Robots in Restaurants! Can’t Believe Right? Here are 10 of them

These 10 robots in restaurants are cutting the cost as well as saving time



The rise of automation and robots have made all industries do their work hassle-free. And when it comes to robots in the restaurants, they have also made significant changes. It is all possible with the help of robotics and AI the new trends in technologies which are re-innovating all kinds of restaurants to great extent. Here are the 10 interesting robots in restaurants that you must know about.


Sally- Salad making robot

Sally is a salad making robot which mixes up 8 fresh ingredients from vegetables to salmon into a compostable bowl in just 90 seconds. Isn’t that amazing? This robot can give fun experience to the customers and also help restaurants in scaling up their business. Robots in restaurants can also cut down the cost of the additional staff and equipment. Interactive Robot is an interactive robot and bartender which can be placed anywhere, serving mixed drinks in less than 30 seconds. It is also capable of guiding the customers using AI and speech recognition. Robots in restaurants can be easily installed and maintained.


Picnic- Pizza Maker 

All pizza lovers, Picnic Pizza system can make you pizza in an automated and customizable manner. Picnic can make hundreds of pizzas per hour with just one operator. These kinds of robots in restaurants can keep other staff occupied with other things managing the processes easily.


The Mini Bakery- Loaf Maker 

The Mini Bakery, designed by Wilkinson Baking Company which is an automated system for baking bread. This robot does all the mixing, proofing, shaping, and baking, allowing bread to be sold hot and fresh directly to customers just like a vending machine. The amazing thing is that Mini Bakery can make 10 loaves per hour, transportation costs, and donate water to Africa for every loaf sold.


Miso Robotics- Robot in Kitchen 

Miso Robot can flip burgers and make fries, leaving the human employees to handle less risky and greasy tasks. Miso Analytics platform can provide deep insights and improve food quality with cooking precisely as defined.


Kitchen Robotics- Robot in Kitchen 

Kitchen Robotics startup that was founded in 2018 which developed Beastro, which was built for ‘Dark Kitchens’. This kitchen is also referred to as ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens, that is kitchen space devoted exclusively to delivery-only restaurants which gained popularity during the pandemic. 


TrueBird- Micro Cafe

TrueBird partnered with craft breweries in NYC to just provide its customers high-quality coffee at a reasonable price. The coffee is made automatically by a 20-square-foot kiosk which serves the cup using three little magnets. The main focus of the company is to build dozens of automatically operated coffee shops in all public spaces across the countries.


Smile Robotics- Plates Collecting Robot 

Smile Robotics is an automatic robot that serves and collects dishes. These kinds of robots in restaurants can be very helpful in saving time. The robot moves autonomously between picking up trays, tables, picking up the trays with its arm and getting them to the kitchen. 


Solato- Gelato Maker 

Are you an ice cream lover? Then you must know about Solato. It looks like a Nespresso machine for ice cream and can make the fresh smoothest gelato. These robots in restaurants can make authentic artisan gelato, fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt and ice coffee with the help of biodegradable capsules using them as serving bowls. Solato can upgrade the menus of restaurants with fresh ice creams.


Milkit- Milk tap 

Milkit pours milk and serves up to 4 seconds per coffee cup and eliminates the need for storing milk bags. These robots in restaurants can be beneficial and many of them are already using them such as Starbucks in Germany.