Gear Up! The Crypto Boy is in the Town of NFTs


nftCrypto Boy: TikToker and musician Salem Ilese released her Crypto Boy song in the NFT project.

Recently, a new song name Crypto Boy from TikToker and musician Salem Ilese. It quickly went viral. Now she’s partnering with Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova to give both versions of the NFT drop the song was destined for on Sound XYZ. The crypto boy basher is now releasing her own NFT project, one she cares about quite a bit. The NFT project will also feature viral TikTockers Sad Alex, 30, and July

In the crypto world, Salem Ilese has become one of the latest individuals to leverage NFTs for a charitable cause. NFT projects raise money to help people suffering in war-affected Ukraine and it is aimed at improving health outcomes for diverse communities. Recently, Salem Ilese and Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova disclosed that they are teaming up for music NFT drop, and all the money from the collection will go directly to the Center for Reproductive Rights. It is the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing reproductive rights and it uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world.


The Crypto Boy song:

Salem Ilese channeled her frustration at this Crypto Boy song phenomenon into music, posting the song to TikTok. Once the song found its way to Crypto Twitter, it went viral. Tolokonnikova and Salem Ilese noted that they decided to launch the project because of the attack on reproductive rights currently playing out in the US. Salem Ilese says the Crypto Boy swarming her DMs planted an enticing seed: When everyone started reaching out about turning it into an NFT, I was thinking, Ok… could be a cool way to enter into the space. But the risk of hypocrisy was not lost on her: I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to turn into a Crypto Boy.

Salem Ilese has become a sort of antihero of the NFT space. With her latest song “Crypto Boy, by using the kind of self-deprecating humor that the crypto space thrives on. This Crypto Boy song is an NFT to support women’s reproductive freedom. The crypto-bro song paints a hilarious caricature of NFT traders that sits on the line between a satirical inside joke and an all-out roast. Crypto Boy is a wake-up call for all the chart-watchers, candle-counters, and JPEG-flippers that find a way to bring crypto into any conversation, no matter what it’s about.

NFTs are not new for Tolokonnikova and she has continued to illustrate how Web3 tech can be used for good, again highlighting this use case by adding her name and artistic prowess to Crypto Boy. The Crypto Boy NFT Collection will launch on Web3 music platform sound.XYZ. Finally, quickly-rising Web3 artist July chimed in with a duet that gave even further context to the inner machinations of the mind of a crypto boy. All proceeds from the NFT sale will go directly to the Center for Reproductive Rights.


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