Now You Can Meet a Friend Through NFTs


NFTsHere are some fascinating resolutions through NFTs for individuals who want to meet their friend

Stockpiling NFTs, and being interesting in blockchain know-how basically, can on occasion be overwhelmingly stagnant expertise. As the one portal to interacting with the blockchain is by way of the web, traders, builders, artists, and collectors normally discover themselves sitting for hours watching a display screen.

However what if gathering NFTs might be an extra partaking exercise? That is the precise intention of projects like Steph, which incentivizes collectors to get exterior and transfer to earn crypto whereas exercising. But, the joys of stacking cash (whose worth undoubtedly fluctuates commonly), are solely interesting and therefore lengthy.

What would possibly make the act of gathering an NFT extra thrilling? Gamifying the minting course? Been there. Turning the whitelist course right into a Discord or Twitch raffle? Finished that. What’s extra, these and most different engagement options are depending on display screen time, and understandably so.

But, there could also be a fascinating resolution on the horizon for individuals who get pleasure from gathering NFTs, fixing puzzles, and touring the exterior of their consolation zone. Let’s speak regarding the potential of location-based NFTs.


Location-Based NFTs Coming into Existence

Location-based NFTs are just coming into existence, so they don’t even have a set name, much less a market of their own within the greater NFT ecosystem. Sometimes called location-based, other times called geo-based, similarly to other niche NFT subsectors that have risen to prominence, interest in them is quickly growing.

No matter what you call it, a location-based NFT requires a collector to travel to a specific location to mint said NFT. These NFTs cannot be minted willy-nilly from their smart contract, but only at a specific meetup, event, or via another location-based criterion.

Sometimes this means attending a conference, other times it means finding a specific individual in a sort of Where’s Waldo?-esque scenario, or even simply locating a QR code that links to an NFT or minting site. Whatever the mechanics may be, location-based NFTs require a person to physically show up to a specific pin on the globe.

It’s important to note that these aren’t proof-of-attendance (POAP) NFTs, but an immediately on-chain and tradeable asset much like any PFP or digital collectible is. Of course, this could change and evolve, as location-based NFTs are still in their very early days and seemingly only being produced by a handful of creators.