Gmail Brings in Two-side Panel: Is It Too Much to Handle?



Google was rolling out its newly stylized version of Gmail for the web.

Google was rolling out its newly stylized version of Gmail for the web. Since your Gmail page hadn’t yet switched over, you may have clicked on the cog-like Settings icon in the upper-right corner of your page and then on the link labeled Try out the new Gmail view and refreshed the page. The main change, however, is the left-hand side panel now, the two side panels.

The change isn’t radical. There is a new color scheme that everyone would like instead and a few other interface tweaks. A Contacts shortcut is the latest addition to this right sidebar, spreading throughout all of Google’s various Workspace services nearly a year after it arrived in Gmail. The main difference is the left-hand side panel now, the two side panels. You can have one or two side panels, depending on how you use Gmail. With the new sidebar, users would be able to access three G Suite products from Docs itself Sheets, Slides, and Drawings.


Gmail Brings in Two-side Panel:

Previously, a single panel gave you access to a menu of your various Gmail categories and labels like Inbox, Starred, Trash, etc. By clicking on the three-line icon in the upper left or hamburger, you could tweak this panel to show either icons and labels or just icons. But now, Google has added another side panel that gives you immediate access to several apps like Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. The search engine giant added the revamped version of Gmail to other G Suite apps, attempting to make navigation and multi-tasking for users smoother and quicker.

The same information card is displayed next to your inbox, with space for phone numbers and email addresses, office and desk location, team and manager info, and previous interactions. If you feel that two side panels are a bit much, you can make the one with the categories disappear entirely by clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner. This new addition to the G Suite also gives users the liberty to minimize the side panel.

Google Chat, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The calendar seems to be the biggest benefactor of this tool with so many virtual meetings still occurring every day, having to open contact information in a separate tab feels pretty unintuitive. It’s coming to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers. The features should be arriving from those on Google’s “rapid release” schedule and more broadly for all G Suite users over the course.


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