Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Labs in India To Know in 2021

Artificial intelligence labs in India

With advancing technology, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning started to gain momentum. Most people are showing great interest towards these technologies. Thereby accelerating the growth of artificial intelligence. To tackle this demand many companies are coming forward to establish artificial intelligence labs in India. So let’s quickly jump into the article and know more about the top 7 artificial intelligence labs in India that are must know for the AI enthusiasts. 


1’s Design Center is a California-based machine learning lab that is yet to set up a design center in Bengaluru. This lab opens the doors to new job opportunities in the region. The lab enables widespread adoption of ML at the edge by supporting any model, neural network and framework for any kind of workload. helps companies to scale up in the sectors of robotics, medicine and autonomous vehicles. This is one of the artificial intelligence labs in India. 


2 DRDO Young Scientist Labs 

To meet the requirements of AI the government of India proposed to set up DRDO Young Scientist Labs in five major cities of the country: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. These labs are for enhancing innovations and make India self-reliant in the sector of artificial intelligence. The DRDO Young Scientist Labs are formed for providing cutting edge technology to DRDO in the cognitive field.


3 Accenture Innovation Lab 

The Accenture Innovation Lab is very competitive, the 12-week program helps early to growth-stage enterprise technology companies to refine and test their value proposition with the support of world’s leading Fintech firms. The lab has been set up in Hyderabad and is working on security, automation and blockchains with about 2,000 professionals. 


4 Intel’s AI Research Center 

Intel is yet to set up a research center for artificial intelligence in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad. This is one of the artificial intelligence labs in India established to solve critical challenges like healthcare and smart mobility. The new Intel AI Research Lab is going to boost India’s position in the competition of AI in the global market.


5 IIT Kharagpur Innovation Hub 

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has set up a technological hub to work on advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The AI lab is yet to be set, it has received a grant of 170 crores for industrial production. IIT Kharagpur has been an active institute contributing to the fundamental research of AI, ML, and IoT. 



NVIDIA has partnered with IIT Hyderabad and established an AI lab to speed up the research process and innovation in commercial adoption of AI. The lab aims to develop innovative solutions for crop yielding and smart cities adding to AI revolution across research facilities in all spheres. This is one of the artificial intelligence labs in India.


7 IBM Center of Excellence 

IBM has collaborated with the Government e-Marketplace to set up an AI lab to support innovation in the AI sector. And so IBM has collaborated with the Karnataka government and NITI Aayog for agricultural and environmental solutions. IBM has come up with an innovative initiative called STEM for addressing the shortage of the skills. 

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