World of Women: A Heaven for the Feminists in the NFT World

World of Women NFT

World of Women NFTEverything You Need to Know About World of Women NFT & It Bringing Diversity and Representation. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: NFT is taking the globe by storm. However, some initiatives, particularly those that were pioneers in the field, have taken the lead and established themselves as market leaders. One such effort is (WoW) World of Women NFT, a first-of-its-kind collection of 10,000 artworks by varied influential women and Feminists in the NFT. Yam Karkai is the collection’s very skilled founder and artist. With the debut of World of Women NFT Galaxy in March 2022, she took the concept to a new level, with 22,222 WoWs from the original collection traveling through a portal to join the Galaxy, morphing and multiplying along the way.

Karkai’s work is essential for attracting women into the Web3 community, as well as diversifying and moving the space forward, being one of the most prominent Female NFT artists’ projects in the sector. This representation is significant. Fans from all around the world have found themselves in her work. She worked in the NFT and Web3 space before starting World of Women NFT, making 1:1 NFT art. She always concentrated on making vivid, flamboyant items that honor women and diversify women from the beginning. 

NFT was introduced to her for the first time by chance and she is having little knowledge about that, so she became obsessed with trying to figure it out. So dug deep into NFT [and Web3] Twitter and soaked up as much information as could. She was ecstatic to discover such a novel and exciting possibility for artists to present their work, promote themselves, and be compensated for their labor!

She felt and saw that women and minorities were under-represented in this field, so hoped it would attract people who thought and valued the same things as her. As she had big plans as a co-founding team from the beginning, but never imagined it would expand so quickly and become such a big collection for the company. Even if you fantasize about it and wish for it, there’s always a part of you that mutes it. Witnessing the growth of the World of Women NFT has been a fantastic adventure. Women who she admired or grew up watching on television now buy her paintings.

When you attain exposure in any field, you will get haters. fortunate to live in such a generous neighborhood that doesn’t encounter many critics, but they do occasionally remind us that they exist. 

Always appreciated producing vibrant pieces featuring ladies Female NFT artists. Yam Karkai knew her entire life, that always wanted to make a difference. Seeing the underrepresentation of women in the NFT and Web3 spaces, as well as how this brand new industry was already mirroring inequality and the same issues we face in the world, it was clear to me that putting together a group of strong and diverse women was the way to go if you wanted to make an impact. Hope that World of Women NFT continues to introduce more variety to the space, making minorities, women, and non-binary individuals feel at ease and accepted, and highlighting and promoting more wonderful artists and producers from this region.

Favorite aspects of working on the project are when people feel linked to it, themselves (or someone they care about) in it, and recognize the values they hold in it. Always strive to convey a story, show, and celebrate meaningful things. That is something hope others can sense. She always wants her work to be meaningful and continue to make a difference.

Making a difference through World of Women NFT and various forms of art and the organizations. Being able to support and collaborate with them is an indescribable feeling to be able to help on such a large scale and see your efforts improve and change lives all across the world. Meeting community members, and getting to know people admired for a long time help you grow in life.


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