Cryptocurrency Gender Gap, Now is the Right Time to Bridge It

Twice as many men as women invest in digital currency, creating a major cryptocurrency gender gap

Cryptocurrency gender gap

Cryptocurrency gender gap

In the fast-evolving world, blockchain technology is all set to revolutionize every working system starting from finance to customer satisfaction. Cryptocurrency is a major area where blockchain’s dominance is unshakeable. Bitcoin, being the foremost and most adopted digital currency in the circle, is leading the crypto race. Unfortunately, similar to many other sectors that are falling behind to promote inclusion, the cryptocurrency gender gap is also becoming an issue. According to a CNBC report, twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency.

Since its debut in 2009, bitcoin has broken many records and emerged as a major investment source for crypto enthusiasts. On average, the digital currency has experienced a 16-fold increase in value in the last year alone, topping out and railing at record prices. Despite the massive improvement, the digital currency industry is also battling to bridge the cryptocurrency gender gap. Bitcoin is the major concern for people who support gender equality in all forms. Coin Dance analytics has estimated that an overwhelming 95% of bitcoin investors are male, compared to only 5% female engagement. The gender imbalance in the cryptocurrency sphere is not a new thing. It has existed since bitcoin came into practice. Initially, male-dominated platforms like Reddit and 4Chan were driving the popularity of bitcoin. It was followed by gaming websites and cyberpunk communities that embraced bitcoin trading as a hobby. Because of this early wave of men, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have labeled themselves as a male stereotype investment method. But things are slowly changing. Although the numbers are worrisome for now, it is predicted that the future might involve more women in digital currency investment, which will eventually mitigate the cryptocurrency gender gap issues.


Taking the Numbers into Record

According to a report, the cryptocurrency gender gap is at a critical stage and needs attention immediately. When over 16% of men invest in digital currencies, only 7%, which is less than half are trying their hand on cryptocurrency investment and trading. The worst case is that the cryptocurrency gender gap exceeds the existing gap within traditional investments including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and real estate. 

When only one in 10 people in the US consider cryptocurrency investments, it is remarkable to note that the digital currency market is introducing in-roads to reach the demographic group of women. On a general scale, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin are promoting unbiased and equal investment models. The report states that 11% of Whites, 11% of Black, 10% of Hispanics, 14% of Asians, and 13% of people of another race have invested in cryptocurrencies. 

Even without specification on the cryptocurrency market, the world is familiar with the notorious exclusion of women and people of color in the investment circle. The report states that just 51% of Black women say they have a traditional checking account, compared with 63% of Black men, 71% of white women, and 78% of white men. 


The Foundation of Equality is Bitcoin Literacy

Another US data portrays the state of women in bitcoin literacy. Since women possess weaker knowledge of investing and banking, the same trend continues in bitcoin investment as well. While socio-demographic and personality traits explain only a small share of the gap, literacy contributes to the maximum void created. Over 40% of the gender gap is caused mainly due to a lack of bitcoin literacy among women. 


What the Future of Cryptocurrency Holds for Women?

Even when the general picture of women crypto investors is distressing, recent records suggest otherwise. Although women investors are very less, the year-on-year growth is showing positive outcomes with many female investors stepping up their bitcoin play. A survey by Gemini suggests that women’s investment in cryptocurrency has surged 20% over the past year among United Kingdom investors. Crypto trading platform eToro also reported a sharp rise in the rate at which women signed up to the site during 2020, with women’s new entry found up by 366% compared with a 248% rise for men. 


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