Work options: 5 Cool Cryptocurrency Careers to Choose in 2021

Because of digital currency and blockchain, the demand for cryptocurrency careers has also surged

Cryptocurrency careers

Cryptocurrency careers

The demand for digital currency has drastically increased over the past few years and bitcoin is at the forefront of this new progression. Although cryptocurrency and blockchain technology emerged at the beginning of the 2010s, they took the global economy by storm only in 2017. Ever since then, the cryptocurrency market and crypto investors are enjoying the buzz. Owing to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for cryptocurrency careers has also surged. Research shows that job postings mentioning ‘blockchain,’ ‘bitcoin,’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ have increased by 621% since 2015. Similarly, blockchain technology and professionals who are well-versed in it are also on the ‘high demand’ jobs list. Cryptocurrency career opportunities have opened the door to a new world where digital currency is evolving to be the next artificial intelligence. From crypto start-ups to established companies, the job market is hunting for professionals to fill cryptocurrency jobs. In this article, IndustryWired has listed the top five cryptocurrency careers that are on hype in 2021.


Top cryptocurrency careers in 2021

Blockchain Developer

Average salary: US$120,748

Blockchain technology is evolving to be the core ornament of how the digital world deals with data and does business. On the other hand, bitcoin has pressed the features of blockchain and demonstrated it as the most versatile and secure mode to store information. Therefore, the demand for blockchain-related jobs has drastically surged. Blockchain development is somebody who is directly connected to blockchain technology. They develop blockchains and pave the way for companies to use them effectively. There are two types of blockchain developers namely Core Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Software Developer. A Core Blockchain Developer does the primary job of designing the security and architecture of the proposed Blockchain system while Blockchain Software Developers work in the core web architecture to build apps, especially, the decentralized and web varieties.


Blockchain Content Writer

Average salary: Differs based on write-up numbers and organization

With so many cryptocurrencies emerging from the digital currency market, Blockchain Content Writers are there at the forefront to take it to the crypto investors. Besides, they also write about the developments in blockchain technology and how it is shifting the tailwind of cryptocurrencies. They also write reviews on emerging cryptocurrencies, crypto price predictions, and articles related to trends. Anybody who has a keen interest in writing and is also attracted to technology, especially, blockchain can become a blockchain content writer. Although aspirants will get used to writing crypto articles after a certain point in time, it is safe to take up a blockchain course that could give them basic knowledge about cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency Analyst

Average salary: US$111,524

The cryptocurrency market is well-known for its volatility. Although accurate predictions are off the grid, cryptocurrency Analysts try to analyze and predict trends, priding, demand, and trading volumes of any number of cryptocurrencies currently available. They also analyze the cryptocurrency market as a whole and go through specific cryptocurrencies and report their status. A cryptocurrency analyst is responsible for directing a firm’s investment of capital or its client-facing outlooks on the cryptocurrency market. Alike financial analysts, cryptocurrency analysts are also preferred to have basic knowledge about finance and should love numbers. Because of the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency, there is not much training recognized training centres or colleges related to cryptocurrency analysis. Therefore, anybody who is well-versed in finance and is good at analyzing the cryptocurrency market opts for the job.


Blockchain Legal Consultant

Average salary: US$150,000

The increasing use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has given rise to complex legal issues related to the regulatory status, compliance, corporate law, securities transactions, fund formation, venture capital, taxation, anti-money laundering, litigation, and regulatory enforcement. Blockchain Legal Consultant provides legal counsel to clients who are deploying the blockchain-based solution, creating or utilizing digital currencies, integrating digital ledger technologies into existing operations or restructuring their business practices.


Security Engineer

Average salary: US$135,825

Demand for network security professionals is growing drastically every day. Network security engineer’s work includes designing and administering security systems for organizational networks. Security engineer protects devices from cyberattacks, bugs, malware, and hacking attempts. They also deal with viruses, phishing attacks, spyware, Trojan horses, and other common vulnerabilities.


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