Robo Footballers? How Should the Humans React?

Robo Footballers

Robo FootballersRobo footballers will soon be good enough to win the human World Cup

Eindhoven University of Technology’s Tech United is training robots to play football autonomously. Robo footballers will soon be good enough to win the human World Cup.  The world of robotics would do well to attend RoboCup, the world cup of robot football, and not spend too long looking at the field. The skills the robot players learn on the pitch could also help lay the foundations for other collaborations with humans.

The greatest challenge in robot football is that by the time of the match, robots must be fully developed. Robocup carries more than a frisson of excitement. Scientists have created human-shaped artificial intelligence players capable of making their own decisions about whether to pass or shoot in kickabouts. Robots are terrible soccer players. Robocup is more proof that we are living in a post-nerd world. It involves children participating in various competitive and cooperative robot challenges.


Autonomous robot footballers:

An autonomous mobile robot that plays football to participate in an international football competition of mobile robots. The competitive nature of the AI game is spurring technological development to such degree experts reckon robots will soon be as good as top human players. Each robot tries to act in its zone on the field to find the ball and kick it in the right goal while following all the game rules. They are likely to be mentally tougher and capable of delivering top performances under extreme pressure.

In previous years the ball has been bright orange but this year they are using a realistic black and white football. Robots of several teams have had problems with detecting the ball because of this. They already compete in global robot leagues and a RoboCup. There are 35 countries, 5,000 robots, and 4,000 humans participating in this year’s Robocup. The main rule was that the wood platform should be equal for every team as well as the motors, to have a fair game between all the teams.

Participation in the autonomous mobile robot football contest was very successful. We are turning into robots, and robots are turning into us. While they were moving around to capture all the information they needed, this robot team was moving towards the goal. Analysts predict within 30 years a team of robots will be the best in the world. So for now, my human mind finds relief in the fact that robots are still terrible at football.


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