Community NFT Market is Gaining Popularity in the Motor Industry, Here’s Why


NFTHyundai is the first automaker to enter the NFT market with its NFT community

Hyundai Motor Company announced on 18th April, that it is entering the online community-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market in collaboration with the ‘Meta Kongz’ NFT brand. 

Hyundai Motor is the first automaker to enter the NFT market with its NFT community, including the Hyundai NFT official website and channels on Discord and Twitter. The Hyundai NFT community will provide its users with the Hyundai brand experience in the metaverse by sharing NFTs depicting its mobility solutions. The Hyundai NFT Discord and Twitter channels opened on April 15, and the official NFT website is scheduled to open soon in May. 

By providing dedicated channels for the Hyundai NFT community, the company will continuously manage the asset value of its NFTs. The online platforms will provide an open 24/7 communications channel between the company and community members, with real-time updates on the asset value of its NFTs. 

The company also released a short film introducing the Hyundai NFT universe concept ‘Metamobility universe,’ which reflects the ‘Metamobility’ concept revealed at CES 2022. In the film, the ‘Meta Kongz’ gorilla character drives in both a classic PONY and modernly reinterpreted heritage series PONY from Earth to the Moon, visualizing how mobility solutions can transcend time and space. The film at the end also teases a shooting star-shaped NFT that will be released in May. 

Hyundai Motor will also issue 30 limited editions of‘ Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ NFTs on April 20 to commemorate the release of the film. Hyundai NFT projects will be continued throughout the year to keep expanding the Hyundai NFT universe. Profits from the sale of Hyundai NFTs will be used for the project’s management and community members.

“The Hyundai NFT universe will extend the Hyundai brand experience, especially with the MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and in the metaverse,” said Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division. “We are extremely excited to introduce ‘Metamobility’ through our own NFTs and start this journey with ‘Meta Kongz’.”

Hyundai Motor Company shared its vision of a ‘Metamobility’ concept at CES 2022 intending to pioneer a smart device-metaverse connection that will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality (VR), ultimately allowing people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space.