Squirro App Building Day: an event to set up an AI-powered search with no background in data science

In this expert-led training, scheduled for June 22nd, the attendees will learn how to build a Cognitive Search app in just a few steps

App building

App building

This event introduces the new Squirro App Studio, a no code/low code platform to create AI-powered applications providing value across industries

Zürich, June 10th, 2021. Squirro, the Augmented Intelligence solutions provider, named a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insights Engines; announces the first edition of the Squirro App Building Day, scheduled for June 22nd.

The idea behind the event is simple: enable users with no background in data science to build a no code apps, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to create a unique search experience. The registrations are open on https://info.squirro.com/appbuildingpr.

Search has always been a challenging area. Users struggle to find the correct information and are required to search through vast amounts of dispersed data. AI, ML and NLP provide the tools to create the required changes. AI-powered search delivers robust insights quickly and effectively through an easy-to-use interface that understands the users’ intent and their needs.

Cognitive Search offers precisely this: a unique search experience that gathers data from internal and external sources, understands the users’ intent and context whilst providing them with the correct information at the right time.

The Squirro App Building Day will enable users with no or low background in data science to build their own Cognitive Search app. During this session, they will learn how to connect internal and external data sources to improve search capabilities, categorize information, and create visual and intuitive dashboards to search more effectively and efficiently.

The event will be presented by Patrice Neff, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer; and Peter Brejza, Solution Engineer at Squirro. After the event, all attendees will receive a free trial to start building and using their own Cognitive Search app.


Jorge Sanchez, Marketing Executive
T. +1 860 940 8621 – jorge.sanchez@squirro.com


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