Top Robotics Projects for Robotics Enthusiasts in 2022


Robotics enthusiasts are creating wonders with their innovative ideas. Here are the top robotics projects.

Robotics is now one of the best technologies that are precisely used in every industry namely healthcare, defense, education, and many others.  It deals with the design, working, and applications of computer systems for controlling and informing processing. Robotic technology also deals with automated machines which are very useful in manufacturing products, doing repetitive tasks, and many such things. This technology helps in making work easy, effective, and reliable. There are many especially youngsters coming up with different and innovative robotic projects which are making a huge difference in society.

Robots are taking over the world. The technology is now using different technologies such as AI, ML, and many others to improve its functions and applications.  Across the globe, there are many robotics enthusiasts who are striving really hard to discover or invent some or the other new things in robotics. And are really coming up with innovative projects. For instance, Humanoid robots are the best example. These robots at times represent humans or at times they mimic humans in some or the other ways such as walking, talking, gestures, etc. These robots are not just used for entertainment but also in doing chores, caretaking, medical applications, and many. Here are the top robotics projects, read below.


The Top Robotics Projects Are


Soccer Robot

The soccer robot can move all sides with the help of an android mobile which has an accelerometer The angle of rotation of the phone controls its speed of movement. The robot also kicks a ball on shaking the phone. The heart of the circuit is the Arduino UNO board. It has many other components such as a servo motor, Bluetooth module JY MCU BT, motor driver, and two DC motors.


Namaste Greeting Robot

This robot can turn its head 180 degrees. It will scan people using an ultrasonic module. An Arduino Uno board acts as the heart of the project. The robot greets people with namaste. These robots can be used in malls, offices, parks, and many other places. It attracts the public’s attention as wishes everyone in Indian style by holding hands together showing a gesture of namaste.

RF Controlled Robot

This is a simple Arduino-board based robot that be controlled and used by using an RF remote control. This project is economic-friendly i.e., it can be built with a low budget. The RF remote control can control the robot up to 100 meters.


Smart Robot for Face Recognition

The robot recognizes the faces of people and calls them by their names and greets them. This project can be used for security purposes. It can be created using a 3D printer.

Radar and ROS Powered Indoor Home Mapping and Positioning Robot

This project helps people in navigating through a hall, warehouse, room, or in any other environment. It is a (Robot Operating System) ROS-based robot. The indoor mapping and positioning feature of a Robot Operating System (ROS) controlled robot is essential in navigating through a hall, warehouse, room or in any other environment.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbot for Appliance Control

This is an AI-based chatbot robot. It controls electrical home appliances through the Facebook Messenger platform. It is an excellent project for integrating Artificial Intelligence with Internet of Things (IoT). For this project IoT and Chatbot are developed separately.

Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car

Smartphones are making our lives smarter. They are being used for various purposes which includes controlling electronic devices such as motors, music systems, lights, TV’s and many others. The Arduino based smartphone controlled robot car is a project which is Arduino based robot car that can controlled using an android smartphone.