Are You Aware of These Most Popular AI YouTubers and Their Channels?

These AI YouTubers are educating people with interesting ways of content delivery

AI youtubers

AI youtubers

Since artificial intelligence is gaining momentum day by day, most of the people are looking for AI channels and browsing for popular AI YouTubers to know more about AI. In order to stay updated or equipped with skills, one of the smarter ways is to subscribe to the channels and listen and learn things free of cost. And to you with finding best once here are the most popular AI YouTubers and their channels to follow and learn great things.


Grant Sanderson 

Grant Sanderson started an AI channel on youtube called 3Blue 1Brown which has great content. He is one of the popular AI YouTubers who aims to explain content using animation and solving problems. The channel delivers content through mathematics along with little entertainment. This channel can help you grow and acquire knowledge on AI.


Siraj Raval 

Siraj Raval is one of the popular AI YouTubers whose mission is to bridge the data literacy gap. His AI channel consists of content on mathematics, science, technology, and many more for a better understanding of the viewers. The unique feature of this AI YouTuber is that he picks great and interesting sources to deliver the content along with live coding sessions.


Karoly Zsolnai-Feher

Karoly Zsolnai-Feher is one of the popular AI YouTubers who started an AI channel called Two Minute Papers. He focuses on explaining the new science researches that are related to AI. The channel explains complex things so clearly and in a crisp manner. This makes Karoly one of the popular AI YouTuber. 


Yannic Kilcher 

Yannic Kilcher in his AI channel explains machine learning papers, programming, and also deals with issues in the AI community. He is one among the popular AI YouTubers who takes through the topics such as natural language processing, deep learning architecture, and reinforcement learning. This is a good pick for AI enthusiasts.


Harrison Kinsley 

Harrison Kinsley is the founder of Sentdex which is a popular AI channel on youtube. He is one of the popular AI YouTuber who educates about AI, ML, and various technologies and programming. His channel can help you learn machine learning algorithms from scratch.


Phil Tabor

Phil Tabor is a machine learning engineer who creates educational videos on topics such as machine learning and deep learning. He also created a playlist concerning Deep Reinforcement Learning tutorials. He is also one of the popular AI YouTuber.


Jeremy Howad 

Jeremy Howard is a data scientist who is from a philosophy background but has a good command of stats and programming. He built a most effective and easy-to-use library for deep learning tasks. Jeremy is also one of the popular AI YouTubers. 


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