WhatsApp’s View Once Message Feature is Gone with the Wind!



WhatsApp’s view once message feature will soon disappear like its disappearing messages

WhatsApp’s view once message feature will soon be gone for desktop users! If users receive a view once message on their phones, they will not be able to open it on their desktops. Currently, the messaging giant has only rolled out this feature for the beta testers and is still contemplating when to roll out the feature for the rest of the users. The non-beta users can still view the disappearing messages on their desktops, but once the feature is properly tested, soon the provision will be rolled out to the wider audience.

However, it might make you happy to know that WhatsApp does not, yet, has any provision against taking screenshots of disappearing messages, which means that once the feature is rolled out to a larger audience, they won’t be able to view the disappearing messages on desktops, however, they can still take screenshots, which is also extremely creepy.

Primarily, the feature has been introduced for beta users. They will not be able to send and open view once messages are on their desktop. The changes came into effect on November 1. However, if a beta testers can still open disappearing messages on their desktops, the changes will also be available for their WhatsApp account very soon. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before the wider rollout reaches all WhatsApp accounts, eventually ceasing to provide the screenshot feature as well!

Currently, Whatsapp is working on several new features like communities, which will enable like-minded users to come under a single roof, along with in-chat polls, 32-person video calls, and groups that can contain up to 1024 users. Seems like the platform is on its way to becoming the largest messaging platform in the industry.


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