WhatsApp Desktop Users’ can Now View Profile Photos in Group Chats

WhatsApp-Desktop-Users’-can-Now-View-Profile-Photos-in-Group-Chats (1)

WhatsApp-Desktop-Users’-can-Now-View-Profile-Photos-in-Group-Chats (1)

WhatsApp introduces a new feature that allows users to view profile photos within group chats.

WhatsApp has made a new feature available to some beta testers that allows users to see profile photos within group chats on a desktop. This feature will assist users in identifying group members for whom they do not have a phone number or who have the same name.

If a group member does not have a profile photo or is hidden due to privacy restrictions, the default profile icon is displayed and highlighted in the same color as the contact name. The new feature will be available soon on WhatsApp beta for Android. In October, the messaging platform began developing this new feature for WhatsApp Desktop beta. According to the report, the company intends to introduce the feature on desktop and iOS beta to help group members better recognize other people in their groups.

These developments follow the release of a slew of updates to the platform, including polls, the Communities feature a self-chat feature, companion mode, and an auto-mute feature in large group chats. WhatsApp has yet to address two bugs discovered by WABetaInfo. “Some users are experiencing crashes when downloading videos after installing the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android,” according to a tweet. Furthermore, when sending a message, WhatsApp may play a conversation tone indefinitely.”


The new camera mode on WhatsApp

WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo reports that the platform has redesigned its camera icon and added the ability to quickly switch between photo and video modes within the app. According to WABetaInfo, the feature will be made available to more users in the coming weeks.


WhatsApp desktop has been updated

WhatsApp has added the ability to view profile photos within group chats to the desktop beta, following the redesign of the camera icon. This allows group members to identify others in the forum. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is already available on WhatsApp beta for iOS. “If a group member did not set up a profile photo or it is hidden due to their privacy settings,” WABetaInfo explained, “the default profile icon appears, tinted with the same color as the contact’s name.”


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