The Gaming Industry Sees Actual Gain With Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality

Check out the top uses of virtual reality and virtual assistants in the gaming industry.

The global virtual reality gaming market ecosystem was valued at US$13.40.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow to US$53.44 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 31.4% in the forecast period. VR has enhanced the gaming experience by offering a real-time ability to take gamers into their screens. The industry delivers gamers with alluring virtual accessories that improve user engagement along with an immersive involvement. Game development keeps pushing the boundaries of possibility, with cutting-edge graphics, gameplay, and virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) elements. Dedicated gaming PCs and consoles are ever more affordable, and mobile gaming is coming into its own as a valid alternative platform. The immersive and interactive experience provided by VR games to users is expected to drive the growth of the market. VR racing games, shooter games, horror games, adventure games, and others are some of the various types of VR games. The rising penetration of smartphones and the internet has also been accentuating the growth of virtual reality games in recent years. 


Simple User Experience

Virtual reality is introduced as a game-changer for gaming industries and is known to offer an improved version of a simple user experience. Nowadays, VR has turned out to be the burning topic for gaming trends which has gained the attention of the potential market. It provides lots of benefits to its users such as offering appealing virtual objects and possesses the capacity to take the user into the game in real-time. However, these benefits have enriched the gaming environment and have introduced the digital world into reality which has boosted the attention and retention of its users.


Mobile gaming

The last couple of years has seen mobile gaming come on leaps and bounds, becoming a respected platform alongside console and PC. Expect to see more console games migrate onto tablets and smartphones, but with seamless integration now standard, console gamers will be able to save their progress across platforms when they’re on the go. We’ve seen old school games getting the mobile treatment – Apple Arcade is a good example – and this is set to continue next year. Mobile has its share of tailor-made originals which make the most of the cutting edge graphical capabilities of modern phones. Monument Valley and Infinity Loop are two such examples – simple but absorbing gameplay and lush, relaxing visuals that brighten up commutes across the world. 


Inclusive games

Game developers have realized the commercial benefits of appealing to a huge range of demographics, all with the same game. The key to an inclusive game such as Minecraft or Roblox is that the gameplay is essentially creative and user-generated. A large part of the game industry is dominated by destructive games like first-person shooters or sandbox GTA-style games. Something is refreshing and universal about inclusive games, and the fact that the content is mainly created by the user is another part of the appeal. Gradual, problem-solving-based gameplay attracts players of all ages who may not be so adept at fast-paced, action-driven games.


Full motion

Essentially interactive movies, full-motion games have been around since the early 1980s in one form or another, but advances in technology have made them more popular. They lend themselves to puzzle or murder mystery-style gameplay, and with multiplayer functionality are perfect for a social or socially distanced gathering. 


VR Fitness in Games

If running on a treadmill or lifting weights doesn’t appeal to you, “gamified” virtual reality exercises may be the answer. With the meteoric rise of virtual reality in popularity, it’s only logical that it’ll soon make its way into the field of health and fitness. While new virtual reality games are constantly being released, there is a handful that will not only make you feel like you’re engaged in a game but will also have you sweating without you realizing it. Many fitness aficionados have rapidly adopted it as their go-to headgear. 


Online Gambling

The latest revolution in the world of online gambling was the development of smartphone-ready gambling apps and games. It cut the strings that were tying players to their PCs and brick-and-mortar casinos and betting shops – now they were free to gamble on the move. Another important moment was the introduction of cryptocurrencies to the gambling sphere, which added an extra layer of profitability and privacy while increasing the speed of transactions.

The application of VR and AR technology to the sector of online gambling has a single purpose: Improving the user’s experience by recreating the atmosphere of an in-person gambling venue that can be enjoyed from the safety of one’s home.