Mobile Gaming Industry will Soon Have Sony as an Investor

Mobile Gaming Industry will Soon Have Sony as an Investor

Mobile Gaming Industry will Soon Have Sony as an InvestorSony has finally decided to get serious about mobile gaming as an investor.

To strengthen its presence on mobile, Japanese tech giant Sony has finally decided to get serious about mobile gaming. Sony aims at significant growth with the launch of PC and mobile games. Mobile gaming stands to receive major upheaval with the presence of Sony’s first-class IPs including Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, and God of War. Sony is the latest console maker to make a big step into mobile gaming.

Savage Game Studios became the first member of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, an entity Sony created to expand its console games to smaller screens. The purchase of Savage Game Studios continues Sony’s recent acquisition drive as it looks to boost the development of titles across platforms. The Last of Us TV Series on HBO, an adaption of Guerilla’s Horizon games for Netflix and the frequent PlayStation Studios game launches on PC, including Spider-Man Remastered and 2018’s Game of the Year, God of War. Sony is working with a blank slate and has wide latitude to decide how it wants to pursue smartphone audiences.


Sony’s mobile gaming strategy:

Sony also continues to face supply chain issues and cannot meet the demand for its flagship PlayStation 5 console. PlayStation Studios must continue expanding and diversifying its offerings beyond the console, bringing incredible new games to more people than ever before. Sony recognizes the need for its products to jump from PlayStation to theater screens and television sets, it now needs to tap into the mobile gaming market if it wants to expand its audience beyond the core group of console gamers.

By 2025, the company wants roughly half of all the games it releases to be on PC and mobile platforms. Investing in PC and mobile could lead to significant growth in the number of people who play our games, the number of people who enjoy our games, and the number of people who spend money on our games. A vast majority of the top mobile games monetize through microtransactions and generate eye-popping revenues over the course of many years.

Sony’s recent investments in live service and multiplatform gaming. Sony acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion through which it is attempting to come up with a slew of live service titles of its own. A live service game is usually a title where developers continually update and add content to extend their lifetime and generate revenue over a longer period. There are not many companies like Sony out there, with such strong branding, a whole range of high-performing studios, and a treasure trove of valuable IPs.


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