Top Indian-Originated Cryptocurrency Exchanges on the Hype in 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide complete security to your digital assets at a minimum fee

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

India is evolving to house more crypto investors every day. Owing to the increase in digital currency adoption, crypto-related companies and the blockchain industry in the country are also getting a strong foundation. Although the legality of cryptocurrency purchases is often questioned, little do people fear the future outcome as the Indian government is yet to come up with guidelines. According to a survey, over 30% of Indians own digital tokens, placing the country after Vietnam in the Asian continent. India is also ranked second in a poll of nations that use cryptocurrency the most, with 9% of the respondents claiming they used crypto. As the demand for cryptocurrency surges, people look for futuristic cryptocurrency exchanges that could sophisticate their investment experience. These cryptocurrency exchanges in India allow users to buy, sell, and trade digital tokens. If you are opting to invest in cryptocurrency and are looking for the best exchange, then keep these points in your mind. Cryptocurrency exchanges should provide complete security to your digital assets and demand a minimum fee for transactions. Some cryptocurrency exchanges even go a step further and leverage tailored services. IndustryWired has listed top Indian-originated cryptocurrency exchanges that investors can choose in 2021.


Top Indian-Originated Cryptocurrency Exchanges


WazirX is the most famous Indian-originated cryptocurrency exchange among crypto investors. The exchange allows users to invest using Indian Rupee, US dollar, BTC, and even P2P. Besides, WazirX also has its own coin called WRX that can be purchased using INR. Later, investors can use WRX to purchase and trade other cryptocurrencies. The platform comes up with campaigns, crypto day, etc that pumps up its adoption.



Launched in 2018, the Mumbai-based start-up, CoinDCX is highly popular among Indian crypto investors. It has over 3.5 million registered users. By using CoinDCX, investors can trade in more than 200 cryptocurrencies available in the market at a minimum fee. Besides, the platform offers free deposits and withdrawals to its clients.



CoinSwitch got more attention from Indian crypto investors when the platform presented its ad in the IPL recently. CoinSwitch lets users trade in 100+ cryptocurrencies and provides the best trading experience. Although the platform claims to offer easy trading via smartphones, you can’t start trading without completing the KYC process. Besides, CoinSwitch has secured funding from big investors including Sequoia and more.



Launched in 2013, Unocoin is an exclusive bitcoin service provider that allows users to buy, sell, store, and accept bitcoins. At its core, Unocin serves through an online mobile wallet. But the platform also allows users to print wallets and import bitcoin addresses to their own address book and also withdraw bitcoin to their paper wallets. Unocoin works to emerge as a top global player in the crypto assets arena and contribute to the Indian as well as the global economy. 



BuyUcoin is also an Indian cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2016. It is a crypto wallet and exchange platform where merchants and consumers can buy and sell a variety of digital tokens including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc. The platform currently has over 350,000+ customers who vouch for the ease with which BuyUcoin enables digital asset trading. 



The Singapore-based start-up was founded by Indians and has offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Zebpay is one of the early cryptocurrency exchange companies that has entered India in the initial phase of cryptocurrency adoption. Currently, the platform operates in 162 countries and has processed US$3 billion worth of transactions for over 3.5 million users, nearly 95% of them from India.



With young and enthusiastic founders, Bitbns is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Launched in 2017, the founders of the platform started their groundwork a few months back. Bitbns provides the fastest and simplest way to trade cryptocurrencies with one of the best three-way peer-to-peer systems for purchasing cryptocurrency with Fiat in India. The platform aims to empower billions to trade cryptocurrency seamlessly. 


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