched data regarding their customers’ preferences

Online casinos are fast becoming a lucrative industry in the world. As more people spend time online, they are likely to engage in online gaming to relax themselves. This has brought an unstoppable growth to the online gaming sector. However, casinos are one of the frontrunners in for entertainment. The online casino gaming industry is said to reach an all-time high worth of approximately US$87 billion by 2024. Hence, it is the best time to avail technology and establish its growth further. Big data is a gift to online gaming sector. Today, many firms look up to big data for ways to save costs, whilst delivering a service of the highest quality.

Big data in particular offers marketers with unmatched data regarding their customers, which opens possibilities of easily recording, tracking and processing massive volumes of data within all actions. It has been helping the casino industry to find the latest opportunities by providing them with new insights to run the business better. Henceforth, IndustryWired brings you a list of applications of big data in the casino industry.


Collecting data from online sources

Online casinos collect player’s data as a routine. When you sign up at an online casino, the first thing they ask for is the basic information like gender, age, location, etc. They are recorded, uploaded and stored in a database. After that, every single data including your playtime, the length of your visit, win-lose ratio and what games you use all factor are stored in form of big data. By monitoring all these, online casinos create a profile for you based on your online persona.


Finding loopholes in online security

Online casino is a place where money launders in large scale. A high amount of information is also gathered from the players making it a crucial spot for data security. Often, these areas opt-out form government-provided security guidelines. Henceforth, big data is used as a tool to locate any loopholes in security. They flag the irregularities and alert the concerned person about it.


Big data analytics in casino marketing

Not just the modern casino industry, even the traditional gaming sector used customer data to track down their way of playing. Today, both online and location-based casinos use big data to improve their marketing campaigns’ results. With advanced datasets, online casinos are able to find what food players like, which game they prefer to play the most, what technique they use, etc. This information is used to create personalised campaigns which will impress the player and incite them to engage more in gaming.


Develop game strategies

Casino is a game that is attracting millions of people across the globe to sit together in an online medium and contribute their part. Big data analytics helps organisers with player’s data on what to expect from them and how to fulfil their needs by organising real-time events. SharkScope tracks all major poker tournaments in the world and enables users to track players’ statistics and use them in their own games.


Demographic segmentation

The basic segmentation happens when the player signs up in the online casino industry. Their basic information on age, gender and geography are used to keep them at a separate panel where people of similar categories reside. With big data analytics, casino owner can predict changes in a player’s behaviour and take necessary actions to retain them. Besides, they can also organise campaigns focusing on people who don’t show much interest in the industry.