The Growth Of iGaming Worldwide 2022

Gaming market

Gaming market

I-gaming is among the most flourishing niches as of 2022. Global market forecasting indicates that internet gaming is not yet about to reach its pinnacle, thanks to emerging trends.

As of 2021, the global gaming market value was at $198.40billion. Market evaluators expect the trend to skyrocket to almost double this figure by 2027.

And while this industry has been growing significantly over the years, each annual calendar comes with new additions resulting from evolving inclinations. How well is this industry faring in 2022, and what are the key determining factors? We find out below!


Localized currencies

There was a time online gaming was a reserve of people with access to centralized currencies. The unavailability of global online banking options made it difficult for people in various regions around the globe to access these services.

Thanks to improved money-wiring options, many players can now pay for games in both local and international currencies, depending on their chosen casino. Thankfully, casino deposits are usually instant, making it easier for players to wire funds to online betting sites such as JokerCasino and instantly play their favourite games.


Gaming dependency

Its predominantly known that gamers enjoy playing online social games for the money and the fun. However, a study on US players reveals new intel unique to this group. Mental stimulation, stress relief, cultivating teamwork, and sourcing for inspiration are the top reasons Americans can’t get enough of internet games.


The metaverse factor

Emerging trends such as the metaverse are sweeping gamers by numbers into the gaming niche. The new phenomenon allows them to experience a different world inside their world. Tech giants like Meta and Microsoft are keen on this gaming possibility. They push this agenda to the gaming community without much effort, popularizing it even more.

New technology allowing you to buy tokens to facilitate life in the metaverse makes this new idea difficult to resist. The ability to cultivate your experience depending on your reality is among the most exciting factors fueling the growth of this realm.


Quick mobile access

When the internet of things hit the market, everyone rejoiced at the ability to access everything they required instantly. However, smartphones are taking over this niche, and mobile gaming is among the dockets benefiting significantly from this change.

Gamblers can monitor their betting options and gaming affiars on these small gadgets without tagging along with a heavy desktop or laptop. Most internet gaming options have mobile betting apps compatible with most smartphone operating systems.

And when players have an older version that cannot support the most recent apps, they can effortlessly access their favorite casinos and gaming software online when they check in using the Html feature available in most browsers.


Increased financial grasp

One of the determining factors allowing iGaming to grow steadily in 2022 is the wide access to finance aiding gaming fanatics. Thanks to the evolving global economy, more people can leverage for better payments at work.

And while inflation contributes to receding monetary remnants each month, people still have a healthy amount of money left to spend on entertainment.

I-gaming, unlike others, is a more flexible and affordable entertainment option. Lesser monetary involvement and the flexibility to use as little as you have to play. What this means for the game lovers are more playing possibilities.


The Middle East and Africa’s increased gamers

Africa and the Middle East have joined the gambling bandwagon and taken it by storm. The Middle East iGaming market is projected to grow at 13% between 2022 and 2027. As for Africa, the rise of Sub-Saharan gamers has increased from 77 million to 156million in the last half a decade.

Digitization is the leading factor for this rise, but sensitization about the availability of online gaming and the provision of these services also plays a significant role.


Fast internet speeds

One of the contributors that stagnated the growth of online gaming globally is the unavailability of super fast internet speeds. Most older game options had more technical software, which would take longer to load. It took longer for the games to load with slower internet speeds, frustrating players.

4G and 5G internet have revolutionized how internet players enjoy games for leisure and real money. It takes a few seconds for online games to load, meaning players don’t suffer lag in preset and real-time games they enjoy.

The urbanization of the most rural places across the globe is quickly enabling the permeation of gaming activities worldwide.


4K and other better graphics

A major feature attracting older and newer entrants into the gaming niche is the graphics improvements. The first games operated using atari and arcade gaming graphics.

Over time, the evolution of 2k, 3k, HD, UHD, 4K, and 8K graphics changed how people view games. The luxury features make these games irresistible, enticing more members to join iGaming for enjoyment and making bucks on the side.

The availability of mobile phones, desktop devices and other gadgets that support high-tech graphics simplifies the equation.


More and more games

Most online betting entities heavily invest in providing gaming options to their members. This move results from the increasing demand for newer and better games from the gambling nations.

Slots take the lead as far as provision on new games is concerned—other games like poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack change by providing live and video-controlled variants.

Newer cloud technology and better software facilitate easy, clear streaming that live gamers desperately require for live games. Most importantly, a new community of players interested in sports games is slowly emerging, creating the need to offer live sports bets and other tournament options.


Wrap Up

iGaming is steadily growing, and the margins are increasing globally. The trend is expected to continue with the increase of multiple gaming options, the availability of instant plating, and the increase of bettors and gamers from Sub-Saharan African countries and the middle east.

With improving graphics and faster internet options that allow more gamers to stream online games effortlessly, the growth of internet gaming is bound to grow and exceed market projections.


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