How Modern Tech Influencing Gambling and Casino Industry?

In the last few years, the gambling and casino industry has experienced several changes with significant technological advancements. The industry is not new but its fascination continues to entice people. With the evolution of the Internet, the sector is revolutionized more than ever, making things much easier for the consumer, and leading to surged revenue for gambling firms.

Unlike gambling in the past where people could only gamble in limited locations like a local casino, modern gambling has entirely changed. With the increased competition that gives people more options, consumers have many choices about where to gamble.

As the rise of technology brought changes to the industry, gambling and betting have continued to be an admired leisure and hobby. The heightened use of smartphones and increased connectivity to the internet has brought a digital revolution into the gambling and casino industry. According to a report, the year 2012 saw a rise of 75 percent in the mobile gaming industry, and thanks to the affordability of mobile phones, it was estimated to further rise to 84 percent in the next 2 years.

The internet has also made it possible to bet from anywhere at any time. This might have a significant impact on the user experience and can improve attendance figures, without requiring to have a bookmaker license and the actual venue. The proliferation of the internet and mobile apps are also encouraging live casinos as there is a small percentage of enthusiasts these days who like to visit a physical casino.

Hence, the rapid rise of mobile apps has transformed the current trend of gambling and betting, leading to live casinos that streaming on online platforms. Many countries have allowed online ambling to gain much revenue. The UK, for instance, who have permitted online gambling firms to operate on-shore have seen improved tax revenues and a more vibrant economy. However, betting online is limited to card use only, a system that can sometimes lead to fear of overspending or identity issues.

Online gambling and betting sites are available today more than casinos and are ruling the market aggressively. According to Online Gambling Quarterly, 61 percent of gambling operators’ revenue, and 72 percent of betting stakes come from mobile devices. They have lured unprecedented traffic from the US, UK, Italy, China and the South-Asian Region.

With the rising gambling activities, the supreme court in the United States last year legalizes bars gambling on football, basketball, baseball and other sports in most states after a federal law, giving states the go-ahead to legalize betting on sports. With the advancements in technology, stores are now updating themselves in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction and creating an atmosphere that cannot be experienced from the screen.