AI in Fashion Industries: AI Companies Contributing To the Fashion Brands

List of AI companies and how they are using AI in fashion industries.

AI in fashion industries

AI in fashion industries

The fashion industry is not only about manufacturing fashion products but also creating demand and brand awareness in the market. This industry is looking for numerous methods to bring their products in front of buyers and create awareness and demand among the buyers. With digital transformation and the continuous evolution of new technologies, we can see use of ML and AI in fashion industries to maximize the shopping experience of the customers, enhance the expertise of the sales system through intelligent automation, and also improve the sales processes with the help of predictive analytics.

The fashion industry is now implementing voice assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home into its production process and customer management strategies. Using voice assistants, fashion industries can collect data by asking customers questions, understanding customer demands and trends, plunging deeper into their purchasing structures, and suggesting related and add-on items. For instance, when a customer needs new shoes or a dress, without searching on a website or mobile app, they can simply discuss with an intelligent conversational agent. Through the conversation, the customer can find the required fashion product or accessory item. This conversation offers greater satisfaction for the customer and much more valuable information for the fashion brand.

Fashion is one of the massive industries across the world, and revenues in the global clothing market are predicted to reach $2.25 trillion by 2025. Designers and brands that adopt advanced technology to uplift the limits of design, manufacturing, and production will come out on top of digital transformation in the world of fashion. There are certain AI companies that help the fashion industry to get transformed digitally.



It is an AI company that utilizes its AI and machine learning models to assist fashion and lifestyle brands to predict demand, mark trends, control inventory, and make improved business decisions. During online browsing, customers can benefit directly from AI. Stylumia helps TrueFit to use the data of their customers and find the accurate bra fit.



It is a B2B solution that assists fashion brands to create virtual sizing tools to increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns. Virtual models not only help designers display their latest production all over the world (even in times when large fashion shows are forbidden due to COVID restrictions), they also help minimize wastage by exhibiting clothes that haven’t been manufactured.



It develops influencing experiences for fashion brands by developing photo-real, 3-D fashion design, and animation. The clothes are never produced in the real physical world, rather it is just created digitally. This helps in generating a more sustainable way for all kinds of companies to make a statement without developing a big footprint.



It helps customers with digital clothes on social media. Simply an individual needs to upload a photo of herself, pay for the garment and it will get back with an image of that individual wearing the new item. You’ll never see the product in the real world or hang it in your wardrobe but you can create a makeover while minimizing textile waste in the fashion industry.

Advancements in technologies are leading to the transformation of the fashion industry, starting from the initial sketches, to fashion shows, to the customer online shopping experience. Automation and predictive analytics are catering to improved customer service experiences for consumers, while the fashion industry takes advanced and creative steps to reduce waste via digital fashion. There is a possibility that with advancements in AI and evolutions of new technologies, people will soon be able to shop for new outfits for their remote conference video calls which they usually do wearing pajamas. 


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