Go Back In Time With This New Web3 Game!


Web3Here’s a new Web3 Game that wants to help you relive your childhood memories

Metaverse experiences don’t always have to be large-scale community events or ways for fans to engage more deeply with their favorite IPs. We’ve already seen the idea of using VR to create deeply personal experiences for users outside of Web3 Game. Let’s begin with how this concept is portrayed in popular culture. In the first few minutes of Captain America: Civil War (2016), viewers were treated to yet another cutting-edge technological advancement from fictional futurist Tony Stark: BARF. The technology in the film allowed its users to virtually relive their memories in vivid detail. Of course, that package includes the possibly bittersweet possibility for users to communicate with their loved ones long after they have died.

But how close are we to implementing such amazing technology? You’re closer than you think. It may even aid users in processing trauma and loss, as Stark suggested in the 2016 film. In 2020, a story went viral about a South Korean mother who used virtual reality to speak with her deceased daughter one last time. And, with the upcoming release of Reflect, a game developed specifically for the Mirror Image One reportedly a next-gen cloud-based Web3 Game console included with each game purchase, we could see this technology become available to a small segment of the general public very soon.


Building your memory

Reflect, according to reports, will allow users to relive specific moments in their lives in the metaverse game. Of course, there will be a cost, and it will not be cheap. Users can have one of their memories minted onto the blockchain for 1 ETH, or slightly more than $1,600 at the time of writing, allowing them to relive those moments of their life in the game. Prices vary according to the age of the memory. Minting a memory into an NFT at the standard tier for 1 ETH, on the other hand, will allow users to mint memories only as far back as 2010. Prices rise by 1 ETH per decade of memory age, with the Reflect team offering users the option to mint “any” of their memories for 4 ETH.

So, what exactly goes into creating a memory? Naturally, this will not be a magical, instantaneous process. Building each memory into a metaverse experience will take a lot of effort from both the user and the developer. After purchasing the rights to mint one of their memories, users must consult with the Reflect team at Mirror Image Studios to bring their memory to full virtual life. This begins with submitting any relevant media that could aid in the reconstruction of the memory, such as photos, videos, sound recordings, and a written description of the memory of at least 300 characters in length. Aside from that, users must schedule a meeting with the Reflect team for a more in-depth discussion of the memory. All of this is required for the team to create an accurate and faithful representation of the user’s memory in the game.


Memories in a metaverse

Aside from these specifics, there is little information on Reflect’s website about how Mirror Image Studios intends to approach creating minted memories. It’s also unclear what these little slices of the metaverse will look like, except that they’ll reportedly be built with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. So, once completed, what are users expected to do with these personal pieces of the metaverse? For starters, act out these scenarios. The Reflect team, like life, is strange, hopes to provide users with branching experiences, allowing them to do things differently the second time around in the metaverse, one of their many lofty development goals, similar to how No Man’s Sky was promoted leading up to its 2016 release.

Aside from that, the Reflect team promises that their memories will be preserved in an interconnected metaverse world, complete with “advanced NPCs.” This interconnected world represents the project’s ultimate goal: to create a living, breathing virtual world that draws inspiration from the collective memories of its users. We’ll definitely on this project to see if they can live up to the lofty expectations that the company has set for itself with the announcement of this game.


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