AI Algorithms will Soon Replace Athletes in Sports

Can One Imagine Robots Playing Soccer? Yes, with RoboCup



May it is in data management or carrying out accurate diagnoses, algorithms are gradually surpassing human intelligence and have begun to dominate almost every industry imaginable.  However, the domain of sports was not imaginable without athletes until algorithms made their way into it.

The glory of Robocup is now trending in the news. RoboCup is an international scientific initiative. The goal is to make significant advancements in the state-of-art of intelligent robots. The Robocup was brought into existence in 1997 when IBM Deep Blue had defeated the human world champion in a game of chess. Professor Alan Mackworth is the originator of the idea of robots playing a soccer game. He mentioned this idea in a paper titled “On Seeing Robots”. Later, a group of skilled Japanese researchers and experts conducted a workshop where the possibilities of robots playing soccer were discussed and how the possibility can be utilized as an opportunity to promote science and technology. Additionally, RoboCup will be used by AI scientists as a matter of research to identify gaps and advancing the state-of-arts in robotics.


A Turn in Tide in Robotics Technology Caused by RoboCup

RoboCup has ushered a new dimension in the world of sports and research. Matt Winkler, director of American University’s Masters in Sports Analytics and Management, opines that RoboCup will be altering the very core of the sports universe.

However, the introduction of robots in the sports field has emitted ripples of anxiety amongst most players. The question then arises is, “Will these robots soon replace human athletes?” the robots in the sports field are met with contradictory reactions of criticism and praise. Engulfed in controversy if the robots will be substitutes for human players, experts have asserted that the introduction of RoboCup is devoid of ill motives to conquer the human players and that it aims to advance the systematic conductions of session training and workouts that players go through.


The Significant Impact of AI in Sports is Undeniable

AI has intervened in the world of sport a long time ago and has brought significant changes to elevate the status of session plans and workout sessions. Players are often made to go through intense workout sessions. AI-powered gadgets help them to keep the right track of the number of calories burnt while measuring heart rates. They can track everything from oxygen consumption to muscle posture.

Winkler also asserts the deliverance of the deluge of data by the sports industry. These data determine how a game is played and viewed. To ensure appropriate data management, algorithms are deployed.

Artificial intelligence is heavily changing the life of players and the industry of sports at last. Despite the rigorous employment of bots into the industry, speculatively, humans will remain to be at the crux of sports.


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