Spatial AI Holds the Ultimate Key to Robots Finding Their Own Way

Spatial AI Holds the Ultimate Key to Robots Finding Their Own Way

Spatial AI Holds the Ultimate Key to Robots Finding Their Own WaySLAMcore, a London-based AI startup, uses spatial AI to help robots “find their way”.

To work independently, drones, robots, and consumer products all require navigation and awareness of their surroundings. As they become more generally available to businesses and consumers in the next years, they will surely demand robust and real-time spatial AI knowledge. There have been few developments in this field with the help of Deep Learning.

Deep learning is being used by SLAMcore to help robots, consumer products, and drones understand physical space, objects, and people so they can navigate the real world autonomously. SLAMcore’s Spatial AI offers precise and reliable localization, dependable mapping, and improved semantic awareness while running in real-time on traditional sensors. Quality maps accurately depict the environment, and semantic perception removes dynamic elements and fills maps with object placements and classifications, enabling better navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Its algorithms enable robots ranging from household vacuum cleaners to more powerful autonomous systems in factories to precisely map the physical environment around them and position themselves properly within those maps using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). The startup’s technology is already being used by major technology companies like Meta. VR and AR headset manufacturers who need precise mapping and location to match virtual and real worlds use the technology.

SLAMcore, founded in 2016, develops cost-effective, industry-leading algorithms that help robots and machines understand their surroundings. Its goal is to make high-quality spatial AI available to everyone on low-power, low-cost technology while also providing highly dependable location and mapping intelligence.

In a Series A fundraising round, the London-based business raised $16 million. The financing was headed by Presidio Ventures and ROBO Global Ventures. MMC, Octopus, Amadeus Capital Partners, Global Brain, IP Group, Samsung Ventures, Yamato Holdings, and Toyota Ventures were also present. To capitalize on its technology, SLAMCore will use these funds to extend the company’s operations and business reach.